Submissive Wives Are Boring

I know why you can’t stay away. Married life is hard. It seemed perfect and your wife was everything that mattered, but the romance dies if your wife is a boring submissive bitch. You’ll never be satisfied with a woman like that. Maybe she feels like you should be in charge in the bedroom, but you don’t want that. Just like her, you’re a little submissive bitch too. You want a woman that takes control and makes you do humiliating things to you because it turns you on. Nothing makes you happier than being at the bottom of my boots serving a dominant woman. Your too weak and afraid ever end your miserable marriage with your boring wife, and still you keep coming back to me. How embarrassing for her, she can’t even please her own husband. But, she doesn’t really know the true you… otherwise you wouldn’t be here with me, serving, submitting…

Rubber Pussy Therapy

As your therapist I have to be honest, but a virgin as old as you is hopeless. I’m afraid your sexless issues will follow you for the rest of your life. I’ve listened to all your problems, analyzed your thoughts and feelings, and tried different treatments. Sadly I’ll have to drop you as a client because you’re incurable. I have one last solution for your virgin issue. The only treatment I have left is making you fuck this fleshlight. You’ll never be able to please a real woman, and even my rubber pussy is too good for you, but everyone needs something to love. Since you don't know how to have sex yet, you're not allowed to fuck your pussy. You can play with it, worship, stick your fingers in, but you're not allowed to cum. Sadly, you’re doomed for a life of being fucked over by your own sex toy!

Anal Training - Part 3

Look how far you’ve come. You used to be a pathetic insecure man, and now you’ve blossomed into a loyal sissy fag whore. All that practice and anal stretching is going to make you a very successful slut. Fingers, butt plugs, and f!sting are great for foreplay and warming you up for the main event, taking a giant cock! You’re most important job now is making sure the men you serve nut. Your ass is useless if you can’t make a guy cum. Those amazing cock sucking skills I’ve taught you will be useless if you can’t put that dick anywhere else. It’s time to complete your training and see how many inches can fit in your tight asshole. You should be more than ready to take my big black dildo. That will be the best test to check your readiness to work as my new sissy slut slave. I’ll even give you some pop-pers to sniff to help you relax that swollen anus. Are you ready for the big leagues, little fag?

Sis Is Ruining Your Life

Your s!ster is such a bitch! I’ve been spreading rumors around school about you having a small dick, but that’s only one of the humiliating this she has done so far. It seems like I’m always finding some new pervy fetish of yours I can’t help but share with all our friends. Too bad you just can’t stay mad at me because you secretly have a crush on your own sister. I know how hot I am and how easy it is to tease you and drive you crazy. As if being tormented by your sister wasn’t enough, now she’s blackmailing you. You’ve just started a new job and I know you wouldn’t want these rumors to get to your employer. I’d hate for you to lose all that money you’ve worked so hard to earn. I know so many disgusting things about you, so if you want me to stop sharing all your deepest darkest secrets then all your paychecks belong to me now.

Cuckold Duties

A husband should be devoted to his wife and please her anyway possible. He should be loyal, submissive, and be at service no matter the task. My hubby knows I “wear the pants” in our marriage. He understands I have constant desire for sex that he can never fulfill, so I get to invite fuck friends to our home once a week to perform his husbandly duties. Since you no longer can fuck your own wife, it’s about time you take-on new chores around the house as my cuckold. You’ll make the bed, before guests come over, provide us with condoms, buy champagne, then clean up our mess after. If you promise not to make a sound, you can even hide in the closet and watch some guy fuck your wife out of her mind. Stroking silently in the dark so you don’t bother us, and hoping you’ve done a good enough job to earn the reward of cleaning out my cummy pussy.


“No woman wants to fuck you.” You’ve heard that almost your entire pathetic life. The truth doesn’t seem to sting as much since you’ve come to accept what an insignificant little prick you are on this planet. There are so many women in the world, and sadly none of them will love you. You will never feel the touch or kiss of a woman, let alone taste her sweet pussy. You’re a Beta Bitch Boy, and you deserve absolutely nothing. I mean look at you! What woman deserves to be subjected to love an ugly fat pig like you? Worst of all, that tiny dick is only good for being stroked by your chubby hands. You’ve had your entire life to make yourself a better, more desirable man, but you through it all away to live as a perverted lazy small cocked fuck. Lonely, forgotten, except to be humiliated and tormented by me. How can I be so heartless? It’s easy when you deserve it!

Dirty TOMs

Nothing is more satisfying than sniffing a pair of my dirty flats. This pair in particular I have walked in all over the world. I’ve been walking the busy streets of New York, running around Los Angeles, backpacking across Europe, and stepping in some really filthy $hit in Morocco. I'll let you lick the worn shoes so you can taste all the gross exotic things stuck to the bottom. These nasty shoes are by TOMS, so I guess it would make sense to give these shoes away. But I’m not a charity that donates my used shoes to perverted foot lovers. You sick fucks will have to pay more than what I did if you want to smell my feet while you stroke to my foot fetish clips.

Sadistic Roommate Loves Pain

The girls I live with made an exception when we allowed a man to share our home. We figured since he is such a push over that we could take advantage of his “nice guy” ways. He does all the chores at the house, pays twice as much for rent, and will do us all kinds of favors. So I figured I could get away with even more, like to unleash my sadistic urges to punish men. He is such a wimp that he would make a great humiliation slave. I can slap him around, abuse his ass with my paddle, and even try out my new nipple clamps. I wouldn’t be surprised if he enjoys it since he loves making his roommates happy.

Keep It In The Family

I was going through my dad's computer while cleaning his office and discovered his dark secret. He walks in and finds me looking at his Ashley Madison profile, a website for husbands to cheat on their wives. My dad tried to get angry with me for snooping, but I'm not the one trying to ruin our family. I get that you're bored and want some outside release, but we should keep it in the family. I know you've noticed how your little girl has grown into a beautiful woman. You've been checking me out, comparing me to all my hot girlfriends, probably imagining what I look like naked. Go on daddy, stroke for me so you don't have to cheat. I don't know what'd be worse for mom, a divorce or knowing her husband wants to fuck his own daughter.

Anal Training - Part 2

Is my little faggot ready for his next lesson on anal penetration? That butt plug has been helpful keeping you stretched and ready for more training. Based on how hard you got last time, I bet you’re excited to see what else we’ll fit in that tight asshole. Now lets see if you’re ready to try f!sting. I’m not going to use my pretty hands just yet, we’ll start with a smaller f!st shaped dildo. Feel those knuckles push your insides around as I slide my toy in and out of your hole. You can’t help and stroke along with every pump of my f!ster. You’re becoming quite the sissy now, soon you’ll be taking my biggest cocks into your butt like a willing whore!