JOI Challenge

5… 4… 3… 2… 3, 4, 5, 6… All you want from me is that cum countdown. If I let you cum now, then where is the fun for me? I love watching you squirming around in orgasmic agony. Aching and yearning so much to release all that cum built up inside of you from jerking non-stop to my videos. Now that you finally reached the countdown, I’m not ready to give it to you. I’ll make you wait, tease you by reversing the count, or just starting over again. I don’t know why you want to cum so badly. You know its going to cost you every drop you spill before I am finished with you.

Husband Turned Brainwash Cuckold

What do you do with a selfish lover that only gets what HE wants during sex? I give him handjobs, blowjobs, and rock his world in bed, and he always orgasms before me and doesn’t even care that I get off. He’s lucky he has so much money and I’m not ready to give up my life of luxury, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my sexual desires. I’ve made a plan to brainwash my boyfriend. I will teach him to be a completely loyal schmuck so I can fuck around with other men. I add a special mind control potion to my lipstick so when I kiss him he will fall under my spell. I test my trick out by making him jerk off while teasing him with all the hot things I have planned for him. Lost in his stoking and on the verge of climaxing, but it will never cum! I've owned that cock from the moment you said "I do".

Circumcision Questions 2

Why aren’t all men born circumcised? There are so many questions regarding circumcisions especially surrounding adult uncut men. They feel pressured by their different cock that they will have the procedure to make look less like a bloated banana slug. Men turn to me for the answers to all their questions, and I’m more than happy to enlighten them with the painful truth of their bad decisions. I’ll tell you all how to treat someone that is considering the procedure or recently had the surgery performed on that helpless mutilated penis. I’m here to answer your weird uncomfortable questions for chopping up your cock!

Slave Gets The Belt

The worse thing a slave could hear is they are “getting the belt.” Immediately fears of pain and torment from having a solid leather strap whipping you all night as your screams are muffled by my cement dungeon walls. The sight of me undoing my belt and teasingly cracking it in front of you is turning you on. Now you WANT to completely owned by my belt. I collar you with my thick leather belt, choking you like a sad little dawg. Looks like you prefer to be on a leash like some sad anymal. Why don’t you lick and worship my boots while you’re down there. Suck on my stilettos like a hard cock, taste the bottoms, and make them shiny and clean. You wouldn’t want me to punish you for not doing a good job and feeling my hard leather whip smacking against your bare ass.

I Win- Every Time

I love a weak man who tries to resist me. It's so adorable, it a pitiful sort of way. Does that sound like you? Let's see if you can watch this clip without touching yourself. Yeah, that will last about 30 seconds - if you're lucky. Why would you by a clip and not stroke it? It feels so good especially when I'm teasing you with my body and encouraging you with my words. Once I get you all worked up, I tell you you have to eat your cum for me. The idea totally disgusts you, of course. Its not anything youve ever done before. Lucky for you, I show a little mercy and give you the option to pay me $50 instead. But being the penny-pinching, broke little bitch that you are, you decide to take the degrading cum slurping route. Fine by me. Sit back, relax and allow me to coax you to orgasm. I give you a cum count down, stopping at 2 and ordering you to take your hands off your cock. You don't get to cum until you pay me that $50 tribute. That's right, don't argue with me. You'll pay it because you're my SLAVE. And once you do, I reward you with your orgasm, then make you eat it anyway. After all, you don't really have a choice here.

Home Wrecker's Revenge

The worst thing you could ever do is piss off your mistress. Once you let one in, YOU belong to her! Don’t you think all those secrets you told her about you could be used for blackmail? Like the one about you being married… I’m sure you almost had a heart attack when you came home to find me sitting in your living room. What if your wife had come home first? Then you’d really be fucked. Don’t worry, I know she is out of town, so it’s the perfect opportunity to remind you about your obligation to me. You just can’t resist me once I’m here in my fishnets and thong teasing you in your own house. All you want to do is start stroking and handing me all your money as forgiveness for ignoring me. Your wife will never know about what happens here, but that means you will have to return to your old ways of being my submissive findom tease.

Boot Humper Strikes Back

What kind of crazy bitch dresses like this in the office? One who's ready to sabotage you, that's who. You can act as appalled all you like, but I know the moment you call me into your office, you're going to fall to your knees. Thigh high latex boots that make your mind spin, big pouty lips, you don't stand a chance. I'll make you my groveling pup, begging to hump my boots like the sick freak that you are. Oh how quickly the tables turn around here.


Tits & Pits 10

Men beg to worship me. That’s my job as a Goddess to tease you with my feet, deny you of my pussy, or taunt you with my ass. Some guys just want me to shove my tits in their faces. Then there are twisted pervs like you that want to lick and worship my sweaty armpits. Breathing in my body odor from the deep cavern of my pits. You can’t help yourself from smothering yourself with my tits as you inhale the noxious smell of my under arms. It seems like you will pay anything to worship my pits and tits, so much that you keep cumming back again and again. Locked in a chokehold with your face buried deep in my armpits.

Secretary Turned Bitch

My secretary as proved herself to be utterly incompetent. She gets nothing done and loves to play dumb. Luckily for her she's very easy on the eyes so I have good reason to keep her around, but I need to assign her a different set of duties. I tell her to come into my office wearing lingerie instead of her normal business suit. She's confused, but naturally abides. I tell her I am not pleased with her work around the office and her new job from here on out is to polish my shoes with her tongue. Being the kinky slut that she is, she is absolutely thrilled to do so. Besides, anything is better than that boring paper work I'm always giving her, right? I take off my heels and order her to smell the insides, which are like expensive perfume to her nostrils. I then order her to suck on my toes through my pantyhose and get a good taste of the slight sweat that's soaked through. Once this foot-slut is done, I send her on her way until I'm ready to use her again.

Domme Attire

Everything I need to be the perfect Domme Humiliatrix is on this list. There are the usual staple pieces and accessories like leather gloves, black pantyhose, high heel boots, and black pantyhose. The look isn’t complete though without a fierce dominatrix biker cap and strong sturdy whip, but just putting on the outfit isn’t enough. Sure you can jerk to the look of your powerful Domme standing over you, but wouldn’t you rather have your mistress ordering you around? Making you beg to worship me leather boots, humiliating you for being such a pathetic loser slave, and punishing you with a few lashes from my whip if you disobey me.