Bark and Eat Cum

You’ve been waiting a long time for another session with me. I’ve seen you lurking in my chatrooms, tempting yourself to submit to me again. You thought last time was too intense, but you can’t seem to get the experience out of your head. All you want is to receive my punishments and humiliation. My slaves are always hungry for more, desperate for my attention and eager to please no matter the cost. You are here to entertain me, and I want you to get on fours, like the perverted dawg that you are inside. Humping my leg and jerking your little red rocket cock, yelping for affection and approval. I should put you on a leash and drag you around the park and make you sniff other dawgs’ $hit. Now bark, and let all the other owners know that you are MY BITCH!

Clean My Dirty Feet

I spent a long day walking around in my dirty old sandals, which are perfect for showing off my pretty pink pedicure. I know how anxious you are to kiss the tops of my feet. I’ve had these sandals for years, and my filthy soles are proof of that. They are practically falling apart and barely dangling off my sweaty feet. What a delicious treat for a hungry foot boy. I know you want to taste that marinated instep of my sandals. I can’t believe how smelly they make my feet, caking them in years of grime and salty brine. I can see your eyes watering as you worship my feet. I wonder if those are tears of joy or from the powerful funk of spending so long underneath my feet. Lucky you, now that my dirty sandals are destroyed, I’ll just wear your mouth to suck up all the sweat from these hot summer days.

Teasing The Men in The Office

I was called into my boss’ office to discuss my behavior at work. Apparently, the men around the office have been complaining about how I’ve been treating my fellow coworkers. You accuse me of being insubordinate and a distraction, but the reason I’m able to “walk all over” the boys in the office is because they are ALL weak. In fact, you are just like them; weak, pathetic, and using me as an excuse for your pisspoor work ethic. Maybe you should be firing them instead for allowing their emotions to effect their performance. The truth is that my existence in the office just drives them crazy. Men don’t like seeing a successful woman in charge, and they are intimidated that I’m gunning for their jobs. I’m a valuable asset to this company, and you can’t afford to lose me to another competitor just because the men I work with got their pride hurt. You can’t even make eye contact with me, clearly something else has you distracted. I cross my legs catching your wandering eyes sneaking a peek at my panties. Perhaps I’ll just go straight to HR for your inappropriate behavior and mismanaging your staff. Face it, I have you and the rest of the men at this office wrapped around my finger. From now on I will be setting my own schedule, and I plan on making a lot of changes around here…

Shrinking Powers

It must suck for a man to be so short in a world full of tall sexy women. All of us have to look down on you, which is something you’ve had to endure your entire life. I mean, how humiliating is it to be man that’s not even taller than the average woman? You’ve never been able to escape all the ridicule for being the little guy; people making fun of you for your size, all the bullying, never finding a date that’s shorter than you, and always needing help when you’re too little to do something. Even I have to crouch down so I can talk to you. I wonder if it’s possible for you to be any shorter. I’m sure you can’t be anymore insecure about your size than you already are. I use my magical shrinking powers and now you’re as tall as my ass, the perfect height to serve as my ass worshipping slave. I can’t help myself from shrinking you further, all the way down to the size of my little pinky toe. This must be a dream come true to worship ALL THIS woman! But now I’m curious at how short you can get before you completely fade into nonexistence. Too bad my powers only work at shrinking men. Makes you really appreciate being your old, short self again.


Consume My Saliva

As my devout worship slave, you’ll will graciously accept any token of appreciation I bestow. Before I reward you for your service, you must worship every inch of me, especially my long smooth hair. I prepare a special cocktail made from my divine essence for you to enjoy. All those days you’ve spent earning the right for this moment of gratitude is worth all the suffering in order to indulge in my sweet and succulent saliva. Most of my slaves aren’t worthy of this prize, but you’ve worked so hard for this moment... for the chance to consume me, inviting me into your soul. So drink up!

