Disclaimer: This clip contains strong racist language that may be offensive to those who do not share the fetish. If this clip angers more than it arouses, it wasn't meant for you. No need to get riled up over other people's kinks. Our brain makes them up without our permission and they do not go away. So long as were not hurting anyone else, we might as well enjoy them.

I can see you staring at me… you’d think those tiny Gook slits for eyes that you wouldn’t be able to see. Lusting after the all those tall pretty white women, but none of us would ever pay attention to a pathetic Chink wonton of a man like you. There isn’t a girl on this planet that would touch your skinny chopstick dick. Well, maybe another boring squinty-eyed HarajuCUNT might, but you don’t like your kind. You self-hating racist! You think you’re better than that, sadly that buck-tooth face is only good for degradation. Nothing pleases you more than serving your white Anglo-angel Goddess and being humiliated by her. Looks like your fortune cookie is predicting a lifetime of loneliness, so you’ll just have to stroke that tiny little rice cock between those ugly springroll legs for the rest of your miserable life.

Husband Turned Gal Pal

Halloween is all about dressing up in crazy outfits and costumes for a night of debauchery. I convinced my husband to go as something sexy like me for a Halloween party and he reluctantly agrees to go the slutty route. It seemed like every guy was checking us out at the party, buying us drinks and even flirting with my husband more than me. So I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t come home that night. I bet I made him look so hot that he got fucked by one of the guys he was from the party. He finally comes home from his walk of shame and I grill him about what happened after I left; who he kissed, who he sucked, did he get fucked in the ass. I don’t really care if he’s a homo. I just want to know about all the juicy gay sex he had. I encouraged you to be the fun and sexy girl for Halloween, and apparently you won best costume! I actually think it is amazing to be married to a fag. Now I have a gal pal to go shopping with, pick up boys, and talk about their cocks. I think I prefer having a new girlfriend rather than a closeted husband.

Baby Cock Humiliation

That’s not an adult sized dick, that’s a little shrimp! How can you even call yourself a man with that ugly nub stuck between your legs. I mean can you even get off with that tiny squirter? I can’t stop imagining your teeny weeny cock shooting widdle droplets of cum. That little cock isn’t even big enough to spread my lips! Actually, it’s rather adorable. Like a cute little baby tinkler. All you need is a rattle and a pacifier and no one will make fun of that small penis again. Now, don’t you look cute enough to pinch!

Worship Every Inch

Imagine what it would be like to actually serve a Goddess. She sits above you waiting for her servant at her feet to begin their worship. What a privilege to lick up my thigh high red latex boots. Sucking on the stiletto as your tongue slides up my legs. Soon you can smell my pussy, taste the sweat as you get closer to my ass. I slap you with my whip to direct your path of worship. Commanding your tongue like a slippery serpent entwined around my perfect body. Inoxicated and lost in devotion, all you want is to be in good graces with your Goddess, pledging to be a servant forever, joining my legion of slaves.

Brother Loves Big Butts

Every time I turn around, I catch my brother checking out my ass. That’s so wrong for my brother to practically be drooling over his own sister. But I know my bro loves girls with big butts like mine. He just can’t get enough. I swear that lustful look in his eyes really wants to taste my ass, to lick my crack and bury his tongue deep into my sweet and sweaty hole. He is such a gross freak! I can’t help taking advantage of him since I know how much he wants my ass. I can make that boy do anything. All I have to do is shake my booty and he’s like putty in my hands. I’m such a nice sister letting him worship my ass. Just don’t let mom and dad find out!

Boyfriend Gets A Circumcision

I think it’s finally time for my boyfriend to get his dick circumcised. He’s always fantasizing about getting one, but getting that procedure as an adult can be quite stressful and VERY painful. I just want to make my beau happy so I arrange for him to finally see a doctor about getting his cock snipped. I know he will be too nervous to go through with it, so I will be in charge to make sure he is a MAN and follows though with the operation. I’ll pick the doctor, tell them how I want it to look, and even help with your recovery. But don’t expect any bedside favors, the doctor says it’s very important that you avoid getting aroused or your penis could end up with scars. Don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control…


Can't sleep? Seems like your obsession has taken over your sleep leaving you tossing and turning all night on that flat pill and lumpy mattress. I know how hard it is to get me out of your head; all you can do is think of me, watch my videos, look at my pictures, and patrol my channels of communication. Just slide your hand under the sheets and grab that sad excuse of a cock. Go on, stroke your tired cock like an obedient jerking puppet. Be gentle with your tugs, you don't want to wake your wife.  

Leather Boot Bitch

When you are in my presence, you should be on your knees waiting to serve me. Your only purpose in life is to please me. No matter what I demand, you will be willing and devoted to satisfy my wishes, even if that means licking my dirty leather boots until they are clean. Get your tongue into all those gross cracks on the bottoms of my boots. Give me a spit shine to make that leather look fresh and new. The truth is, I know what you really crave. You love worshipping my boots! All your after though is the real prize… my sweaty sexy feet hiding inside these smelly boots.

Sis Turns You Into A Cock Sucker

My new stepbrother is so easy to control. I have so much fun teasing him and coercing him to do whatever I want. He must really like having a sister like me since he always wants to play. I’ve seduced him this time into being chained and collared like my little pet. I even convinced him to let me handcuff his hands behind his back and locked his cock in chastity. I dangle the keys in his face as he sits there helpless and bound. Now that you are completely subdued, I want you to be a good obedient little brother and suck dicks for me. That’s right, I know how much you love me and would do anything for me. Well, nothing would make me happier than to watch a strong guy the back of your throat over and over again with his big meaty cock.

Panty Therapist

Everyone has the ability to change and overcome their vices. As a sex therapist, I live by this creed in order to correct inappropriate habits in men. I’ve been working with one patient for months now to cure his simple panty obsession, but I can’t break his addiction. I decide to change my methods and do a little reverse psychology. I instruct him to worship my own dirty panties, making him sniff my sweaty panties and suck out the stains. Hopefully by turning my patient into my own pussy worship slave will help him deal with his addiction.