The Sacrifice - part 2

Back for more games? I see you didn’t learn your lesson from the last time we played. You’ve come crawling back, begging for your release. Maybe you should’ve chose to deny your orgasm instead of cumming, but you were so eager to sacrifice your cock to my cage. Now it seems like that chastity device has been very uncomfortable lately and you want the key back so you can cum again. Well, you have a new choice to make. I’m not going to just unlock your chastity cage for nothing, so you have to decide. If I set your cock free so you can stroke, you will get locked in chastity for even longer. If you choose not to cum, then you will be forbidden from laying eyes on me ever again, banned for eternity. This decision will decide the fate of your cock: Cum and remain my chastised slave or deny yourself and be officially denied by me forever!

Heavy Beta Training

Things have changed a lot since you devoted yourself to me. You’re no man, not even a beta… you’re my fairy whore! Completely transformed into the perfect slave for tormenting. Always soft and useless, I give your life meaning since God made a mistake when He created you. Your mind may still play tricks on you, convincing you of your “manhood.” Your clitty is fucking useless, which is why I keep it locked away. That cum deprived pain a man would feel in his balls doesn’t compare to the painful aching of your ovaries. That’s what happens when you train a clitty to be soft and drippy. You may think your lust for worshipping my pussy proves your manliness, but that’s only because you wish you had a pussy like mine. Growing up as a little Fairy, you were always jealous of the other girls. Face it, deep down you’ve always known that ugly flap of skin dangling between your legs was destined to be locked up forever. Now, whenever you look down at your chastised clitty, you will know you’re nothing more than a whore for my Alphas.


"This is your brain... this is your brain on porn." When you’re an addict, NoFap offers guidance and help with your transition to sobriety. However, I’m not sure they will be able to assist with your unique interests. In fact, I know your life has been falling apart ever since you first stroked for me. Your porn addiction, specifically your obsession with jerking off to my videos, always seems to be better than fucking your pathetic girlfriend. I’m always on your mind, the burning desire consuming your every attention. Why would you even consider quitting something you love so much? You’ll never be able to keep your hand off that dick. This is what you were born to do, sitting at your computer with your pants at your ankles and jerking your lonely cock. This is the life you really want. Fuck that idea of marrying that bitch and having a family, and lets see if I can break that silly NoFap promise and make you cum. I'm the only cure for any porn addiction therapy!

Strap-On Sucker

Well, look at my new little gay slut! Looks like you’ve finally come around. I just had to lock that miserable excuse of a clitty in chastity to convince you of your worthlessness. A broken Beta accepting your fate as a faggy fairy boy, committed to becoming my cock sucking slave. I’ll train you to be the best sissy to redeem your past life as a "man." But, you were never a man… You’ve always been a cock whore, and a REAL MAN doesn’t get fucked in the ass! That’s the only thing you’ll be good for is worshipping cock. Starting with MINE!!!

Panty Control

What REAL MAN would prefer worshipping me rather than fucking me? A panty obsessed Beta Bitch whose only use in this world is to serve a Domme. That’s the only thing that keeps you going everyday, that inherent desire to sacrifice yourself for me. Your life is devoted to worshipping my perfect pussy. A true Alpha male would rip off my skanky panties and fuck me, but that’s not who you are. You’re not like the “normal” man, but a sad pathetic submissive cuck who can’t even get it up when I shove my pussy in your face. I can see why no woman has ever wanted to fuck you. There’s only one thing that gives you a reason to live. Just one look at the satin veil over my pussy, and your life finally makes sense. You are under the control of my panties and the power of my pussy. Accept your place in this world as a Beta slave. Weak willed and an embarrassment to your species… At least you’re lucky enough to have the immense privilege to submit to my panties until you’re completely ruined.

Hackett, You Toe Sucking Loser

Mr. Hackett has confessed to me about how he sacrificed his Alpha reputation by making a HUGE mistake on a first date. It’s one thing to fuck a girl on the first date, in fact that would prove how successful you are at charming women. When they’re a coworker, you have to be especially careful or risk office gossip. Knowing all that you still chose to let your freak flag fly by worshipping her feet... No, you smothered yourself with her feet while you moaned and sucked her toes. It’s no wonder why she hasn’t called you back and avoids you at work. But, then she finally called, and with a humiliating laugh shouts in your ear, “Hackett, you toe sucking LOSER!” Everyday she taunts and bullies you into doing her work, spending every Friday night doing after work errands and “favors” for Barbara. I think Barbara and I should get together humiliate our office foot slave.

It Serves No Purpose

You’re lucky to be so devoted to me. Otherwise, I don’t even know how you would function. The only thing you are good for is being an obedient little Beta servant. You need a woman like me to give your pathetic life meaning. I am like the sun and you just one of the tiny planets that orbits around me. I am your entire life now. There’s no need to ever think of anything again except being the best slave you can be. That’s why it’s important I keep you locked in chastity as a reminder of your uselessness. That clitty is to remain soft because it no longer serves a purpose. You’re not a man, in fact any woman that looks at you can tell you’re nothing more than a stupid Beta bitch. All I want from you is to obey and stay soft.

Electro Sissy Addiction Loop

Did you miss playing our little games? I know how much you love when I play around with my favorite boytoy. You’ve been thinking about our playdate all day. Imagining what slutty seductive outfit I’ll wear, which of my best toys I’ll use on you, how I plan to make you submit to and worship me. With one sniff of your magic juice, I can get you do anything that I desire… Well, deep down, I known you desire it too. As if the noxious aroma of my pop-pers weren’t enough, I make you sniff my ripe and sweaty pantyhose and feet, further smothering you in euphoric fantasy. While you relish in your perfect nirvana of FemDommenation, I wake you from your dream with a “shocking” surprise. I can tell by my sissy’s moan that she actually likes when we play my electro games. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a willing faggot slave that happily takes my abuse.

Cucked By New Mom

A lot has changed in a few weeks. Your parents divorced, I moved in right after, and all of a sudden you have a new mom running the home. I understand it has been difficult adjusting to this new living situation. I’ve noticed how distracted you’ve been, you look just like your father when something is on his mind. In fact, it’s the same look he made when I knew he wanted to fuck me. That’s what’s been bothering you, those sexual fantasies about your hot stepmom. Go on, show me your cock and let’s see how big you are compared to your dad. I must say I’m not surprised how small you are, I mean you do look like a scrawnier wimpier version of him. Just because you’ll never be the alpha man he is, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve my attention. I’ll show you how I seduced your dad at work and ruined your parent’s marriage. She should’ve never tried to surprise him at work. That’s how she found out he was cheating by walking into his office while we were “working late.” When I saw her, I simply pulled up my panties, marched right up to her, and dropped the divorce papers at her feet as I walked by. Now she’s broke and brokenhearted, living in some $hithole while I get to move into her Master Bedroom. Looks like talking about your penniless mother is making you a little bigger. I guess you got your pathetic submissiveness from your mom.

Fairy Twitter Humiliation

My insubordinate Fairy just can’t accept her life as a sissy. I caught you again looking at pictures of pussy, which you are forbidden to do, let alone even think about pussy ever again. It seems that my humiliation and punishment treatments aren’t enough for you to learn your lesson. I thought locking up that tiny wormy clit would be enough to convince you of your inadequacies. So I’ve asked for help from my fellow Dommes to provide some honest opinions of your clitty. Far and wide, the entire world has seen your chastised clit and chimed in, reminding you that a cock that small is worth every bit of ridicule. Maybe after hearing the truth from so many women, you’ll finally become the sissy slut you were born to be.