Lipstick Torment

Gazing upon my beauty can be a very tormenting experience. I can see a man’s sick perverted thoughts when I look into their eyes, and it pains them so much to know they will never even get a kiss from me. All you can do is watch as I flirt with my luscious lips, making seductive licks and letting spit drool off my tongue. I bet you’d give anything to feel my soft lips. Too bad for you, I know how crazy I make you. I’ll just reapply a new color of lipstick and make you pretend I’m humiliating you and tiny cock.

Death By Feet

I take sexual pleasure in smothering pathetic men with my big beautiful feet. I think it is the greatest sacrifice for one of my pervy foot slaves to literally d!e for my feet. You’re hoping all that oil is for you, watching my slippery soles and toes rub together, imagining your cock being massaged by my feet. You can’t wait to have my feet on your face. All you want to do is smell and worship my feet, so why not make it the last thing you will ever breathe. Time to take that foot fetish to the next level and await your de@th by my smothering feet. Kiss my toes goodbye…

Fun and Torment

Bound, and trapped in a glass chamber with nowhere to go. All you can do is watch as I torture you. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to hurt physically, but you’ll be in agony having to watch as I torment you with my juicy ass. I press my cheeks against your face, waiting for a man to slide his tongue in my crack. Unfortunately, your cage will never allow you to fully taste and worship my ass. You can’t even jerk your aching cock while I stand over you with only a thong covering my sensuous pussy. At least you get to lie there and stare at my ass for the rest of your life. Some of my slaves get so damn lucky.

Teasing JOI

Nothing makes you happier then being alone with me after a long stressful day. All you want to do is climb into bed so I can stroke away all your problems. I know how you like it, you always keep coming back, I’m an expert with how you like your cock worked. I know it won’t take much work since my sensual touch hardly compares to the seductress jerking you off. I’ll lick my palms to get them nice and slick before I start to pump your throbbing leaky dick. You’ll be cumming in no time…

Used By An Arrogant Bitch

That’s the only place for you in this world… at my FEET! You’re a worthless man that has no use on this planet except to serve me. I’m the Humiliatrix mistress that gives your miserable life meaning. Your soul purpose is to worship me. Not just me feet, all of me. Show your devotion by following my every command. You’ll be my little house slave keeping everything neat and tidy, I’ll even make you pay me rent and a salary for serving me. I’m your true female superior, the Domme you have committed your entire existence. I’m the woman that brings old men like you to their knees, begging for my attention, to be kept as my own pet, allowing me to completely ruin your life!

Pillow Thumper

Wouldn’t it be great if your pillow was your girlfriend? You already sleep with her every night, your head nestled in her soft contours like warm breasts around your face. She could be the woman of your dreams. A fluffy pillow for your fluffer. Just imagine if your pillow was me wrapped in a red lacy pillowcase, lying on your bed, waiting to be fucked. You stroke her hair, kiss her, whisper romantic things into her down-feathered ears. I know how much you want her and seduce you into fucking your pillow’s brains out.

Boots & Bare Feet

I see you licking your lips. Are you wondering what it would be like to worship my black leather boots. To lick all the way up my long leathery legs up to me knee and back down. Running your tongue along the dirty soles of my big boots. You’ve never tasted anything so good, until I’ve pulled the zipper down and slip my boots off my sweaty feet. Now what do you love more, licking my leather boots clean or slurping the sweat and stink from between my toes?

Panty Hubby Whore Wife

Shhhhh! You’re not supposed to make a sound if I let you watch. Most men would love to have a hot wife like me to fuck all around the house, but you’re not worthy of a woman like that. So when your hot wife comes home with a new man to fuck my hot wet pussy with his massive cock, you just get to stroke that ugly little cock while he humps your slutty wife. You love it when I’m so cruel to you, even forcing you into my silky panties so you can suffer in silent humiliation.

Bitchy Goddess Worship

There’s only one Goddess in this world worthy of all the praise she gets from her devoted servants. A divine ruler with the power to turn legions of powerful men into slaves. Slaves to do her bidding, labor, but most of all, service their queen to satisfy her wicked desires. Maybe you’ll watch her fuck more dominant men than you. Maybe she will make you her personal foot stool. Or even her own human ATM machine. But if you are one of the luckiest most devout Ceara Lynch worshippers, you’ll become her pussy cleaning slave…

Bull Seed

You think you’re a man, but all it takes is one command and you are on your knees, stripped naked showing me your bare manhood. I can’t stop laughing at how small your cock is. I’m a girl that needs a raging bull ready to dominate. Why do I even waste my time with a loser like you? Well since you won’t be able to fuck me with that little thing, I’ll just have to make you my pussy worshipping slave. After I find a prized bull that can actually fuck my hot puss, I’ll use your dirty mouth to lick me clean. You’ll get to smell the sweaty stench of another man’s seed while you lap my clit until it is shiny and fresh for another stud to fuck me like a true Alpha Bull.