Foot Goddess Relaxation

There's nothing more relaxing then indulging myself with a delicious glass of wine and pampering. How lucky you are to be invited into my private chambers during my personal relaxation time. I draw myself a hot steamy bath to wash away a day full of entertaining dirty perverts. So while I pour myself a glass of expensive wine and begin my soak, I allow you to begin massaging my tired feet. The hot water and wine begin to work their magic on my perfect body, lulling me into complete relaxation. With how warm and wet my beautiful feet are getting from the bath, I hardly even noticed you begin worshipping them. I can't help but enjoy your hopeless face sucking on my pretty toes. Not everyone is so lucky to worship a goddess as she bathes in her own fountain of youth. 

Nonconsensual Blackmail

This isn't a game. You may have thought that you could trust me, that I created a safe space just for us. I allowed you to be free with your words, your mind, and body. To please me by being my personal slave for pleasure. This was supposed to be our little secret, given how much you have to lose in life outside my playroom. There's no code of ethics here, only the sole purpose of humiliating you and using you for all you're worth. Every last moment you've spent with me, the thousands and thousands of dollars you've spent for me to abuse you has been recorded for my own personal endeavor of ruining men. Every dirty insult you said about your wife, the trade secrets regarding your boss and company, you didn't stand a chance keeping all that important information to yourself. Now, I have all the power. You shouldn't be so submissive with your Domme, she will always be more than happy to take full advantage of you. 

Spit Edging JOI Facial

At the end of your miserable day of the same old agonizing cycle of being treated like a pathetic little ant, the only happiness you can find solace is the moment you and I can finally be alone. You slave away for hours for the opportunity to afford my attention. All day your mind only thinks about going home and releasing yourself of the stresses of your life. I'm here to bring you relief for your addiction. Stroking for me just isn't enough, your cravings demand more. Cumming used to be the only thing you required, but ever since you've given me complete control, I've found many useful ways for you to enjoy yourself. The climax is only half of the enjoyment I bring, so we're not done until you've cleaned up every last bit of your mess.

Better Than Your Wife

Men spend their whole lives searching for that perfect woman, but end up settling for THEIR wife. I'm the epitome of what every man dreams to wed. That's why, even in "happy" marriages, men find their way back to me. I mean, just look at your wife, then look at me. There is simply no comparison. As long as you let that little piece of meat hanging between your legs control your mind, you will always keep crawling back to worship your mistress. Your wife is nothing but a gimmick, a disguise for your perversive nature to serve a Domme. If only she knew about her twisted cheating husband, she'd take everything! The only thing you'd have left is your lonely cock and your Goddess to serve.


Chad Spanks Your Horny Mom

I've started dating a new young lover, Chad, who has been bullying my stepson into doing his homework. I just couldn't help falling for such an aggressive and commanding young buck that knows how to take control, so I've allowed to continue tormenting my stepson. It's my job to teach him about the real world, and boys like him are meant to serve the Alphas are suffer the consequences. Well, he called me to say that you didn't do his work and now he failed the class. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do but let him administer his whatever form of punishment on you that he sees fit. All I know is he always get's so horny after beating up some Beta boy trash. So I can't wait to see how hard his Alpha cock gets after punishing you. He should be over soon to give you a nice, hard spanking for being such a bad boy... except he is REALLY pissed that you made him fail and needs more than your virgin ass to smack around. He is so upset, he now has to punish both of us. We were going to fuck but since he got an F, I'm getting spanked too!

Shut Up & Pay

Men like you would be nothing without me. I give your life purpose, and all I ask for in return is that you give me every last cent you have. You owe me for all the value I have brought to your life. I make you want to pay, to serve, to give TRIBUTE to me. Worshipping me is only the beginning, once your obsession has been consumed by my greediness, there will be no way out. I will become the only light in your miserable world, giving you something to strive for, at whatever the cost... you deserve nothing but the pleasure of buying my affection so I can live my most luxurious life. Prove yourself more devoted than my pen of filthy PayPigs and pay Tribute to your cash Godde$$.

Desk Boy

My office is full of a bunch of spineless men running around doing errands for me. It’s hard to keep track of so many Beta servants, willing to overlook their terrible jobs just to work for a hot boss. You’re just like the rest of them, if not worse, nothing but another one of my insects working yourself to exhaustion for your queen. Being so busy running an empire, I don’t have the time to remember your name, so I refer to you as my “Desk Boy.” That’s essentially the entirety of your job description. The boy he waits at my desk for whatever task I demand. It might be getting me coffee or even answering my phone, but I also need my Desk Boy to be more hands on. You will do anything I say, even if it means rubbing my tired feet. Men will do anything to get ahead in this world, even if it means being used by their superior. You will earn your promotion by worshipping my beautifully sweaty pantyhose and feet. I’ll pop off my designer high heels and rest my perfect feet on your back. Maybe your job title should include “Foot Stool” too.

Cruel JOI

There’s only one thing you’re good at in this entire world; stroking that miserable excuse of a cock. Sure, you aren’t especially good at being my stroke slave, but it’s the only thing that keeps you going every day of your pathetic life. The only pleasure you ever get is when I let you touch yourself. You’ll never have a girlfriend, or even fuck a girl because you’re a scum of the Earth loser that doesn’t deserve the orgasmic joys of a woman’s pussy. The only connection you have with any girl is your devotion to me. No matter how much degrade and humiliate you, you will always keep crawling back with your dick in your hand. You’re lucky to get any kind of attention from me, so you will gladly finance me to continue a regular routine of ridicule and torment. Everyday now is one constant cycle of pay, stroke, cum, regret, then repeat.

Ass Kissing Cuck

I’m going out tonight in my scandalous lace bodysuit. There’s bound to be tons of hot guys checking me out all night, desperately trying to take me home to fuck. As hard as you may try to kiss my ass, you’ll never be good enough for me let alone ANY pussy. You don’t deserve it. Since you are such a beta bitch, your sad little limp cock is better suited as a clitty. Let’s lock your useless cocklette away so there won’t be any distractions while I teach you how to be the best slut for all my Alpha men. All your years worshipping me will help you become the best sissy version of me. Your obsession has given you valuable insight into worshipping my divinity. In fact, that’s all your good for really, is being my pathetic ass kisser. Pucker up!

Sexless Beta - Part 3

At last you’ve mastered how to please a REAL MAN. You’ve become the Fairy slut you were always destined to be. Just the sight even the thought of a women’s pussy makes you gag. You’ve even learned to get pleasure in your little clitty from choking down on a man’s cock. All this time spent suffering to embrace your true sissy self, has awaked your spirit. You have never felt so alive. All your trust was placed in my hands, and I guided you through your entire transformation process of living your best life. Your submission has set you free.