Tinder Loser

You know, any fucking loser can get laid on Tinder, apparently everyone except for you. That’s the only point for this dating site to hook-up with each other. You thought you found a “good girl and I mean you both “liked” each other, but it takes more than a swipe to make a girl love someone like you. I think the main problem here is you just don’t understand women. After so many dates, all you got is a kiss?!?! I mean she clearly wasn’t interested into you. Might as well been a pitty kiss. She tried letting you down easy, ignoring you even, and you start stalking her like a creepy pervert. Making up fake profiles and chatting with her. You’re such a pathetic loser. All women want on these dates is to get fucked, but you just couldn’t seal the deal.

Sis Teaches You To Lick Pussy

My sad pathetic little brother has the worst luck with girls. I mean it's not his fault he is an inexperienced loser and doesn't know how to even talk to girls. I know I need to help him out or else he's going to spend the rest of his life alone. It is important for him to learn how to pleasure a girl, so I begin to teach him all about the anatomy of the vagina using my fleshlight. I show him all the sensitive parts he NEEDS TO KNOW on the pussy and how lick and worship. I make my bro work his tongue penetrating deep inside the toy. Just imagine tasting the sweet juices as you eat a girl out!

Dirty Flats & Red Toes

I don’t know why so many guys are obsessed with my dirty shoes. All you men are sick perverts with all your twisted kinks are strange fetishes. It’s crazy to think all you want is to worship my dirty flats. Sniff my worn out shoes, breathing in that sweaty stench. All the while just waiting patiently to worship the delicious surprise in my dirty shoes. A real sweet treat… my cherry red toes!

Let Me Fist Your Ass

My boyfriend has been pressuring me a lot lately to fuck me in the ass. I have a perfectly good pussy, so I don’t know why he wants to have anal sex, but I make a deal with him. I will agree to get fucked in my ass IF I get to fuck his first. He wants this so bad that he quickly gives in. Too bad I didn’t clarify exactly what I’ll be using to fucking him. He thought I was just going to use a finger, maybe 2, since I don’t have a cock, but I got bigger plans for that tight ass than just one little finger…

Just Hiccups

You’re such a devoted loser loving everything about me, everything I do to you even if it makes you suffer. You’ll take punishments, worship every part of me, eat my $hits, and are seduced by any sound that comes from my mouth. I could care less about you. All you are is just another worthless servant to use when needed. Being so obedient, you’ll wait by my side until I need you, anxiously staring at me as I ignore you and text my fuck buddies. For some reason I got the hiccups, probably from boredom. Each little squeak I make seems to get you so excited that I’m about to finally give you a command.

Public Foot Worship At Texas Capitol

Yee-haw! I'm in Austin! Where my old trusty foot-slave, Nate-bitch, lives. Since Nate-bitch is particularly obsessed with my feet and will do ANYTHING to taste him, I decided to test his devotion and make him worship them right in front of the Texas Capitol on the middle of the day! That's right. I put on my dirtiest pair of flats, set up my go pro and ordered him to lick and worship every inch of my dirty shoes and sweaty feet in the middle of the park as people walked by. America! Land of the free, home of the pigs.

Still Pervin' On Sis


Why can’t my brother ever learn his lesson? I just talked to him about how fucked-up it is to sniff my worn panties. Once again I caught the perverted brat digging through my dirty laundry for his favorite pair of white satin panties. Looks like I’m still wearing that tasty treat he’s lusting after. The deal was you aren’t allowed to steal my crusty cummy panties anymore. If you want my panties, you have to pay to suck them right from my pussy. Too bad I knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself. I was even going to indulge you more by having you worship my pussy through my pantyhose instead. Imagine sucking on my nude pussy through that black sheer fabric. So keep signing your paychecks to me. This time if he breaks our deal, our family will know about the dirty panty thief psycho I have for a brother.

Hypno Foot Therapy

Many men come to for help with their addiction to women’s feet. I’m the best fetish therapist in the world and I promise I can cure any addict of his sexual obsessions. The method requires putting you in a trance so you are completely at my will. I hipnotize my patients and can command them to do whatever I desire. I have spent my entire career curing men of their foot fetish, but in order for my treatment to work they have to be obsessed with something else… ME! Instead of lusting after every pair of sexy girly feet, you will only want to worship my pantyhose. You will feel an urge to beg to worship your therapist at any moment. All it takes is my dangling high heel to fall to the floor and you will be on your knees ready to worship like a loyal foot slave.

Catching A Glimpse

You’ve waited all day for this… for me to come home and undress so you can finally see my naked body. It took a lot of balls to sneak into my house while I was out and hide a camera where I shower in the hopes of catching a rare glimpse of nude Ceara, a privilege reserved for a very very select few. Now you’ll be one of the lucky ones to see my totally bare ass, tits, and pussy…

Locking Up Daddy

Does mother know about your twisted interests in your own daughter? I’ve heard of friends with daddy issues, but not like having a pervy dad hitting on his own little girl. You always wait until mom is away on a trip before you really flirt with me, so you’re sweetheart won’t find out about you. Not this time! I was planning on my dad’s advances so I locked him up in chastity to punish him for his perversions. If he wants to blame his gross attraction to me on being such a tease, then I might as well show daddy what a slutty daughter he has! Too bad all he can do is watch as I tease him with my perfect body. I even called my boyfriend to come over to mess around in front of him. Maybe I’ll even show daddy how his innocent daughter likes to get fucked.