Weak For Lips

Men are always ready to be used by me. They want to be my little playthings, to be teased and tormented for the rest of their lives. I know exactly what you like and how to make you feel good, that’s why you constantly devote yourself to me. The sight of me is enough to make you weak and bend to my demanding wishes. You resist the urge to kiss my luscious red lips, wanting to lick my teeth and taste the spit on my tongue. You trust that your Goddess will take care of your needs, as I do for my most loyal servants. I encourage you to jerk for me, stroking in sync with my pussy taunting. Maybe if you are a good jerking sub boy, I’ll reward you one day…

Money For $hit

Most men waste their money on worthless $hit, but you’d rather waste it on me… Not like a typical sugar daddy buying a pretty girl, but actually paying for my human waste, my actual $HIT! I’m happy taking your cash and feeding you some hot and steamy “take-out” straight from my asshole. I’ll even give you the pleasure of licking the walls inside of my anus like the fudgey brownie batter from a bowl. I spend good money on the food I eat, so it is only right that I charge you to be my toilet. I guess we both do wasteful things with our money. Except you’re the one swallowing down my income while I spend yours. Literally $hitting your hard earned money away.

Slutty Sister

Apparently my brother is embarrassed by me. He is bothered by how sexy I dress and the rumors of me being such a big slut. What can I say? Fucking the entire football team earns you quite the reputation. Well, I AM a big slut, and I think what really bugs you is how big of a crush you have on your own hot sister. That’s why you hate seeing me in my short skirts and skin-tight clothing. You don’t think I never noticed your boner every time you’ve complained about my slutty outfits. I bet you jerk to off to me every night, licking up all that cum off your sticky hands. Wondering what it’d be like to eat my dirty panties after being fucked by all your friends. Looks like my bashful bro is now my devoted cum slut.

Brainwashed by Beauty

How quick you are to fall under my spell. You can’t resist my beauty. Completely enchanted by my every move… my every word. Easily seduced into obeying any command that leaves my luscious lips. Able to tease you, and toy with you, giving me whatever I want without hesitation. I’m your queen bee that you slave all day for, working to bring that honey back to me. Just a helpless drone serving his divine leader. Mesmerized and hopeless, you need me to tell you what to do, even how to jerk off.

Sissy Maid School Orientation

Congratulations! You have been accepted to The Sissy School College. Today is your orientation where you get to meet the world-renowned professor, Dr. Ceara Lynch. What an honor to learn to be the best sissy slut from such a respected Domme. She already knows everything about her students including how $hitty your grades are, and SS College is the only school you were accepted. Well, her curriculum can be quite tormenting, so you will certainly be whipped into shape. She will teach you how to give up your control and serve their master or mistress, starting with complete stripping you of your entire past. That includes your name and especially your clothes. From now on your uniform will be silky panties, frilly maid outfits, and high heels. Now, for your first assignment of the semester… permanent chastity.

Have You Earned It?

I know exactly how to handle your cock. All you have to do is listen to my voice and I will guide you to the best orgasm of your life. Tell me how much you want to cum for me. To be my stroking slave, jerking that dick all day and night. Beg me to cum, let me tell you when I want you to shoot. I can tell you’re desperate for it. To show me how much you have to offer. But you can’t cum without my permission. You see, I love watching you squirm. So weak, helpless, on the edge of exploding. You want to get off, but I don’t know if you’ve earned it yet.

Real Men Get Pussy, You Get Feet

Don’t you wish you were a real man? The privilege of getting to touch my perfect body and to fuck my wet pussy is only reserved for the elite alpha males. A beautiful goddess needs someone strong by her side, but she also needs servants at her feet. Since you’re not a real man, you don’t get to service my pussy. Your place is exactly where dirt like you belongs, on the bottom of my feet. At least you still get to worship me, running your tongue between my toes like your licking my tight pussy clean. You’ll never be a pussy fucker, but you’ll be my foot sucker forever!

Husband Turned Gal Pal

Halloween is all about dressing up in crazy outfits and costumes for a night of debauchery. I convinced my husband to go as something sexy like me for a Halloween party and he reluctantly agrees to go the slutty route. It seemed like every guy was checking us out at the party, buying us drinks and even flirting with my husband more than me. So I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t come home that night. I bet I made him look so hot that he got fucked by one of the guys he was from the party. He finally comes home from his walk of shame and I grill him about what happened after I left; who he kissed, who he sucked, did he get fucked in the ass. I don’t really care if he’s a homo. I just want to know about all the juicy gay sex he had. I encouraged you to be the fun and sexy girl for Halloween, and apparently you won best costume! I actually think it is amazing to be married to a fag. Now I have a gal pal to go shopping with, pick up boys, and talk about their cocks. I think I prefer having a new girlfriend rather than a closeted husband.

Giantess Stripper

A normal guy wouldn’t mind heading to his corner strip club and watching some sexy dancers shake their titties in his face. Some guys are too shy to interact with women at the clubs and will hire a professional to do private shows in your own comfortable and discrete home. I like these reserved newbies because they are too nervous to try anything and are generous tippers. I decide to give him a little pill to help him relax so he can really enjoy the show. As I begin to dance, you feel dizzy and soon pass out to the hipnotic movements of my sexy body. You wake up as a shrunken little man, tricked into being turned into a little plaything of a Giantess. It will be so easy for her to overpower you now and steal all your money. Don’t worry, you paid for a strip show, and now you are going to see the BIGGEST and BEST strip show of your life! 

Stamina Therapy

Men rely on my specialty as a sex therapist to help with their issues and inadequacies. Most men just can’t seem to last, and are short-lived fucks. There’s only one solution to curing a quick cumming loser like that. I have to train them, strengthen their stamina and cock endurance. In order for me to teach you to improve your sexual duration, I have to manipulate you with what drives you the most crazy. I key in on your fetishes and tease you with my pantyhose, legs, and feet, instructing you to jerk off. Stroking your cock while you sniff and lick my feet. In order for this treatment to work, you’ll have to follow my commands as I teach you to bring yourself to the edge only to be ordered to stop and start all over again. Maybe after enough treatments you’ll be able to fuck a girl again.