Surfer Boy Bukkake

I’ve invited a pathetic beta loser on an all girls trip to Hawaii. The dumb idiot actually thought we brought him a long to fuck him, but we have other plans for our little cabana boy. You are here to serve us, and bend to our every whim. Trapped in paradise with nothing to do but serve your goddesses. We will have our personal slave to fetch us drinks while we sunbathe on the beach, spoiling us with gifts from local jewelers and merchants, massaging our perfect sandy feet, and cleaning our bungalow in a sissy maid outfit. You’ll even have to perform sexual favors for the hot surfer boys we bring over. Serving their salty cocks and slurping their cum off your face like a happy devoted fahg. Our bitch boy will be used to the fullest humiliating extent. So, I hope you extended your credit limit because you’re gonna need it if you plan on pampering us because we plan on breaking the bank on all sorts of exotic luxuries.

Bully Brad Fucks Mommy

I could tell my son had another rough day at school. He was so upset I had to let him massage my nylon covered feet to calm him down. He told me how his bully Brad has been terrorizing him, and I couldn’t help thinking about how Brad must be exerting his young Alpha dominance on my poor little shrimp dicked stepson. I didn’t realize how horny I was until I noticed I was touching myself to his misery. I figured I should get to know Brad and understand why he’s such a prick, so I’d invite Brad over to give him a stern talking to. It probably wasn’t the best timing to walk in on me after I just fucked your bully. At least I now know why he’s such a big prick...

Feet for Rent

The pandemic has hit me real hard. I lost my job and I’ve drained my bank account on too much take-out to afford rent this month. I know I should’ve just got another job, but I really hate working. I was about to sell my laptop computer, but I remembered I let my roommate borrow it. So when I went to his room to get it back, I discovered he left a bunch of foot fetish websites open on the browser. I thought he needed it for a project or something, not so he could search for foot porn on the Internet. It would be so embarrassing if everyone found out he’s a pervy foot freak. I decided to take advantage of his kink and negotiate new terms on our rental agreement. I know you won’t be able to resist my perfect feet. I’ve caught you staring at my pretty feet, but didn’t realize you were lusting after mine. I bet I could even get you to pay my half of the rent if I let you worship my feet. Seems like a fair trade, you get to jerk off while pampering my feet and I get my rent paid. I think I’m going to enjoy this new arrangement.


Hawaiian Cuckold Vacation

Happy New Year from Hawaii! I wanted to thank you for paying for my amazing vacation. It is so wonderful to be able to get away from the bitter cold and runoff to a tropical island. While I’m away in paradise for the holidays, you’ll be all alone, locked in chastity with only your misery to keep you company through the depressingly cold winter. I’ve made sure to take the key with me on my trip so you won’t be able to sneak any jerk sessions without my permission. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve been using your credit card very responsibly, dining at the fanciest restaurants, spoiling myself at the spa, and shopping for expensive jewelry and luxurious resort wear. How lucky you are to serve me, to live your life as my special vacation bank account until I’ve burned through you like some luau paypig. The only thing you can do is imagine me in a sexy bikini being fucked by my surfer boyfriend on the warm sandy beach while you work your ass off so you can fund all of my future vacations.

Mom's Personal Trainer

I warned your step-mother when I was hired to be her personal trainer that if she didn’t get herself together that a hotter more superior woman would come and steal her husband away. I could see that she struggled with my intense training sessions, especially when your step-father kept coming to check in and sneak a peek of me in my tight workout clothes. I’m surprised your step-mother was so shocked when she caught us in bed together. He decided to divorce her broke ass leaving her penniless and nowhere to go, then quickly moving me into the master bedroom. Now that she’s gone, I’m going to need a new client to train. I guess I could start with my new fat slob of a stepson. I can see by that tiny tent in your shorts at the idea of working out with your hot sweaty stepmom excites you, but I assure you our sessions will be even more miserable and humiliating than when I trained your worthless step-mother.