Mike's Wake

Everyone always wonders what attending their own funeral would be like, seeing all your friends and family who came to mourn your passing, praising you for your accomplishments, and sharing stories of what a “great man” you were… Well, I’ve prepared a special video homage for all your dear, dear loved ones that will open their eyes to the perverted twisted creep you once were. You can all cry and pretend that you knew him well, but the truth is you only saw what was on the surface, I was the one who had total control of his heart, mind, and overall life. He sacrificed himself for me, and even put me in his will giving full entitlement to his inheritance. I’ll have to whisk myself away to some tropical paradise so I can cope with my grief of losing such a devoted findom slave. I just wish I could be there to spit on your grave, and to see the look on your parent’s face after watching my eulogy. I’m sure they will still be so proud they raised their step-son to be my filthy PayPig jerk zombie.

Lick His Feet

I’ve got a very special surprise for my dirty little foot bitch. I know how obsessed you are with my beautiful feet, sniffing them, licking them, sucking on my sweaty toes. This time, you’ll be doing more than worshipping my feet, but also FinDom Alpha Seba$tian Ca$h godly feet too. He’s been spending a couple days wearing the same socks, getting them nice and sweaty at the gym for our little foot bitch. I can even smell them the moment he takes his shoes off and shoves ripe socked feet in your face. I’ll let you start with mine, so don’t even try to resist, you know there’s no choice but to service your new Master. Nothing could be more humiliating than being made to worship another man’s big smelly feet. I want you to show him why you are one of my most devoted foot boys. Now, get on your knees, take out that tongue of yours, and lick every inch of his perfect Alpha feet!

Teacher Turned Mommy

What could be better than your hot teacher becoming your new stepmom? Ever since I moved in, you haven’t stopped jerking off. You think this is the perfect fantasy you can brag to all your horny friends, but I’ve always been a very strict teacher. I’ve given you warnings to behave and obey your new stepmother, and you still leave your disgusting cum dried tissues all over the house. It’s time to take matters into my own hands. From now on, you’re not allowed to jerk off, unless you did it in front. This is what you’ve been dreaming about and you’re gonna pussy out now? I still dress the same from when I was your teacher. You just couldn’t keep your eyes off of me, checking out my ass when my back was turned… I see everything. Teachers have a special talent for finding the pervy boys and making them our pets. Your step-dad prefers me in tight skimpy clothes, so that’s what I wore when he’d fuck me on Parent Teacher Night behind your step-mother’s back. I bet you couldn’t even get it up for your hot teacher, unable to perform when she calls on you like in class. You’ve always been a loser, nothing but a chickensht twerp. No wonder all those bullies made fun of you back in school.

Reinforcing Beta Life

Has your routine changed at all during this quarantine? I bet it hasn’t. You’ve probably buzzed all this time at your computer, devoted to your addiction to jerking to your collection of my clips. I’m impressed by your commitment to me, your only lifeline to the outside world. I’m the only thing that matters as society crumbles around you. The only hope to your eternal sadness and misery is serving your true divine ruler. You love Ceara, Ceara is your GOD! I’m the supreme being that keeps you sane, and gives your life purpose. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your story. One that is full of chastity and denying that useless cock of any satisfaction. This is your life now, spending your days as my denied cuck slut, who the only affection “she” gets is from the Alphas fucking your virgin man-pussy. Anything to demonstrate your devotion to your Goddess and worshipping my omnipotence on the betas of humanity.

Blackmailed Into Faggotry

I’m not fucking around, I want to completely own you! You will open up your email and you WILL send me all the vital information about your life; credit cards, bank accounts, passwords, your social security, a list of important people that could benefit from this info and those whose life it will ruin, basically anything I can use to destroy your entire world. If you fail to send me this email immediately, then you can say goodbye to this perfect Goddess. I know you can’t resist my power. You’d gladly sacrifice your soul to me as long as you get to serve. Now that I have all your secrets, I can make you do anything, but still I am not satisfied. I want to sink my claws deeper into you, incriminating you even more… I want you to be my faggot slut! You don’t have a choice, your virgin ass is mine for the selling. Those cum sucking lips are meant for pleasuring the random Alphas that want to fuck my new faggy cuck.