Marital Problems

Marriage can be hard on a man. Having to spend the rest of your life with some fat old broad can lead to terrible sex. I can tell my neighbor was having some marital problems of his own so I invite him over to offer some therapy. There is definitely something wrong, more than not having sex for over 6months, but that he is hiding a secret. Repressing some sort of sexual desire he is too shy to admit to anyone. I can read him like a book though and I can tell by the way he’s been looking at my boots that he is hiding a foot fetish. I tease him a little, crossing my legs, unzipping boots, and even wiggling my pretty bare feet in his face to prove I’m right. I make an arrangement with my pervy neighbor that he can pay me to be my new foot slave. Now consider my offer carefully because I AM the only person who knows your secret and you wouldn’t want anyone else to find out, would you? Especially that wife of yours!

Fucked Like A Girl

I’ve always wanted to see a guy get fucked in the ass. That sometimes is too kinky for some men, but I know I can convince you into taking another dick for me. Trust me, you are really going to enjoy it once you see how turned on I’ll get. Watching another man fuck you would be so hot and I know you can’t resist me when I want something. It would make it so much hotter too if you wore make-up and dressed up in one of my slutty dresses. Now aren’t you just the prettiest sissy to be fucked by my new boyfriend. Looks like I found my own doll to fuck around with. Things will never be the same for you again!

Cry Baby Cuckold

The hardest part about being married to a sexless pathetic loser is I can’t get fucked right. I break the news to my husband that I’m going to start cuckolding him and fucking other men. I only married you for your money, but I didn’t think I would be so bared being your trophy wife. I need a giant cock in side me, a juicy one shooting loads of cum into me, making me sore and dripping from my hot pounded pussy. You’re a terrible lover and don’t please me anymore. That is something you will never be able to do. Don’t cry, you big baby. That really won’t help you seem manlier. I really don’t have time for this whiney blubbering bullshit. So suck on this pacifier while I go suck on a thick meaty dick!

Jerk Offs Pay

Look at you down there, like some horny little rat staring up my skirt. I bet you’d love to just smother your face in warm white silk panties. Taste the salty sweet nectar of my pussy through the cloth. I love making you stroke your cock for me, especially since I make you pay every time. It is so hot taking your money from you and all I have to do is make you jerk. You could’ve had your wife or girlfriend make you cum, but you’d rather go behind their backs and pay me to do it for you. Even when you are at work, all that money you AREN’T making is being spent on me so I can tell you to jerk of. Guys cheating on their wives to jerk off need to pay. Guys jerking off instead of being productive need to pay. Guys spending all their time watching my clips and jerking NEED TO PAY! So keep jerking and keep paying for it!

Gym Bet

Tough guys at the gym are always trying to show off and impress me. One guy in particular just won’t leave me a lone. He always works out right by me and is always flexing his muscles. So I made a bet with the big macho man that if I can beat him in a fight, then he has to worship my smelly gym shoes. Of course I won, so now this big stud has to be my foot slave. I thought making this alpha male worship my gross sneaks and lick my sweaty feet would be torture for him, but I’m starting to think you lost on purpose. Seems like I found me a new foot boy to join my collection of slaves.

Shrinking Little Brother

I have always been the favorite in my family. I get whatever I want, and love to mock my little brother for it. I never liked the disgusting little vermin anyway, so I asked my mother to shrink him with her witch powers and now I have an even littler little br0ther! No one batted an eye to defend my poor little br0ther from being shrunk. The best part is, I can finally dispose of the brat! I could squish him in my giantess hands, but I think I’d rather taste his juicy insides and crunch on his bones. Get ready for a big wet sloppy kiss from your goddess sister!

2 Cum JOI Challenge

Be honest, how many times do you cum for me in a week? A Day? How about… in one video? I bet most of you can’t even make it 3 minutes before shooting your entire load, exhausted and unsatisfied sitting in your own sweat and filth watching the rest of the clip. Maybe you’re just lazy and just fast-forward to the countdown, which is even worse. 10 seconds to cum!?!? Such a pathetic example of a man, but a perfect slave for me! I’m sure if you can get off that quickly in the first couple minutes, you should be plenty full again by the end of my clip. So, think you can cum twice for me?

Nose Blowing

Hot, sticky and slimy goo that never stops dripping until you’ve blown… No, this isn’t a another edging JOI clip where I tease you about never touching your cock. I’m just literally SICK AND TIRED of all you LOSERS! My nose is full of so much snot and I’ve run out of tissues. I’m sure you have plenty right next to you, just incase you need to jerk for me. Imagine shooting your load into one of my already soiled tissues, like a salty mixed cum cocktail. I’m sure you love it when I blow my snot rockets in your face like a juicy money shot!

Wife Worship

There’s only one reason why I’m wearing the brand new dress you bought me… its DATE NIGHT! Not for you and I stupid, you know I only married you for your money, so you can buy me nice clothes and jewelry for the REAL MEN who will be fucking your hot wife. Don’t you want me to look beautiful for all those alpha men? If I want real pussy pleasure, I need to find me the sexiest guy with the biggest cock. Too bad your tiny little dick isn’t good enough for me. But at least you get to worship my wet sticky pussy after other men have filled me their cum. Go on, jerk that wimpy cock while you lick your wife clean.


You think you are so sneaky, quietly hiding in my yoga studio to spy on me. I know you’re there, but enjoy teasing you and your pathetic obsession for me. I’m actually impressed at how quiet you are being, ignoring you is actually pretty easy. All you want is to stare at my strong legs and perfect feet while I stretch in my tight yoga pants. Staring like a predator at my soft flexing soles and toes. Is that the sound of my juicy ass stretching my sexy spandex or the sound of your pants tenting? If you don’t make a peep, maybe I won’t hear your stifled moans as you jerk silently in your creeper corner.