Small Dicked Boot Humper

Don’t get too excited, I didn’t dress up for you. No woman would ever want to spend a night with you. I know what you’re packing… and its nothing you should be proud about. How do you expect anyone to fuck your tiny dick nub? There’s no use for you in this world except to serve me whenever I see fit. I know what you really want anyways. Just that glistening sheen from my long sexy stiletto boots gets your little cock to perk up a couple millimeters. Go on and squeeze that sad shriveled dick between my legs and enjoy the only bit of pleasure that pathetic stump will ever know. I bet you can’t even masturbate properly it’s so small. I’m sure you wait and wait until I take pity on you and let you rub up on my leathery legs. All you are now is a desperate boot humper, wasting your days sucking my stilettos and imagining my Alpha boyfriend grasping my booted ankles as he thrusts into my hot pussy.

Stepmom Vacation JOI

Your step-father and I just got married and decided to let my new stepson tagalong with us on our Hawaiian Honeymoon. So here we are on this beautiful vacation, but I can’ enjoy it because I’m so embarrassed that you’ve been walking around with a boner the entire trip. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve only worn slutty bikinis or how you keep sneaking into our room at night to watch us fuck. I don’t blame you for having a natural response to your sexual desires, I feel it is my responsibility to teach you some self control. I’ve generously decided the only way I can keep my stepson’s raging boner subdued is to get him off myself. Every morning for the rest of the trip, your step-dad will go out golfing, and I’ll milk you dry so we can finally go to a beach and people won’t stare at that unsightly tent in your shorts. It shouldn’t take long since I know you’ve jerked off to me a few times since I started dating your step-father. I’d be surprised if a horny little virgin like you never imagined me naked on a beach. What a dream come true, to spend the rest of your vacation stroking for your hot stepmom.

Pink Flip Flops

The only reason I allow you in my cabana is just so you can worship my tired feet and dirty flip flops. I’ve been walking around on the beach all day, getting them nice and sweaty for a good foot licking. The hot sand wearing down the rubber until the bottoms are as smooth as the soles of my feet. These flip flops have actually walked all over the world, so you could be licking up all kinds of culture that I’ve stomped all over. Just imagine how much foot sweat and grime that has soaked into my flip flops from all my travels. The dirty toe prints are begging to be licked clean. You’ll have top buy me new pair once you’re done, I can’t possibly wear those on my pretty feet once they’re covered in slobber.

Horny Pig

The moment you hopelessly accept that I’ve completely forgotten about you, I turn my sadistic attention back onto you for my enjoyment. You’ve been waiting so long for me to torment you, pathetically stroking to the memories from last time I tormented you. Instantly your cock is rock hard, excited for what I have planned. All your will power goes out the window once you’ve committed to serve me. I own you, your cock belongs to me. I make you confess your devotion, allowing you to jerk your dripping hog before silencing you with my favorite ballgag. Now you look just like a horny little pig, snorting and oinking with every stroke. Too bad that I’ve shut you up so I don’t have to listen to your bitching when I start smacking your balls raw with my piggy paddle. If you don’t like the pain, well that just makes me love hurting you even more.

All Men Must Be Locked

The perfect world would be ruled by women. Face it, men have fucked up everything for too long. It’s time to put EVERY SINGLE MAN in their place… locked in chastity. The fact of the matter is that men are “too emotional” to be in charge of anything. Their cocks always get in the way and everything becomes a pissing contest. Men are the reason for the wars, violence, and overall atrocious acts against humanity. Clearly women are the better species, so I have a plan in place to lock up all men; Alphas, betas, and everyone in between will have their dicks imprisoned. Even my fuckboy muscle bulls will have their cocks enslaved, I’ll just need an extra big one that’s accessible for when I need a good fuck. Sadly, you’ll spend the rest of our reign locked and neglected, desperately wishing that you would be lucky enough to be used by your female oppressors.