Trippy Hypno

You can abuse those hallucinogen drugs all you want, especially if it makes you a brainless slave for me. All those shrooms you've ingested have made your mind weak. Once youre under my control, you belong to me. You know you want to give yourself to me, Im just making it easier by h1pnotizing you so I know you are completely devoted to me. Completely mesmerized by me, my voice, my every moment. Its like a dream where Im a goddess here to save you. Well the only saving Im doing is my time coercing you closer and closer to an orgasm, but you are so aroused and lost in my spell that you wont even realize youve cum. And now Ill be able to keep you as my endless edging slave. You are completely powerless with me, and will obey my every command.

Spiked Ball Gag

Time to teach my slave a lesson for being too insolent and talking back to his Domme Princess. Ive even caught you staring at my boobs like some twisted pervert when I gag you just to shut you up. The source of your problem is that big fucking mouth you have, so I have a special ball gag thatll teach you a lesson on how to speak to a Princess. Anytime I find you to be rude, disgusting, or am just irritated with you, then I will start turning the knob on your ball gag. Now dont bite down too hard, or youll have spikes impaling the gums and tongue. Maybe now you will learn that a women should be worshipped and will treat me better, or do I have to punish you with another one of my torturous toys?

Fishnet Foot Tease

Look what I caught in my fishnets. A pair of beautiful and juicy feet with long toes, wiggling though the holes. My feet are practically bare and my toes squirming in the fresh air has you squirming in your seat. I know you love my feet in anything from heels and pantyhose to smelly sneakers. Imagine running your tongue along the criss-crossing webbing across my soles, then being treated by my pretty bare toes waiting to be worshipped. Theres nothing more youd love to do then to start stroking your cock to my fishy feet.

Panty Rider

Ever wonder what its like to fuck Ceara Lynch. Lying on your back and your rock hard cock waiting to slide into her wet pussy would be your absolute dream. HA, keep dreaming loser! Id never have sex with a jerkoff like you! Im only in your life just to tease and torment, driving you into a perverted state of madness. I know how badly you want me, so shoving my pink nylon panties and ass in your face brings me so much pleasure. Knowing you can never have this is so sexually frustrating for you, practically torture, stuck lying there as I play with your dripping cock. Ill even rub my ass on your stiffy and maybe even cradle you in my crack.

Bitch Mom

I have something to tell you about your dad and I. Were getting married! He just proposed with this giant diamond ring, I knew when I first saw him that Id make him mine and now you're mine too. I know your mom just d1ed a few weeks ago, but you don't need to cry like a little baby. You have a new mom now, a better one. All I want is your dads money, and he cant resist a seductress like me. I always get what I want, and now I want you as my little bitch boy. So suck on your pacifier my new s0n and pull out your teeny weenie baby cock and show your new mommy what a big boy you are.

Blind Date Boot Worship

This is why I should never let my friends set me up on blind dates. I always end up going out with ugly fat pigs! Ive wasted all this time getting dressed up expecting to impress some tall Adonis, but no, I get your pervy little ass. If I have to go on a date with you, then the only action youll be getting is worshipping my leather ankle boots. You wont be eating anything tonight except whatever you can lick off my boots and feet. Thats the only attention a ugly fuck like you deserves. Youre so pathetic that you wont even fight me. You just drop to your knees ready to feet on my boots.

Cruel Princess Captures The Hero

Ive captured a herois warrior and brought him to my dungeon to turn this muscled beast into my plaything. Such a powerful and dangerous man is chained and waits for what I have planned for him. I begin to tease my victim stripping him naked so I can rub my sexy body on his nude flesh. The urge to be aroused is overwhelming and I can tell how badly you want to be stroked. Bound so tight and no way to reach and relieve your throbbing member. I could help you out, stroke your cock myself, feeling your hot juices drip on my hand coating my fingers in precum. But, I dont want you to enjoy this, so Im going to lock you in a chastity cage and leave you here strapped in for the night.

Daily Ass Fix

You know those cravings you get that drive you crazy during the day, that if you dont feed this addiction you will surely die? I have come to save the day, once again with a video you cant live without, especially if youre one of my ASS men. Face it, you are obsessed with my ass, and thats why youre here. You have a problem and Im going to help you. I know youll do anything to see my bare ass, but I need to tease you first with my stretch pants and lacy panties. Dont want to make you overdose from my perfectly round and juicy butt. Dont worry, soon youll be face deep between my cheeks licking my asshole clean like toilet paper.

Suck & Fuck Strap-on Play

Look at that, this is what a real mans cock should be. Big, thick, perfect for diving into my wet pussy. Your puny little dick is useless. No woman will ever find pleasure in that worms flap of skin. So, why dont you just worship my cock instead. Go on, I know how jealous you are of my girth. Suck it! Lick me all the way up my long stiff shaft. Thats a good little sissy fag. Soon Ill force you down and with your asshole with it. I know you will love getting fucked by your Domme princess.

White Converse

Foot fans love Converse sneakers. I know how you get anytime you see a sexy girl wearing Converse and you can see her bare ankles. You wish you could just unlace them and slip them off my sweaty bare feet. Well, my new sneakers you can actually slide them off my pretty feet without using the laces. So easy and accessible! I can easily tease my footboys now by dangling my sneakers and quickly slipping them back on. As much as I know you love my new shoes, I know all you care about is the foot inside.