Ass Whoopin'

It’s time for your punishment. The sound of my belt buckle jingling makes you shudder and begin to sweat. You deserve every lash, and you know exactly why. You can’t run away from my severe whipping, all you can do is take it like a good whimpering bitch. I will strike your ass until it is raw and red like your ugly crying face. The thick leather from the non-stop beating of your tender ass is like being caned with a baseball bat. But, this is your fantasy to be beaten by me and your ass whooped by my painful belting. You like it when I make you cry; those stinging scars on your ass are a symbol of my love. Nothing brings me more joy than hurting you and making you beg for it to stop. When you think your ass has finally been punished enough, sobbing in agony, I bring out another device for your correction. I’ll bend you over my bed and pound your ass so hard that you’ll never forget this lesson. Now, assume the position!

Pink Panty Fantasy

My poor fairy has been feeling pent up in her tiny pink chastity cage. All you have to do is stay soft and you won’t be so cramped in that small clitty chamber. Impotency is key to unlocking your cage. Once you’ve learned that pussy is not meant for a fairy bitch, I’ll be able to set you free. Until then, I’ll tease you with my pretty pink panties to ensure you keep your clitty soft for me. Then I’ll be able to whore you out when you’ve proven yourself to be a thirsty fairy slut.

Cock Control JOI

Is your cock ready? I know you’ve been thinking about this all day. Now that we’re alone, all you want is to give yourself to me. Your cock is already throbbing at the sight of my perfect body wrapped in my leathery Domme attire. While you might think you get to just jerk off, in reality you’re nothing more than my own personal stroking slave. That cock may be attached to your body, but I OWN IT! You will stroke when I tell you to, how I tell you to stroke, and you’ll only cum with my permission. That is… if you can resist your own manly urges to spread your seed. You’ll be begging for me to let you finally cum, but I’ll only let you once I know you’ve been driven mad by your desperation to shoot your load. Don’t disappoint me, I want you to prove your devotion by giving me absolute control over your cock. I wouldn’t want you to cum too soon, where’s the fun in that?

Beta Turned Fag

No matter where you go, I’m always following you tormenting your mind. Even in the most romantic city in the world with the most beautiful women everywhere, you’ve locked yourself away in your hotel room so you can worship me. You’d rather be alone and remain locked in chastity than pursue other women. That’s how much control I have on you, my own slave bitch for what I ever I demand. Your obedience pleases me and you’ll do anything to make me happy. So let’s see how far your devotion goes. Would you suck cock for your Goddess? I will teach you to be the best little faggot whore so you can make me lots of money. Went from a pussy starved panty worshipper into an obedient cock sucking fairy. Who knew you could sink any lower than your Beta bitch status? You are my property, and now the whole world knows it!

Would You Rather

I like to play lots of games with my slaves. My mind games are always leaving you exhausted and traumatized by the torment of having to decide between your favorite things. This game of “Would You Rather” usually forces someone to make the choice between things that one typically dislikes. However, my version of this game is more of a test to see which one of your desperate obsessions is the most important. Would you rather to see my pussy or pay me? Would you rather be freed from chastity or pay me? Would you rather suck cock or pay me? I already know what you love to do most… money is always the answer. So, would you rather buy this clip or spend your miserable life regretting your mistake of not playing my twisted game?

Strip Club Fantasy

My hometown is a sanctuary for all the kinky sadists and sex enthusiasts with hundreds of strip clubs to keep these horny fuckers entertained. Imagine what it would be like to go with me to some of my favorite joints. You know how strict I am about my rule for you to never look at pussy, so this will be very interesting leading you into the clubs blindfolded with a leash around your neck. I know all my stripper pals will be so curious about the strange friend I brought along. I tell them you're my Beta Bitch slave, devoted to your sissification since you don’t deserve to be a man, and have locked your cocklette in chastity so you won’t get distracted. I won’t even mind if they want to torment you, treating you like the rich gentlemen that can afford their affection, just make sure my sissy slave keeps her blindfold on and her hands off their pussies. All that time spent watching gay porn and training your ass for a real cock will be wasted if I gave you a peek at the sexy slut grinding up against your little cage. Maybe if you’re lucky you can help them earn some tips by getting on your knees and sucking off their clients.

Tits & Pits 20

Here we go again…. No matter what I do to you, how I torment and humiliate you, your obsession for me continues to grow bigger and consume your entire life. There’s only one thing that you care about and that’s stroking to my glorious tits and sweaty armpits. I’m your Goddess that you adore and willing to do anything to show your devotion. I have complete control over you, my property to own. You’re not even a man anymore, just a slave to worship my dirtiest parts. What started out as an innocent kink for my luscious tits and smooth pits has made you thirsty for more than just my delicious sweat. I think you deserve more of me, something that will actually fill that empty hole inside your miserable soul. I know that licking up my sweat can’t be enough to satisfy your cravings, so it’s time you worshipped the tasty nectar straight from my pussy. Your mouth salivates at the thought of being used as my own personal toilet. Still you want more, practically starving to be fed my divine filth while stroking your dripping cock as your steamy treats are squeezed out of my asshole.

Electro Sissy Popper Craze

I don’t care about what you want. This is all about me! You are my plaything, and will happily do whatever I say. If you try and fight me, well I know how easy you are to control once you’ve inhaled some of your favorite pop-pers. Soon you’ll be helpless for more of my fun games of torment. I lock your cock in chastity so you won’t be able to stroke yourself, but made certain to wear my slutty latex dress and black sheer pantyhose to make your predicament even worse. The pressure of the cage as your boner grows makes you desperate for freedom. I encourage you to beg for your release, but every time you ask I punish you with some electro therapy. I continue to entice you giving you hope for the key to your trapped cock, only to keep shocking you over and over again. The only distraction from the painful zaps I offer is the escape sniffing pop-pers provides and the opportunity to worship my long silky legs. I dangle my high heels in your face until they fall off, giving you full access to my sweaty nylon feet. Helpless to your obsession for my pantyhose, you willingly endure all my deviously playful shocks all for the pleasure of worshipping me and being my electro bitch toy!

Bad Dick

We’ve reached a new level in our relationship. You already knew that I’ve been napping around behind your back, but now I’ve gotten bold enough to bring my fuck boys home. Most men would dump their cheating girlfriend and kick her ass out. I bet you sat in the other room with your ear pressed against the wall stroking to the sound sof your hot girlfriend getting fucked by a better man. I wouldn’t have to go out and find a BIGGER man to rock my pussy if your dick wasn’t so pathetic. I tried so hard to enjoy your little cock, but I just couldn’t stand faking my orgasms anymore. I love you, I just want to feel sexually satisfied, and your sad shrimpy pinky dick will never make me happy. I need a man that can make me so wet he can actually slide his giant cock all the way into my tight pussy.

Dead Clitty

I’ve had your worthless clitty locked in chastity for so long you’ve almost forgotten its existence. All you feel when you try and stroke your imprisoned cocklette is the numbing emptiness of your former self. You were an insignificant loser as a man, unworthy of a woman’s pussy, wasting your time pretending to be anything but the Beta bitch you truly are. All those months in chastity have practically left you with nothing but a tiny floppy nub, so tragically soft and dripping of shame. The sheer humiliation of you realizing your complete uselessness has k!lled whatever manhood you have left inside. You’re so pathetic fucking your pillow trying to revive your lifeless clitty. This is why I’ve been training so you can finally accept your impotency. The one thing you need to remember for the rest of your life is that “the only good clitty is a DEAD CLITTY!”