Mommy's Fuck Vacation

Are you ready for our big vacation? I’ve been packing my suitcase and wanted to give you a little taste of what I’m going to wear. I remove my robe in front of you revealing a shiny bronze bikini on my perfect bronze body. I can already see your tiny dick twitching in your shorts. Which reminds me that I even got you something special to wear on our vacation too. Just a little accessory to keep that cock in check under your swimsuit. Your old man spared no expense with this trip. First class tickets, lavish hotel suite, luxurious spa treatments, and the finest dining for his new wife. You are so lucky you get to tag along and watch me have the time of my life… which includes humiliating and tormenting you. 

Euphoric Control

Did you miss me? It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten to play, and you’ve been desperately lost without my control. How long you’ve ached for my power to give your pathetic life meaning. All is better now that you’ve returned to serve your true Goddess. Gaze upon my divine beauty as I slip out of my seductive sheer lace robe and drive you wild with my perfect body. Your eyes will go on a journey along my gorgeous soft curves and juicy ass, until you find yourself on the ground worshiping my sexy high heels. Hopelessly enraptured as you mindlessly stroke your unworthy cock eager to prove yourself to me. You know how good it feels to obey, to let someone more deserving take charge of your life. 

Virgin Gooner

You have a sad, lonely existence. Home alone again in front if your computer, edging yourself all night. It's no wonder youre a virgin. Everyone can see how pathetic you are. May as well give in and goon the night away.

Taboo Cuck Counseling

As a professional marriage counselor, I’ve helped many couples manage their relationships. This is the first time I’ve recommended divorce, and then swiftly marrying my client after he’s signed the papers. Now, I have a new fam, and a stepson that I can already perceive “relationship issues” in his future. I decide to offer him free counseling to prepare him for the difficult world of dating and sex. I explain all the nuances of marriage and love, especially utilizing examples from your own old man’s failed marriage. I accidentally revealed to my curious stepson how I gaslighted your mom into the divorce… telling her everything she needed to know, wanted to hear, and then tricked her into catching her husband and I fucking in my office. I know this news will be very traumatic in your future relationships, which is why I’m here to help you through this difficult time and teach you how to cope with being a beta cuckold.


Ever since high school, you’ve always been a loser. My friends and I would always bully you and make your life miserable. We were the popular crowd, richkids from old money with lots of power, and you were a peasant in our kingdom. You thought when you finished school and got a real job that you’d find more happiness and success. So all that trauma from the good ol’ days mustve came rushing back when you found out I hired at the company. Worst of all, she’s gunning for the promotion you’ve desperately been seeking for almost ten years. Clearly the boss loves her tenacity as a leader and her desire to take control because he gave her the job over you, even though Ceara has only been with the company for a month. Now she’s called you into her brand new office to gloat about her promotion and to layout the guidelines for your new role in the company.

Alpha Power, Beta Bitch

There’s no denying it… You. Are. beta. Everything about your miserable presence reeks of inferiority. It’s no wonder you desperately come seeking my guidance. You are already living a pussyless existence, so why not make use of your desire and give up what little shred of power you have left. All betas need an Alpha to give their life purpose and order. Once I’ve claimed you, there won’t be no way to escape. You will be thinking about me nonstop, anxious for my attention, begging to prove your worth, and desperate to worship. This is the life you were destined for, a pathetic beta simp who’s undeserving of fucking a pussy. That’s what makes you perfect to serve as Ceara’s beta. You need a pussy to worship and she’s got the most powerful pussy in the world.

Birthday Humiliation

Happy Birthday to you! I got a special treat for my birthday slave. You've patiently waited all year, locked up in my dungeon, unable to pleasure yourself in your cold and lonely solitude. I guess the best gift I can give to you is for your release, so you can finally stroke your miserable maggot dick. I've even invited some friends over for your birthday party to help you celebrate. While most people play fun activities like "pin the tail on the donkey" and blowing out the candles, we'll be playing "plug the ass of the slave" and blowing the big Alpha cocks. I've even bought you the perfect birthday cock to practice on me, so you won't embarass yourself in front of all your friends. The party is going to start soon, you should probably get ready for your big day. Now, get on your "birthday suit" so we can begin all the humiliating fun!

Babysitter Corruption

The babysitting agency sends me to deal with the most difficult clients that need to be corrected. It appears you have a habit to spy on your past babysitters while you play with yourself. Well, that sort of behavior will not fly under my watch. I decide to lay down the foundations and feel an intro spanking is in order to get you in line. But when I have you pull down your pants for your punishment, I couldn’t help but crack-up laughing at how small your penis is. Like you’re so tiny, I don’t understand how your other babysitters knew you were even jerking off?!? I can see your little cock twitch with excitement as I tease you and spank your ass. Seems like you’re enjoying my “hands on” approach to curbing bad habits. Maybe you should show me how much you enjoy it when you’re teased by a woman in charge. I’ll let you stroke that tiny dick for me and won’t complain to my agency about your behavior… if you do me a favor. All you need to do is please my boyfriend when he comes over. I’m just not into anal or even sucking dick, but I’m sure I can convince you to do anything for me since you’re under my control now.

Your Wife's Friends

I went out with some old friends from high school for some drinks and I came home very late. Immediately my husband is on my case wondering “where I’ve been” and “why I’m home so late.” I explain it was just with my GIRL friends, but he can see in my lustful eyes that I’m lying. We can’t build a strong marriage without honesty, so I confess that I was actually hanging out with a couple old boyfriends from school. It was all very innocent with a little flirting, but after those few drinks, I found myself playing tickle fights with them back in their hotel room. I just couldn’t help myself as I was being manhandled by my hunky ex-boyfriends and soon enough we were on the bed and fucking like we did under the bleachers at football games. I can see how jealous he is as I tell him how they pleasured me like the good ol’ days, the rage boiling in his red face, but I know even more how turned on he is as I divulge every juicy detail of my night with the boys...

Better Than A Bidet

There's only one thing you think about, dream about, obsess about every moment of your life. The center of your existence and the meaning of your life is all based on worshiping my perfect ass. All you want is to touch and squeeze my meaty cheeks, burying your face deep into my crack and breathing in my essence. This is such a privilege to be allowed into my private quarters to worship my ass. I want to feel that thick tongue of yours lapping up every little bit of goodies you find around my butthole. Who needs one of those fancy bidets spraying cold water up your bum when you can feel the lavish wiping of a warm tongue licking you clean. What could be better than having my lovely ass serviced and cleaned everyday?