Tits & Pits 15

The saga of your tits and armpits obsession continues. I don’t blame you, I’m absolutely perfect in every way. Not just my hot ass or smelly feet, but every single part, and especially my smooth pits. I know all your triggers, and out of all the parts of my body, nothing gets you jerking faster than my tits and pits. But, I deny you of that satisfaction of cumming too soon. I control your cock now, and if you want to cum you will beg me to let you shoot. The more I play with myself, stroking my sweaty pits, squeezing my giant breasts, the more your cock drips for release. You thought I was just going to let you cum, but if you want to jerk to my pretty armpits and tits, then you know the routine: you will cum when I’m ready!

Hypno Fairy Tease

My sissy fairy has been under my spell for a while now. She has forgotten about her past life as a pathetic excuse of a man before she devoted her life to me. I felt it was time to remind her about what she has been missing out on. I’ve been treating her like one of my girlfriends, talking sexy clothes, splurging on vacays, about all the hot boys, their cocks we sucked, and how we liked it when they fucked our pussy. I go into great detail about my last fuck date, how he slid his giant cock into my warm pussy, all the while I’m checking if his clitty is staying soft. I want to test my fairy and see if that life as a horny man is truly behind her. I guess this is really a test of my own strength and my ability to keep you trained. I’ve done everything I can as far as helping you transition into sissyhood. So when I’m telling you about my sexcapades, it won’t be tease and denial since you have to way of cumming anyways. Face it, your life is better as my cockless hip-no fairy slave.

How To Be A Good Sissy

Nothing is more important to a sissy than pleasing me. All you want to be is a good girl and serve your Goddess. I’ve got your ugly little clitty locked in chastity so you won’t be distracted from your duties. It’s not like you need that gross skin tag dangling between your legs anyway, all it does is hold you back from your true sissy self. Strive to be better, the best sissy slut you can be. I’ve devoted my life to curing hopeless Beta Boys of their uselessness by giving your lives meaning and whoring you out to all my Alpha fuck boys. That’s all you’re good for now is being my bitch, so I’m going to make the most of your pathetic life. Face it, you were never a man, and that cock was a fucking disaster from the start. You were always meant to serve pussy in a special way, different from the “normal” horny men. Never to have, never to fuck. Completely submissive to the powers of a true dominant woman. All it takes is some guidance and soon you’ll be my most coveted sissy whore!


An ASMR Experience

I am absolutely irresistible to men. Sure I’ve got great tits, a hot ass, sexy feet, and a pussy to dye for, but the actual reason men keep coming back is my alluring voice. I’m your demon Goddess, enticing you, and whispering in your ear to stroke for me. The sound of my soft voice immediately makes your body tingle, your dick twitching for attention. A seductive siren luring men into hopeless servitude. Listen to my fingers scratching my gorgeous fishnet legs, rubbing my perfectly smooth ass. You begin to moan along with me, gasping for air when I squeeze my tits. All you want is to surrender to me. My encouraging whispers bringing you closer to the edge. I provide you with some sensual stroking with a long wet lick of my hand. Fallen under my spell, all you can do as my mindless jerk puppet is listen as I encourage you to “stroke, stroke, stroke.” Nothing brings your life more fulfillment than serving as my stroke slave, sealing the deal forever when you cum!

Impotence Training

I have very strict rules for my fairies, the most important being YOU NO LONGER HAVE A COCK! I was pleasantly surprised that a sissy has been sending me erection fees. This made no sense SHE only has a stubby little clitty! Seems like someone needs a to be trained more. You were born a Beta Bitch, destined to live her life without any pussy. You are unfuckable, a useless fuck tool that I have given new life as a sissy fairy whore. All pussy is reserved for real men, and yours is on the market now. So, to make sure you remember your place in the world, I’ll lock your clit up in chastity that way you’ll know to always be soft. I need to make certain you’ve learned your lesson, so I better not see that clit become engorged from my sensual teasing. This is very important you learn to be impotent. That way you will never be able to fuck a woman ever again! So get to use to having a flaccid clit whenever a sexy woman shoves her thong wrapped ass in your face.

Porn Addiction Relapse

I’m an addiction you can’t quit! You might have fears that you have become weak, and are stroking too much. Try all you want to resist, but you’re still back again and jerking to my newest clip. What are you trying to prove anyways? You know how good it feels, to give yourself completely to me. Nothing bad should feel this good, so there’s no reason to give me up. Face it, there isn’t anything that feels better than stroking your cock to my perfect ass and pussy. I don’t even have to force you to do anything, so I can’t help myself from encouraging your desires.... but you can’t help yourself either. All that work trying to beat your addiction won’t matter because you’ll always be seduced and relapse. I’m too irresistible of a temptation to ignore.

Blowjob Training

I have a reputation to uphold. I can’t just let any sissy work for me if they aren’t properly trained. I know you’ve been watching lots of gay porn, studying how those big lipped boys perform Alpha worthy blowjobs. I trust you’ve been practicing with your dildo, testing your gag reflexes, and probing the depth of how far a cock can travel down your throat. If I plan on whoring you out, I need to make sure you can perform like a good slut. You will learn how to stroke a real man, to keep his cock lubed with your spit, and swallow his cock while you stare up at your Dom with your hungry eyes, pleading for him to fuck your face like the fag pussy you truly are!

Good Toilet

Every one of my captives wants to be the best slave they can be. Well, if you want to be a good slave, then you have to sacrifice. I believe the greatest demonstration of devotion, dedication, and obedience is by eating my $hit. You can show me how serious you are to become a “good” slave by making the simple gesture of begging for my $hit. I want you to plead for my ass so you can swallow my dump straight from the source. Your big salivating mouth the opening of the sewer pipe waiting inside you. After you’ve had a taste of my divine $hit, you’ll proudly proclaim your devotion to choking on my excrement. Like any good $hit eating pet of mine, you’ll happily wait, starving yourself for your next steamy pile of $hit. And, when I’m not around to feed you, you will learn to munch on your own $hit to satisfy your hunger.

Electro Sissy Playtime 2

Ready to play again? You know the rules, if you want to play my games then you have to start by smelling your pop-pers first to make you a better sport. You're lucky I keep you as my own personal toy. To lock you in chastity and shock you if you break the rules and touch your trapped clitty. Each zap is supposed to be punishment, but that horny look in your eyes makes me think you earned a new life. I mean I guess you should enjoy the games we play, making you sniff my pantyhose and worship my body. I could use you as one of my sissy whores, but you’ll never be pretty enough. No matter how much makeup I put on that gross face of yours, you’ll be nothing more than an ugly fuck doll… but that’s all men really want is just to stick their dicks in a warm hole. Maybe we will play a new, interactive, game instead. I bet you’ve outgrown our old playtime. It’s time we take you to a new level and increase the difficulty of this game…

Sockjob 2

Well look who is already on his knees begging to sniff my smelly socks. I just got home from a long day of walking around in my sexy high heel boots and they are absolutely aching for attention. Stroking that smooth black leather covering my thighs begins to get a rise in your pants. Even the sound of my boots being unzipped immediately get’s your cock standing straight up. The smell of my sweaty socks in”toe”xicates you, making your dick even harder, oozing precum from your swollen tip. All you want is to rub my perfect feet all over you cock. To fuck my soft socked soles until you shoot, my cottony toes sticky from your mess. I’ll show you the best footjob so can cum all over my socks and make them reek of foot sweat and jiz for weeks.