Silk Pajamas and Slippers

There is one thing I do every night before going to bed and thats teasing a slave with my slippers and feet as I climb into bed. Its a special nightly ritual that helps me fall asleep knowing Ive made a particular servant very happy and will most certainly have amazing dreams about me all night. He is so eternally grateful that he gets to cuddle my soft furry slippers and sniff the sweaty insides, and sometimes hes lucky enough to lick up a midnight snack from the bottoms. He is like an adorable dog begging for another treat. I promise if he is a good boy, Ill let him keep my slippers forever.

Brother Butt Kisser

Men are such dirty cheating whores! I was swiping around on Tinder and I actually discovered my own brothers profile on there. Not only is it weird to see your brother on Tinder, but that asshole just got married not even 6 months ago. Ever since we were little I always discovered some secret of his to hold over him and now I got him again, BIG TIME! Well, one secret I know is that he cant resist my perfect bubbly ass. Ive caught him stealing and sniffing my panties, so I know how much he dreams to worship my ass and pussy. Now that would be a fucked-up secret I know your new wife would love to hear. Shes going to wish your Tinder profile was the only problem.

Look While You Can

I bet you couldnt be happier. Locked away in my cage where you will get to watch me and jerkoff for the rest of your miserable life. What a privilege to be forever kept in my presence, but I cant have some perv staring at me at all day and night. How would that make my other slaves feel knowing they are out their working so hard for my attention and you just get to sit up here in that cage stroking away. You better look and enjoy my hot body while you can because soon I plan on cutting some ties.

Office Pussy Licker

Being a strong independent woman that runs her own company can get very busy. It isnt enough I have a great staff of all female employees, but I need a personal assistant to help with some of my needs around my office. This is a job only a man can do and Ive been interviewing a few hot young studs for the job. You think youre the best applicant? I explain your job duties of serving me under my desk. You will provide cuntomer service to my hardworking ass and pussy. Worshipping me for all my successes and licking me while I make calls and answer emails. Make sure my heels are licked clean before I leave for any important meetings or dates too. By the way, this is a nonpaying internship where I can evaluate your value to my company. So show your commitment and keep everything neat, organized, and satisfied down there. I guess you'll essentially be paid under the table, or should I say under my desk.

Tits & Pits 6

Look how far youve come. It started out with an innocent obsession with my perfect tits and smooth armpits. Now look at you, completely mesmerized and under my control just so you can have the chance to worship my body. Youre ready to do just about anything because you want me so badly. Even willing to lick my ass and pussy clean after using the toilet just to prove your love, loyalty, and devotion to your supreme Domme and mistress.

Feet So Divine

Is there anything more perfect to see then me rubbing slippery massage oil all over my pretty feet. MY shiny soles just glisten when my toes flex and curl. Watching my long spider fingers slide up and down my feet caressing all the curves of my arches, heels, and toes, makes you want to stroke something else with me. All you can do is feel your hard cock press against your tight underwear until I allow you to release your throbbing dick to play and jerk. Youve synchronized your strokes with my own motions and soon Im coaching you to pump your cock until youve shot searing hot cum all over yourself.

Time to Die

Custom clip: "I was hoping you could wear black bikinis or bras. I was hoping you could both speak to the camera as if the camera was my POV and I was on my knees looking up at you two. You both have kn.ives and are saying that even though I've always done everything you've wanted, you've decided that you're going to kiII me for no other reason than you want to watch me You taunt me with the kn.ives and say if I beg then maybe you'll spare my life, but after I beg you just laugh and say you are going to kiII me anyway. You talk amongst yourselves about how much fun it will be to kiII me and how you're going to make it so slow and painful. Then one of you me, then the other, and you take turns. It ends with you both standing over me and watching as I finally di.e, then you laugh and taunt my d.ead body."

Paddle Pig

Youre my slave and nothing more. Lucky, I know all your secrets and what turns you on. You are pretty kinky obsessed with your spanking fetish. You will be teased, used, and abused, and I know youre going to love every minute of it. Look, I even have a paddle with your name on it for when youre bad or dont follow my orders. But you love being slapped by your special slave paddle so much that you are always disobeying me until Ive beaten you black and blue.

Sissy Slut Exposed

You always said you wanted to live my life and know what it feels like to be so beautiful. Im the best person to show you what its like to be me. So Ill dress you up in my sexiest clothes, do your make-up, and teach you how to tease and seduce men to submit to my control. There, now who could resist such a pretty sissy slut like you? All you need to do now is learn to take a giant cock up the ass. I couldnt help but take some photos of you looking so vulnerable with a giant dildo up your ass. Better be a good sissy whore or else Ill have to expose you.

Purple Persuasion

"I just love it when you tell me that im back for more and its no surprise, that i shouldnt fight the urges and i should fall for you and give in because it feels so good and that there is surely no better way to spend your money than 'on this' (and you lick your lips) You really blew me away and i would like all these elements in a new clip, obviusly combined with frequent licking of lips and telling me how deep im going for you and that there is no turning back for me. You are free to add anything as usual, maybe some tease and denial talk and financial domination...with your great unique style. And please use the name 'Mark' during the clip."