Peeping Tom Caught and Punished

I should always know someone’s always watching me. Loser stalkers are also perving on my privacy trying to get a special glimpse of my beautiful naked body. A privilege only reserved for my most fuckable Alphas. So it comes to no surprise that I caught a snooping neighbor hiding in my bedroom, spying on me as I undressed. But I caught the little perv, and now he needs to be punished. You are going to regret the choice to break into my home a violate my personal space. I’ll show this peeping tom what he deserves. Next time, you’ll think twice before coming into my lair to sneak a peek…

Sniff My Feet, Feel My Greed

There’s nothing you can do to protect yourself from me. You willingly give yourself to me, devote every penny you earn to me. You only earn money just so you can pay me. My lowly slave knows their place in my world, groveling at my feet and paying his tribute to worship and glorify his divine Goddess. All I have to do is act like my regular, normal, cruel self, and you pathetic losers just keep sending my thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m a master of using your weaknesses against you, firmly clutching your fetishes with complete control over your desires. The sound of my high heels popping off my foot is like a trigger setting off the ticking bomb in your cum filled balls.All you have to do is pay me, and you’ll get to relish in the spoils of worshipping my luxurious pantyhose feet.

Bimbo Brainwash

I find it so fun to brainwash men into doing the funniest, ridiculous, and most humiliating things while under my control. Im mesmerizing to them and can use my powers of mind control to get just about anything I want. But what I really like doing is making my mindless servants do my bidding for me. This might include trying on my clothes, bras, panties, high heels, but also means sucking cock for me too. Ill make you train your mouth and throat with my big black dildo. Keep you in chastity so I dont have to look at your pathetic attempts of an erection. You might think you are doing all this to show your love for me, but really Im going to convince you that you are nothing more than a faggot sissy boy and you absolutely enjoy serving as my brainwashed bimbo.

Donald's Extreme Destruction

This video isn’t for just any of my slaves. Sure I’ve done a bunch of hipn0sis clips before where I make you jerk-off or lick my feet, but this clip is more extreme than the silly FemDom things I’ve done before. No, I plan on taking you to new levels of servitude once you're under my control. I’ll not only humiliate you more severely, but torment you and beat you, and even make you my toilet slave. Try and fight my worst commands, but you will be too subdued by the power of my sultry voice and your desire to obey to stop yourself from munching on my shit.

Tranquil Mesmerize

It’s time to relax. Forget about all those nagging stresses and pressure from today. I just want you get comfortable. Take a deep breath… One more… Let it out slowly. Feel your mind calming and your body breaking free of any tension. Give your mind, body, and soul to me as you fall into a .0.tic slumber. Now you’re all mine to abuse even more than the terrible day that you thought was over...

Mesmerizing Therapy

I hear you haven’t been a good husband. Your wife has told me the reason you’re here is because she is tired of your addiction to watching Femdom porn. I’m going to try a new treatment on you since you can’t seem to obey your wife’s wishes. This technique is perfect for men who struggle with giving-up control. I use .sis to focus my client. Once he is under my control, I tell him that he is now my slave. He no longer will need his Femdom porn because he will be living his fantasy for the rest of his pathetic life. His obsession now is only to please and serve his mistress therapist and be a good and devoted husband. His only desire is to worship the powerful women in his life, but he must continue his therapy 3 times a week and pay twice as much since I am curing his Femdom dreams.

Smoke & Spit Mesmerize

Back in the day, there was nothing sexier or more seductive than a woman smoking a cigarette. Now, a lot of men find smoking to be disgusting. But, I have a way with men, able to convince them to love something they absolutely hate. The instant I snap my fingers, you’re locked into my trance. The only thing you can focus on is the flame from my lighter as it ignites the end of my cigarette. Now, you’re gaze transfers from the glowing ember sparking in my mouth the cloud of smoke impairing your vision. Nothing tastes sweeter than the smoke from my lungs. It is intoxicating and you breathe the white fumes in like fresh oxygen. Your mouth has become a dry as a desert from inhaling my breath. Nothing would satisfy you more than to quench your thirst with hot silky spit dripped straight from my mouth down your thirsty throat.


New Year Mesmerize

The time has come to make those New Year’s resolutions. You could go to the gym more or do better at work, or you can let me help you to become a better person, a new you for the New Year. I have helped a lot of men turn their lives around by using a .0sis treatment that brings out the best in every man I’ve worked on. We’ll start with taking some deep breaths, listen to my voice, and obey my every command. You see, don’t you feel yourself becoming a better man, the best man... a loyal man that desires to serve. You will be better man, a better servant, a better slave, more devoted, more submissive, the best man possible to serve his new mistress.

Mesmerized Student

You’d think a domme of my caliber wouldn’t need a lesson in psychology, well my tutor seems to think otherwise. We decide to meet for a study session where he will be showing me some techniques. I can tell immediately that my tool of a tutor is a devious pervert trying to trick me into sex. Who does he think he’s messing with? In no time, I've already seduced him into hypn0tizing himself with his own mantra. I’ll show that loser who the real master manipulator is. Looks like the only one getting fucked with tonight is him.

Aaron's Seduction

Watch as I mesmerize this poor fool, Aaron. I turn him into my puppet by talking to him slowly and persuasively while playfully teasing him my hair. I can get him to so whatever I want. He is completely under my control as he stares into my eyes. I order him to take off his pants and begin touching himself through his underwear. Once he is worked up even further, I smile sadistically and tell him to get a pair of scissors and cut off his shirt and then his underwear. When he’s completely naked, I have him get a glass and piss in it, then hold it up to his mouth and drink as he jerks his cock with his other hand. Its so effortless for me to turn a grown man into a human toilet with just the power of my beauty. I count him down from 10. When he gets to 1, I tell him to cum in his hand and then place it in his mouth and hold it there until I snap my fingers. I snap my fingers a second time to bring him out of the spell.