Hardcore Cuckold Training

You are not capable of pleasing me. Therefore, your new role in our marriage will be as my cuckold. I’m not going to commit adultery which is why I’m informing you of the change in our relationship. I’ve found myself a worthy lover that I know will satisfy my sexual needs. You don’t have to worry anymore about making me happy that way, so that should be a huge amount of pressure I’ve released you from due to your impotency. Now, all you have to do is make sure my new boyfriend is happy and fuckable for me. You will fluff his cock and pamper him so he will be ready to go whenever I’m ready to have my pussy fucked. I’ll even let you sit in the corner and watch us, stroking your lonely cock as a better man pleasures your wife.

The Final Step

I’ve been waiting for my husband to get home from his date. Most couples wouldn’t allow their spouse to see other people, but I encourage it. He’s always been a better gal pal than husband, so I dress him up and send him to go out with my Alpahas and please them. I spend a lot of time making you look sexy and fuckable, so I expect you to return home with plenty of stories for us to gossip over while we play with each other’s hair like tweener BFFs. I want to hear about how big he is and how much he made you moan. I know you’re enjoying this new arrangement. You haven’t even noticed how seamlessly you’ve been “transitioning” into your new role as my sex toy. It’s no coincidence your clitty has been getting smaller and smaller everyday. Not only have I been training you for months to be my bimbo slut, but I’ve been putting medicine into your food that has been eliminating any essence of manhood from your body. I wasn’t satisfied with you being more feminine, so I’ve decided to transform you into the bestest best girlfriend ever!

Humiliating The Bitch Boy

It’s been so long since I’ve locked you away in chastity that everyone has completely forgotten your name. That’s why I just call you, bitch. I think it suits you better since you’ve accepted your place in this world and are happily devoted to serve. The pain and anguish I iniflicted last time must’ve healed by now, and I so have missed fucking you up. I believe we will have to make up for lost time with some extreme humiliation and degradation treatment. All that time trapped in my dungeon has made your cock reactive to any stimulation. Even just teasing you with my perfect ass gets you dripping precum, desperate to blow your load, and salivating for me to allow you to taste the salty reward. But I don’t plan on letting you cum until you’ve properly worshiped my boyfriend’s cock. There really isn’t an option, it’s your duty to obey my every demand. And you WILL enjoy every minute of it... because YOU. ARE. MY. BITCH!

Voluntary Life Destruction

This isn't a game. You may have thought that you could trust me, that I created a safe space just for us. I allowed you to be free with your words, your mind, and body. To please me by being my personal slave for pleasure. This was supposed to be our little secret, given how much you have to lose in life outside my playroom. There's no code of ethics here, only the sole purpose of humiliating you and using you for all you're worth. Every last moment you've spent with me, the thousands and thousands of dollars you've spent for me to abuse you has been recorded for my own personal endeavor of ruining men. Every dirty insult you said about your wife, the trade secrets regarding your boss and company, you didn't stand a chance keeping all that important information to yourself. Now, I have all the power, and you willingly gave it to me. You shouldn't be so submissive with your Domme, she will always be more than happy to take full advantage of you. 

Tricked, Robbed, & Ruined

I meet lots of first-timers as a lady of the night. Don’t worry, we are very discrete so you have nothing to worry about. Relax and let’s explore your fantasies. That’s why I’m here, right? I have plenty of experience in doing things your wife can’t. Don’t be ashamed about your kinky thoughts of being controlled by a powerful woman, punished and manipulated to do all sorts of humiliating tasks. It’s time to make dreams of submitting a reality. Once I handcuff you to a chair and put a ballgag in your mouth, all you can do is watch as I tease you. Since you’re all tied up, I can do whatever I want, like play with your cock… or grab your wallet. Your eyes fill with fear as you watch me rummage through your personal information. More important is all the cash I found! You must be loaded if you’re walking around with this much money. Looks like you’re going to get exactly what you deserve when you hire an escort behind your wife’s back.

Peeping Tom Caught and Punished

I should always know someone’s always watching me. Loser stalkers are also perving on my privacy trying to get a special glimpse of my beautiful naked body. A privilege only reserved for my most fuckable Alphas. So it comes to no surprise that I caught a snooping neighbor hiding in my bedroom, spying on me as I undressed. But I caught the little perv, and now he needs to be punished. You are going to regret the choice to break into my home a violate my personal space. I’ll show this peeping tom what he deserves. Next time, you’ll think twice before coming into my lair to sneak a peek…

Sniff My Feet, Feel My Greed

There’s nothing you can do to protect yourself from me. You willingly give yourself to me, devote every penny you earn to me. You only earn money just so you can pay me. My lowly slave knows their place in my world, groveling at my feet and paying his tribute to worship and glorify his divine Goddess. All I have to do is act like my regular, normal, cruel self, and you pathetic losers just keep sending my thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m a master of using your weaknesses against you, firmly clutching your fetishes with complete control over your desires. The sound of my high heels popping off my foot is like a trigger setting off the ticking bomb in your cum filled balls.All you have to do is pay me, and you’ll get to relish in the spoils of worshipping my luxurious pantyhose feet.

Bimbo Brainwash

I find it so fun to brainwash men into doing the funniest, ridiculous, and most humiliating things while under my control. Im mesmerizing to them and can use my powers of mind control to get just about anything I want. But what I really like doing is making my mindless servants do my bidding for me. This might include trying on my clothes, bras, panties, high heels, but also means sucking cock for me too. Ill make you train your mouth and throat with my big black dildo. Keep you in chastity so I dont have to look at your pathetic attempts of an erection. You might think you are doing all this to show your love for me, but really Im going to convince you that you are nothing more than a faggot sissy boy and you absolutely enjoy serving as my brainwashed bimbo.

Donald's Extreme Destruction

This video isn’t for just any of my slaves. Sure I’ve done a bunch of hipn0sis clips before where I make you jerk-off or lick my feet, but this clip is more extreme than the silly FemDom things I’ve done before. No, I plan on taking you to new levels of servitude once you're under my control. I’ll not only humiliate you more severely, but torment you and beat you, and even make you my toilet slave. Try and fight my worst commands, but you will be too subdued by the power of my sultry voice and your desire to obey to stop yourself from munching on my shit.

Tranquil Mesmerize

It’s time to relax. Forget about all those nagging stresses and pressure from today. I just want you get comfortable. Take a deep breath… One more… Let it out slowly. Feel your mind calming and your body breaking free of any tension. Give your mind, body, and soul to me as you fall into a .0.tic slumber. Now you’re all mine to abuse even more than the terrible day that you thought was over...