All Men Belong in Chastity

Men are only good at making a mess of things. Just look at this world run by unworthy dicks fucking it up; all the businesses, money, politics, and entire government are a mere plaything of yours with no recourse for anyone else. You’re so desperate for power, that you’ll literally destroy everyone around you to satisfy your pathetic need for power. I’m here to take control of all men and the disaster they’ve left us women to clean up. It’s time for a new regime… MY REGIME! I have one plan to correct all the destruction men like you have caused and that’s locking all of you up in chastity. And I mean ALL MEN, as in anyone from virgins to man whores, from boys to granddaddies, beta fags to Alphas. Every last one of you needs to be put in control and learn to listen and obey. I know for a fact that once you cage someone’s manhood, they are completely submissive to their key holders demands. Women are doing the world a favor by putting all men in their rightful place, cocks imprisoned and their devoted bodies willing to prove their worth in my new world.

Edge Lord

When you stroke for me, you are giving me full control over your cock. Even though its your hand doing all the work, you are under my command and are required to follow my directions until I let you cum… which might never come. I can’t help if I like to make you suffer. I love playing with cocks until I’m finished. So you’ll just have to endure my tease and denial games and just play along. Stroke that cock until its red like my shiny latex dress. Every stroke and prolonged orgasm only makes you more sensitive to my touch, your balls aching for the relase I already know you crave. Until I allow that moment of explosion, you will continue to jerk and stroke to my supreme presence.

Black Flats

No Foot Boy can resist a woman in flats, and I can spot them a mile away. Even if your locked stare on my pretty black ballet flats didn’t give you away, it wouldn’t have mattered since I can see right through you. Don’t be shy, you don’t have to keep your fetish secret from me. I’m fine with encouraging your little kink. Fixated on my smooth legs, your imagination runs wild dreaming about the rest of my foot not covered by my flats. Every step allows you a little peek of my sweaty arches waiting to be worshipped. You gaze desperately at my flexing tendons as I slip my heel out of my shoes, dangling my pretty feet in front of your face. I’d allow you worship my tasty feet and suck my perfectly manicured toes, but your face seems to be buried in my smelly flats.

Mesmerizing Hair

Get lost in the shimmery veil of my gorgeous hair. Watch as my perfectly manicured fingers stroke and caress my divine silky hair. Imagining yourself feeling my luscious locks in your hands sends a sensational feeling down to your cock. Helplessly mesmerized by the hair of a Goddess, all you can do is stare and worship as I tease you with my tantalizing hair. You have committed to being my devout slave, willing to worship every inch of my including the very tips of each strand of hair. Every passing second only traps you deeper in my web of hair, entangled and bound to me forever.

Gold Digging Step-Mom

When a woman marries, she is making an investment towards her future. I’ve been married to this fat money-hoarding tycoon for several miserable years. He was a terrible excuse for an Alpha man, and an even worse role model to his one and only beta step-son. I couldn’t be happier that he is finally gone, but even from the grave he is still making my life unbearable by leaving his entire inheritance to you! He doesn’t even love you, but obviously his pride for his own legacy is more important. This will not last long… I always get what I want, so I’m not going to let my pathetic stepson claim what is rightfully mine. Ever since I came into your step-father’s life, you couldn’t stop fantasizing about your sexy new step-mom. All I have to do is use your perversion for me to coerce you to sign everything over to me. I know if I asked that you’d do anything for me because your such a good submissive boy who only wants some affection. Too bad I only put up with this “family” only because of your filthy rich good-for-nothing step-daddy. You can call me a Golddigger all you want, I can’t help it if I’m so savvy.

Happy Anniversary

No married man ever expects to see his mistress on their anniversary, but I thought I would drop off a special gift for you and your happy wife. I wasn’t planning on her not being home yet, and I can tell how anxious you are seeing me in your bedroom dressed in pantyhose and a slutty dress. The thought of her coming home any minute and discovering a sexy woman on your bed would surely destroy your marriage. But, it also gets you so horny knowing you might finally get caught at any moment. I tease you into stroking for me, maybe if you’re fast enough you’ll cum and she’ll never know about us. It’s not enough that you simply shoot so I can leave, I want it all! I wanna drain your dick dry so there’s not a drop left for your sad little wife. Happy Anniversary!

FinDom Advisor

I’ve known you for over a decade, and you aren’t getting any younger. Age is creeping up on those old bones, your heart isn’t ticking the way it used to, and all those meds certainly aren’t helping with anti-aging. Assuming that you could go any day now, it’s important we check your finances. Do you even have a life insurance plan in place? I just want to make sure you take care of everything that is most important in your life when you’re gone. Let’s revisit your Will and make sure I am the sole proprietor of your estate. I’ll need full control to insure that your last wishes are fulfilled, especially so greedy family members won’t fight over your fortune. We don’t want them prolonging your eternal vacation by dragging you along on life support. You’ve lived your life and accomplished all you need so that I can continue living my life of luxury when you pass. Don’t you want your findom to last forever? In the end, I’ll always be thinking about you every time I spend my inheritance.


Pay Me to Fuck

Nothing is better than the life of luxury. I’ve been treated to a gorgeous hotel room with breathtaking views, a delicious gourmet meal, tickets to the biggest show in town, and plenty of expensive clothes and sexy lingerie for tonight. This is every husband’s dream to spoil his wife and pamper her like a princess, except for one thing… None of this is for you. All you get to do is watch me enjoy all of the best things in life, including getting fucked by my ideal Alpha Man. We may be married, but you DON’T deserve me. So like any loving and doting cuckold, you happily let me live my most luxurious life fucking all the worthy cocks I desire funded entirely by you.

Performance Review

I don’t like to hire men, only women because they actually WORK and get their jobs done. Men are overrun with testosterone leading to many opportunities to get distracted at work, especially around their female coworkers. I can see it on their faces (and on their Internet search history on company time) that all they can think about is fucking my employees and not those reports I need yesterday. However, I decided to make an exception for you since the women I was originally interviewing for this position were way overqualified. You see, I needed someone that will keep my office organized, run errand, get coffee for everyone, and do all the grunt work. This is a “Service Role” and men typically have problems working for a female boss. Which is why I’m so impressed that you’ve been working for 6 months at my company. I had a feeling you were different from most men I’ve worked with before. You just really embraced your service role so naturally, almost as if you were born to be a Beta Subordinate to those in power. Why don’t you step into my office, and let’s discuss your future here at my company.

BBC Brainwash

We all have addictions, kinky perversions that gets us off. You don’t have to be ashamed to keep it a secret. We are all alone and I know everything that turns you on, and nothing get’s you harder than your obsession with BBC porn. I know you aren’t a fag for those big black cocks, but amazed at how those massive dicks can split a girl open. Your primal desire of watching these pretty girls’ pink pussies are spread by that dark powerful rod, hearing their screams and moans of ecstasy, seeing their eyes roll back into their heads like a possessed sub slut. You love seeing how far a big Alpha Black man can stretch their holes, stroking to their worthy greatness. They are the perfect man women desire, perfect genes with cocks that were made by God specifically for breeding. Embrace your fondness for your superior BBC Alphas, for they are everything you want to be.