Suck His Big Cock

The life of a cock sucker in training has many opportunities to test out your newfound deep-throating skills on one of my Alphas. Jose Danger is known mostly for having a massive dick. Men like him are breeding fuck machines, so he's an expert of what it takes to be a great cock sucker. Many mouths have serviced this Alpha bull, but now you have the chance to take all of his meaty dick down that virgin throat. I'll be there the entire way to coach and coerce you so I can make sure you demonstrate to my special friend how good I am at training my cock worshipping beta slaves. Don't let me down...

Small Penis Edging

You hardly get any attention as it is, so I can imagine how lonely it must feel knowing no one will ever touch that little cock of yours. Lucky for you I love teasing shrimp dick losers, and I don’t mind helping you get off. Of course I won’t be touching your baby carrot weenie, I mean what would even be the point? You don’t need an extra hand, all you need is just two fingers to stroke your nub. I have you completely under my control, my little “Peen”ochio stroke puppet to play with until I’m ready to let you cum. That thing is so small it looks like its just about ready to pop like a zit. I quickly slap your fingers away from your tiny cock before you ruin our fun. I want you to ache and beg for me to let you cum. All the while I keep building you up from the inside, teasing you, and taunting you about all the men that have made me moan with their big and “useful” cocks.

Taking My Beta Deeper

My beta has fully adapted to his new regime as my slave, patiently waiting for new instructions to serve. Locked away in my cold dark dungeon, emasculated and hairless, clad only in panties, my bitch withers away imagining what comes next in your miserable life. I feel it’s time to introduce new tasks so they can become accustomed to obeying again. I demand for frequent check-ins, especially photographs of your sissy impotency. I have also implemented punishment fees if you fail to obey your new beta tasks. You might think this is a sign of me favoring you over all other slaves, but I only see you as a toy to be used. Whatever resistance you employ, I will subdue you with my magic intox essence. Once I’m done with you I will ensure that your clitty will never get hard again. You will always be my bimbo doll to use for my own enjoyment.

The Meeting

I'm so tired of catching my perv step-brother messing with my panties that I decided to complain to Step-Dad Jose Danger about your behavior. We confront you about your unhealthy fascination with my worn lingerie, and I reveal to Step-Daddy Danger even more disgusting things you do with my panties. It goes beyond playing and sniffing my panties, but he leaves gross spit stains on them from sucking on my crotch and thong pieces. Every pair in my laundry is soaking wet and reeks of his slobber. At first, he couldn't believe his own step-son would have a crush on me, but when I make you pull down your pants so he can see the tiny boner you have listening to us talk about my dirty panties.... Well, I don't know what made him more upset; finding out about his perverted offspring munching on my thongs or seeing your sad puny microcock at full erection. 

FinDom Xmas

Its Christmas time! And that means breaking the bank to impress your loved ones. I know all my devoted FinSlaves have been working extra hard this year to afford all those wonderful presents for their friends and family… too bad you’ll have to return those gifts so you can give me all your money instead. This is the time of year when you have to sacrifice and be the most giving, and pay your tributes to the true deity of Christmas. I own you, everything is mine! I want your xmas bonus, gift cards, and all the expensive jewelry and electronics, everything else you can sell for cash. Since you’ll be in such a giving spirit, let’s get a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions with access to your bank accounts and signing your home over to me. I don’t care if your k!ds cry or your wife divorces you, maybe they’ll learn the true meaning of Christmas and find joy in their misery. This holiday season they will get the privilege to be that poor and broken family featured in sappy Hallmark movies.

Caught Masturbating

There’s nothing you can hide from me. Even when I walk into a room with you all alone in it, I can tell exactly what you’ve been doing. It doesn’t bother me when I catch you masturbating behind my back. You don’t need to hide from me, I want to help you, to inspire you. I’m not going to humiliate you or shame you for wanting to get in a little jerk sesh. In fact, I want to be the one who makes you cum. I should be the only thing on your mind when you stroke, my perfect ass rubbed in your face, my pretty feet and toes teasing your cock until it explodes. We could make a great team if you will let me get you off.

Living Off of Financial Ruin

My life is fucking fantastic! I haven’t had a REAL job in over a decade. In fact, my entire adult life I’ve never had to work. You can tell from my lavish lifestyle that I’m not on any budget, so how do I make my living? I’m not some “regular” peon that has to worry about money, it literally just ends up in my bank account. I’m someone that is privileged enough to live off of my tributes. I practically make money by the second through my human atms and my wishlists worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. I can hardly keep my lists full since my fans are constantly buying out my cart. As if being showered with gifts wasn’t enough, I also have desperate boys fighting over the opportunity to purchase my dirty panties and socks. Everyhting in my life is paid for, 5-star meals, luxurious vacations, and maxed credit shopping sprees. It is truly an honor to spoil me and I take such pleasure in ruining men. And the best part is, once you are complately broke and useless to me, there’s dozens more slaves hopelessly waiting to experience the same FinDom treatment. I’m one a one-of-a-kind diamond, and all of you are replaceable which is why I’m worth every penny.

Lost Keys

I am in such a good mood today that I really want to do something super nice for my slave. After months of being locked in chastity, I think I’m going to finally release you. Now, don’t get too excited, I can’t just unlock your cage without you earning the reward of freedom. We will start by having you worship and clean my sexy black high heels. Once I’ve got that whore mouth of yours warmed up, I’ll bring out my cock so you can suck and service me like one of my Alphas. Once I am completely satisfied and bored with playing with you, only then will I give you the key. But, I don’t remember specifying if it is was the “right” key… come to think of it, where did I put that key anyways…

Hardcore Cuckold Training

You are not capable of pleasing me. Therefore, your new role in our marriage will be as my cuckold. I’m not going to commit adultery which is why I’m informing you of the change in our relationship. I’ve found myself a worthy lover that I know will satisfy my sexual needs. You don’t have to worry anymore about making me happy that way, so that should be a huge amount of pressure I’ve released you from due to your impotency. Now, all you have to do is make sure my new boyfriend is happy and fuckable for me. You will fluff his cock and pamper him so he will be ready to go whenever I’m ready to have my pussy fucked. I’ll even let you sit in the corner and watch us, stroking your lonely cock as a better man pleasures your wife.

The Final Step

I’ve been waiting for my husband to get home from his date. Most couples wouldn’t allow their spouse to see other people, but I encourage it. He’s always been a better gal pal than husband, so I dress him up and send him to go out with my Alpahas and please them. I spend a lot of time making you look sexy and fuckable, so I expect you to return home with plenty of stories for us to gossip over while we play with each other’s hair like tweener BFFs. I want to hear about how big he is and how much he made you moan. I know you’re enjoying this new arrangement. You haven’t even noticed how seamlessly you’ve been “transitioning” into your new role as my sex toy. It’s no coincidence your clitty has been getting smaller and smaller everyday. Not only have I been training you for months to be my bimbo slut, but I’ve been putting medicine into your food that has been eliminating any essence of manhood from your body. I wasn’t satisfied with you being more feminine, so I’ve decided to transform you into the bestest best girlfriend ever!