15 Seconds of Torment

I am your wife who has turned you into nothing more than my Sissy Maid. I have never allowed me to sleep with me and have never allowed you to see me naked. I keep you locked in chastity and allow you a chance to cum once a month. You stand in front of me on the first of the month as I sit in front of you fully dressed in a smart, strict looking business outfit. I know it is your day for a chance to cum and when I allow it I give you a countdown of no more than 30 seconds to rub yourself through your thick restrictive pantygirdle. Only this morning I decide to be cruel and amuse myself. I ask you if you'd like to see my panties for 15 seconds, something I rarely allow you to see. You of course answer, "yes Ma'am." I then turn that around on you and ask, "So you would rather see my panties for 15 seconds than rub your panties for 30?" You know you are not allowed to disagree, complain or show disappointment in anyway so you must answer yes. I grin knowing that you will have to wait another long aching month as I ask "Are you sure, Sissy?" you shiver as you answer, "Yes." I tease and mock you about how you must like that aching feeling. How you must enjoy keeping all that cum in your little girly balls. I would then have you squat down in front of me as I face you. I am wearing a very nice skirt that I barely lift at all as I sit. You are only able to see a a tiny area of my panties (white fullcut and thick nylon) covered by my thick tan opaque pantyhose. "Are you ready, Sissy Maid?" I ask. You say "yes Ma'am" and I say "You have a whole 15 seconds to look at my panties, isn't that nice of me, Sissy?" Again you agree with me. I then hold my skirt up very slightly and countdown from 15. As soon as I am finished I pull my skirt back down. I can see the ache, pain and frustration on your face as I smile and tease and mock you with things like "Wasn't that fun, Sissy?" "Maybe if you're a good Sissy maid you can look at them again next month, would like that, Sissy?" I smile knowing that it would mean I'd have to skip cumming again but you must answer, "yes Ma'am." I end by telling you that I will help your aching and frustration by making you watch me masturbate and cum in my panties the rest of the month, knowing that that would you inside. I then tell you I must leave for work and you had better get busy with your chores. I have left a large basket of my panties that need to be ironed as you stand in your tight painful heels.

You Were Never A Man

One day you will accept the fact that God made a mistake when he put you on this Earth. What a pathetic excuse of a man, completely unworthy of that tiny cock hanging between your legs. That soft little nub is almost good enough to be a girl’s clitty. Maybe that’s your purpose in life is to serve as my sissy little fuck. You’ll learn to embrace your new role as a sissy slut, even if it means completely wiping your mind of all your masculinity. Brainwashing you to become a sissy tramp and enhancing all your girly features. The only thing entering that chastised brain is this mantra, “I was never meant to be a man. I was never meant to be a man. I was never meant to be a man.”

Make Out Mandy

Why would any beautiful woman want a loser like you when we have each other? This is the ultimate tease. Mandy Flores and myself enjoying each other's mouths, tongues and bodies. Try not to cry.

First Black Lover

If only you had a bigger cock, then I wouldn’t have to fantasize so much about being fucked by black guys. As much as I try to stay loyal to our marriage, I can’t help feeling sexually unsatisfied. So much that it is literally driving me crazy. Finally, I’ve met an amazing guy who is perfect for keeping your wife happy. His big cock is any woman’s dream, rock hard and primed for drilling to my soft wet pussy. Don’t worry, I told my black lover boy that I would let you watch from the closet as long as you promise not to make a single sound while your slutty wife is plowed by a tattooed African God.

Espen's Treatment

Espen has a seemingly perfect life; a wife, ki.ds, a good job. But something is missing. He is constantly craves the power of a dominant woman and doesn't now how to stop. He has come to the office of Dr. Lynch to seek treatment for his desires. Little does he know i only intend on feeding him. Through many sessions, I know all of his secrets and weaknesses and I am now ready to use him as my puppet. By revealing my silky panties underneath my form fitting pencil skirt I have him right where i want him; a brainless stroke zombie ready to submit to my every demand. With just a little bit of teasing, his little craving has transformed into a full blown addiction. Now he is stuck in a vicious cycle that will keep him coming back for my treatment again and again.

Circumcision Gossip

I had no one to talk to. Mom told me I shouldn’t talk about it, and my little brother obviously doesn’t want to tell me what an ordeal he is going through. So I call my big sister to tell her about the interesting events of today and how our brother finally got circumcised. You’d think a guy who is almost in college wouldn’t want to harm his perfectly fine adult cock. I mean. Circumcision operations are performed when you’re a baby, and the procedure is more difficult when you're older. I couldn’t help myself from laughing at the pain he’s in. How he was born with a weird penis that needed to be sliced and I was born with a perfectly beautiful slice between my legs. Everything the nurses and doctors said to him I told to her, giggling at every detail. I really want to tease and humiliate him a little more, but I’m pretty sure I’d be grounded if I made fun of bro’s mutilated cock.

Edge For Me

Closer and closer you get to the edge. Feeling all that cum boiling up and bursting from your cock like an epic steamy geyser. Nothing can stop you from releasing your sticky load except the seductive command by your Goddess to “STOP”! Your hand goes limp and your cock twitches, aching for another beat to bring yourself to orgasm. But you know better to disobey the powerful woman who controls your life, and especially that cock. All you can do is watch her tease you with her perfect body encased tightly in latex, making you suffer in your aroused state of torture.

My Girl

I walk into my bedroom, surprised to find you there. What are you doing here? You can't keep your eyes off my pink panty and bra. I think maybe you're perving at my body, and you surely are, but you seemed more intrigued by my underwear. Do you like to wear panties? I bet you do. You're getting excited just thinking about it. Deep down inside you wish you were a girl like me, don't you? I force you to strip down and give you a used pair of my panties and bra to wear. Then I encourage you to stroke your little clitty as you stare at my body with envy, teasing you with what you could never be. C'mon little girl, squirt those juices for me.

Obsessed With Cock

You can pretend to be a straight man all you want, but I know your deepest darkest secret. I hear you talking about pussy all the time, acting like a player man-slut, but I’ve stumbled upon your Tumblr page and these photos are really quite revealing…. All those lies are just a cover up trying so hard to be a REAL man, but I know you are just a big cock sucking faggot. Obsessed with big dicks, dreaming about your mouth being fucked by alpha studs. This is a dream come true, being teased and humiliated by your Femdom mistress while you suck on my man’s cock. My little cum slut that can’t deny his cock sucking desires anymore.

Black Shiny Hosiery

If you’re a true connoisseur of pantyhose, then you’ll recognize these sexy shiny Woldorf hosiery wrapped around my legs. A true man that loves a woman in hose would drop to their knees on the street if he saw a pair of stunning legs encased in their sheer silky nylons. Worshipping my long toned legs from my perfect ass all the way down to my designer heels. I’m a classy girl who keeps her feet clean, if you want to take a sniff…