Beg To Clean

A loyal husband should always greet his hot trophy wife whenever she comes home, especially after fucking another guy. It is so cute that my silly hubby eagerly waits like a for his master and he can even tell that my pussy has just been used by a large juicy cock. I can see that he is hungry, excited to lick my filthy pussy clean of all the cum left by my last fuck. I dont know why he loves to eat me out after having sex with another guy. I know I dont allow my own husband to see my pussy unless he is licking me clean, but he enjoys it too much. I wonder if he is trying to show how devoted of a husband he is by servings as my cuck and cleaning up another mans mess, or if he is just come closeted sissy femboi faggot that simply just loves to eat a mans cum.

Ball Busting Punishment

Usually when I go to Vegas I strike it rich by making stupid men give me all their gambling winnings. I have one financial slave who is a professional poker player who flew me down for his tournament. He was supposed to WIN BIG for me, but all he brought his mistress was a pathetic $200. Cheap hookers make more than that in this town. This cheap ass hole has been busting my balls trying to impress me, but looks like Ill be busting his balls as punishment for wasting my time.

Sister's Hosiery

Custom: "You are my big sister again back from college. It's new years eve and we are hanging out in your room. You are asking what I'm doing tonight while you are getting ready. You are wearing some bikini panties and some tight jeans. You casually start changing into your new years outfit with out even thinking that I would care. You dress down to your bra and panties and start putting on some shiny black pantyhose. You start putting on your dress and notice me intensely looking at you but don't say anything. You are a bit freaked out but not sure if I was actual getting excited watching my sister get dressed. You sit down if front of me and start chatting about school or something. You cross and uncross your legs showing me a bit of upskirt to see if I look. You notice me looking and call me out on it. You disgusted at me first but then you feel a bit sorry for me and decided that you are going to be a nice big sis and give a show. You can tell how much I'm loving how it and tell me to enjoy this but this is the last time cause it's not right. You give me a lot of views of your ass in the tight dress and in pantyhose."


How nervous does it make you to see me standing in front of you in my lacy black underwear? You can't even contain yourself. Your dick thinks it's getting laid but your mind knows better; you could never please a woman like me. Unfortunately for you I happen to be cruel enough to take sadistic pleasure from torturing that minuscule worm you can't keep your hands off of. Its amazing how a loser like you will endure sure relentless abuse and blows to his self esteem, just for those few seconds of fleeting pleasure. Enjoy is while you can, little man, it's all you have.

Porno Princess Worships My Feet

Many men wish they could have the opportunity to worship my perfect feet, but rarely do I let some gross pig get his nasty tongue anywhere near my pretty toes. They always use too much slobber and make a mess all over my feet. Girls really know how to treat a ladys feet, especially my girl Nina. She just cant get enough of my licking my soles and sucking my toes. She actually deep throats my feet like a giant cock. Her beautiful nude body makes for a perfect stool for me to sit on so I can plant my feet right on her face to worship and idolize all night long.

Gold Digger

Not all my slaves are worthless. Some are very valuable. Well I guess I dont value them at all actually, just their money. Treat them just like I do all my other slaves, spit on them, degrade them, make them do horrible things to themselves for my pleasure. I make them pay for it too. All you are is a worthless money slave, a human ATM that I use to keep this rich bitch happy. Youll be nothing more than a wallet to me, spending the rest of your life under my ass.

Tits & Pits 2

What more needs to be said? Obviously you cant get enough of me stroking my pits and playing with my tits for you, teasing you, making you stroke your miserable lonely cocks until you cum. You stare fixated on me, moaning when you watch me lick my pits craving to taste them yourselves. You reach out and try to grab my breasts when I bring them close to your face, but your hands can only hold your dick. The only touching and stroking you get to do is to yourself, but dont worry Ill be there to make sure you get off and shoot only when Ive counted you down.

Studying Can Wait

**Featuring Natalia Starr**

When I open the door and see the gorgeous Natalia lying there in her black sheer stockings, I cant think of anything else but pouncing on her and taking advantage of this beautiful vixen before me. She tries to brush me off claiming she has to study, but I pull the book out of her hands and say, studying can wait. A fire lights in Natalia, turned on by my assertiveness and taking charge of her. We embrace and so do our mouths and tongues. All I want to do is ravage her body, so I strip Natalia bare and start rubbing her breaths, licking, sucking, and nibbling on her perfectly plump nipples. She cant resist my power especially once I have my hands on her hot wet pussy.

Not A Virgin

There is a lot of pressure placed on a young bride to remain pure for their husband. My fiance comes from a fairly conservative background and he always thought I was a virgin just like him. While we were talking about our upcoming marriage and having sex for the first time, I confessed that I actually am not a virgin and how I lost my virginity to some guy who said he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me we were very young still. But the truth is, Ive actually been having sex like a slutty rabbit. I had to call my girlfriend and tell her all about conning some loser to believe my Im a virgin act. The strangest thing is, he didnt seem mad or upset, but more excited, even turned on by the fact that so many men Ive fucked. Looks like my cuck of a husband wont be christening our marriage on our honeymoon night. Maybe Ill fuck his hot groomsmen instead.

Drown in Mud

Theres no use for you anymore. I have outgrown your services and found better and more worthy slaves to perform your tasks and worship me. Now, how to dispose of the worthless trash I no longer need? In the furthest corner of my land where my horses run around in the pasture, there is a giant mud pit by the fence that could serve as your new home. Ill lead you there and lay you down in the soft brown goo covering your entire body with mud until all thats visible is your ugly face. After Im tired of looking at you, Ill shove my boot into your face squishing your head deep into the muck, watching your eyes fill with fear as you disappear under the bubbling mud pool caused by your choked gasps for air. Actually, with all the horses running around, the mud around here is just shit, so I guess your new home will literally be a shit hole.