Service Your Mistress

One thing I know is the power I have over men to control them and make them my servants. I have so many tasks I use my slaves for like servicing my boots and feet. I carry my riding crop incase my servant isn’t performing to my strict standards. I make you lick my high heeled latex boots clean before unzipping them to give you access to my fishnet feet and toes to worship. If you can impress your mistress, I might even let you jerk yourself to my perfect feet. Before I let you do that though, I have one more surprise for my devoted servant…

Kinky Sister

My perverted little brother has been snooping around my room again while I’m at school. That creep is always looking for my dirty panties to sniff, but since I did my laundry yesterday all he found were a sexy latex outfit and a pair of handcuffs. I confront the little jerkoff, but seeing my handcuffs swinging back and forth has you immediately hard. The bulge in your shorts grows the closer I get to you. I can tell how turned on you are by your very own sister, so I decide to teach you a lesson for going through my stuff. I put the cuffs on him and tie him down. If you want to sniff my panties so much then here you go, bro. I sit on his face and let him breathe my fresh pussy and taint through my panties. And you thought you were the kinky sibling.


Through the dense silvery smoke, like a Goddess emerging from a mystic vale, you stare mesmerized by my illustrious beauty. Men wish for the day to be this close to me, breathing the same air as me. I breathe life into you with every puff of my vaporizer. Bathing you in clouds of smoke, you breathe me in. Who knew you could get high on my breath. Your eyes roll back in your head, lost in the erotic tobacco sent of my huffing and puffing.

Mean Runner Girl

I’m always catching men staring at me, watching their heads turn as I run by. It is only natural for a guy to watch a sexy runner in her ass hugging tights. One of my neighbors I always seem to bump into, but he is never checking out my bouncing tits or even my ass when I pass him. I decide to lure him over after I see him again on my run to discover his fascination with me. I know he isn’t like normal men, but when I teased him with my hot ass he couldn’t take his eyes off my shoes. He must be lusting after my sweaty feet every time I’m out running. Why would a guy want anything to do with my gross stinky shoes and feet? My running sneakers are months old and have hundreds of miles on them. I love the idea though of shoving my neighbors nose into my shoes and making him sniff and lick my dirty socks and sneaks. Men are into some weird things.

She'll Be Home Any Minute

My boss has always had a thing for me, I could tell. I recently found out on his work computer that he loves edging videos. I thought it would be fun to sneak into his house and surprise him on his bed wearing something sexy. His jaw drops immediately when he sees his hot secretary taunting him from his own bed. I know youve had a crush on me for a long time and Im sure you are rock hard seeing me here. Let me earn some overtime and listen as I guide you to jerk your cock to a thrilling climax. He loves edging and obeying my orders for once, and wants to so badly cum for me. This would be perfect, there's just one problem: his wife will be home any minute.

No Pussy Hypno

Pussy is only for men, REAL MEN. You arent deserving of any womans prized ink pussy. An unworthy loser like you should never be allowed to see another pussy ever again for the rest of your life. Not in person, not in pictures, not anywhere. I want you to repeat after me and ingrain your new life mantra of swearing off pussy. Your dick is too small anyways and you wouldnt even know what to do with our vag. Your hand is the only pussy youll ever get to feel, but youre used to that. Your life hasnt changed, just another lonely day mindlessly jerking your cock. Maybe if you beg and cry, Ill show you a glimpse of my pussy

Panty Submissive

I have something for you something I know you will really cherish. Youll smell it, taste it, worship it. This will be the best present youll get. You want to see your present? You want it so bad, to be given any sort of attention by your supreme Domme. Well, I know you so well, and I know how much you crave my panties. You would pay hundreds of dollars for the chance to hold my precious lingerie. Now, I cant just give you my panties, it wouldnt be fair to my other slaves. So, how much are my pussy soaked panties worth to you?

Dumpster Baby

Most mothers have unconditional love for their babies, but I cant stand my big fat smelly sack of diaper shit baby. Good thing its garbage day tomorrow so I can easily dispose of my worthless boy like the disgusting garbage he is. I pretend I'm giving him just a regular diaper change, but instead I shove your whiney ass into a plain old black trash bag and cover you with globs of Vaseline to make it all sticky and greasy. Im going to make your last minutes on Earth absolutely miserable. I want to listen to all your pleas, cries, and screams for help, so I leave you your baby monitor so can enjoy hearing your last breath as you are crushed to de@th in your garbage grave. What a thrilling rush watching those strong hot garbage men dump my trash into their big compactor and squish the life out of my poor little baby boy.

For Uncle Tom

Disclaimer: This clip contains strong racist language targeted at blacks that may be offensive to those who do not share the fetish. If this clip angers more than it arouses, it wasn\'t meant for you. No need to get riled up over other people\'s kinks. Our brain makes them up without our permission and they do not go away. So long as were not hurting anyone else, we might as well enjoy them.

Worship Slave

Time to break in a new slave. I brought my riding crop along to whip my boy and train him to be a devoted servant in my legion of slaves. How good are you with taking orders? To be a true worship slave you have to submit to my every command. So start licking my boots. Get that stiletto heel deep down your throat. Soon, your mouth will be wrapped around my stocking foot. Your tongue will get the courage and begin to slide up my long slender legs, inching closer and closer to kissing and worshipping my perfect ass. I like to reward my slaves that have shown true devotion of worship, and I think you have earned the privilege of me getting you off!