You Don't Deserve To Cum

Men don’t deserve to cum! They’ve committed too many sins in the world, destroying civilizations all for their own ego and power. Rayping, pillaging, even to this day sexually abusing women any chance you get. You’ve destroyed this world, which is why only women deserve pleasure. It’s about time you experienced some struggle, pain, and agony. I’ll put you in your place, show you your new role in this world as a pathetic stroking slave. You are my plaything now. Mine to abuse and use for payback on all the men who have fucked up society throughout the ages. You might think giving into me is a big turn-on, a strong powerful woman having total control over you. Well, stroke all you want, but you’ll never be allowed to cum again. In this new era of female empowerment, even your own dick is owned by me…

Spit & Jeans

That ugly face is perfect for sitting and spitting on! I can’t stand you staring at my perfect ass in jeans, dreaming about burying your face into my warm bubbly cheeks. The only thing that fucked-up face deserves is the hot slimy spit straight from my mouth. I can tell you really want me to spit in your face. You must love being humiliated by hot girls. It’s the only attention you ever get from us, so I can see why it turns you on so much. You’ll never be good enough to pleasure a woman. No girl would fuck an ugly jerk like you. Just another wasteful worthless human being that’ll never be happy unless he is a servant of ridicule. All you’re good for is disposing of my spit. Lick it up, wipe it all over your hideous body, do whatever it takes so I never have to look at your stupid fucking face anymore!

Dungeon Mistress

It’s been a long time since I’ve locked you away. Alone, cold, and hungry, trapped in my dungeon to serve as my captive slave I can torment whenever I want. Your only purpose from here on out is to worship me! This is a step up for a loser like you. Now, you get to spend the rest of your days serving me. So many men would be so lucky to be my captured slave, locked in chastity for life. While you wait for my next visit you will sit in my damp dungeon tied up and chastised, unable to do anything but think of me… of all the things you can’t wait to do to me once I come down to your dungeon cell to bring some light to your dark and dismal future.

Cum Choke Facial

You’re so easy to get hard. All you have to do is look at me, and your cock is already starting to drip precum. You wait anxiously for me to give you the command to stroke for me. Nothing makes you happier than getting yourself off for me. I coach you to stroke your cock the right way to bring you to an explosive orgasm. Soon I’ll have you at the very edge of cumming, shooting your sticky seed all over the room. I’m not just going to let you make a disgusting mess of jizz everywhere, there’s no reward for me having to clean up your filth. So what should we do with all that spunk ready to erupt? You’ll have to cum directly in your mouth. I know it sounds hard, but if you are a truly devoted jerk slave, you’ll get that cock in your mouth and pump your cum straight down your own throat.

Dirty Panty Perv

Men would do anything to stick their head between my legs and lick my panties like a dawg. They are so horny they can sniff out the wet cum stains in my panties. Licking my pussy through the sexy lace, tasting the juices right from the source. The dirtier the better, you’d suck them all day slurping the white pussy stains until you’ve sucked them clean. What a pathetic pervert, having to go dig in my dirty laundry because no woman on this planet will ever want you. You’ll do whatever it takes to have dirty panties to sniff and lick. Everyday at the same time you will come to me begging to be my pussy worshipping slave for the rest of your miserable life. You belong to me, I own you!

Sissy Popper Sniffer 3

My little sissy chastity bitch is so submissive. He’s been bound for days, gagged by my sweaty nylon pantyhose. All I have to do is make him sniff his pop-pers and he is completely under my control. I can make my little slave do whatever I want when he is high, he’s just another bitch to worship me. Trapped and waiting to be used. I know what you want, a fresh pair of my nylons. I remove my high heels so I can rest them on your face, rubbing them all over your bound and helpless body. Even in your hopeless predicament, you are in heaven. Sniffing pop-pers and my feet, worshipping, demonstrating your devotion to serve. You’d give anything for the attention I show my devoted sissy sluts!

Brother Boot Bitch

When you go to college, you’re supposed to live away from your family and learn some independence. My pathetic brother chose to go to the same school as me, and now we are roommates. I’ve waited my entire life to get away from this loser and he followed me to college. He is quickly going to learn that there is a pecking order on campus. Underclassmen don’t get any respect and that’s what I’m going to show him. We have no authority figures living with us anymore. No more parents to save you from being teased and bullied by your big sister. That means if we are living together, you will obey MY rules. You’ll be majoring in being my bitch; doing the chores, cleaning everything, making me dinner, maybe even doing my homework too. You will follow whatever orders I demand, even if I make you get on your knees and worship my boots in front of all our new friends.

Fuck God

Look at you, on your knees and begging already. Don’t you know no one is listening to your pathetic prayers? Well, actually I am. Your very own special angel from heaven to deliver you this message… “FUCK YOUR RELIGION!” There’s only one God you should be serving and SHE is Goddess Ceara. You’ve spent your entire life listening to these old and fictional stories, believing it all to be true. That stupid book you read every day and night is nothing but lies printed over and over again for centuries. You’d get more pleasure out of rubbing your cock in the Bible. Spread your seed all over those pages like Christianity across the world. At least your prayers for finally having an orgasm will be answered, and it’s all because I showed you the light. Now worship your true divine Goddess, a PHYISCAL being you can actually serve in REAL LIFE!

Cum Whore

I want you to eat your cum for me. I’m going to tease you while you stroke your cock until you shoot all over your hand. Then, I’ll make you lick it up like a loyal cum eating servant. I know you’ve thought about it, eating up your own splooge. Imagining how yummy and salty those wads of cum are sliding down your throat. People might think its dirty eating your own stuff after you orgasm. If you expect someone else to put your cum in their mouth then you should be able to do the same. After all, what you’re doing is natural. You made that special sauce yourself inside your body, so eating it is basically recycling your fluids so you can cum for me more. Soon enough, jerking and feeding from your own cock won’t be enough. I’ll make you my new cock sucking cum whore I can use to pleasure all the giant dicks in my life.

Blackmailed By The Best

There’s nothing you can do to resist. I’m an expert at getting men to do what I want. You’ve fought the temptation long enough, but you’ve finally decided to submit to me. Everything in your life is at risk, your job, your marriage, even your livelihood. I'm the best at ruining lives of perverted men. It will all be worth it serving me as another hopeless slave. You have to compete a few tasks before I accept your willingness to serve. Prove to me how badly you want to belong to me. You’ll write an email to me confessing all your deepest, darkest secrets and desires so I’ll know how to properly use and abuse you. Powerless and unable to resist, you will join my flock of mindless jerk and worship slaves, spending your days stroking for me… The only way I’m going to let you cum though is by sending the email to everyone in your contacts.