Step-Mom Bully Cock Worship

Look, I know school has been really hard for you, especially with that bully who beats you up everyday. I’ve met your tormentor, and I decided I no longer can intervene with his playful methods of asserting his dominance. You see there are two types of men in this world; Alphas and Betas. There’s nothing wrong with you, it's just he is clearly a better man than you’ll ever be. So now you have to learn your place in the world as the Beta boy you’ve always been. Losers like you can spend your life getting your ass kicked by these Alpha men or you can figure out a way to get on their “good side.” The best way to avoid getting beat up is to worship him. Trust me, it’s better to be his bitch than a punching bag. So I’ve invited your tough bully over to demonstrate how to service your Alphas. I’ll teach you to be a good Beta by showing you the proper way of sucking his cock. If you fight him, he’ll just beat you up again, so show him the respect he deserves. When he arrives, you’ll get on your knees and crawl up to him, begging for his cock, offering your mouth for his pleasure. I’ll even go first so you can watch how a devoted Alpha worshipper pleasures her man. Don’t be shy, he’ll appreciate knowing you’ve been trained by me. If you can't prove you're a loyal Beta cock lover, he'll have to give me a spanking for not teaching you how to suck him off properly. This is the only way you’ll survive in a world dominated by Alpha men, so make sure your technique is flawless, even if that means I have to grab the back of your head shove your face back and forth on his giant cock.

How Do You Measure Up

Congratulations! You’ve completed your 5 months of chastity. You must feel so relieved to finally release your clitty. I mean its been so long since you’ve seen you little nub, you must have forgotten what it looks like. I’ve decided to bring out my favorite big dildos, to compare to freshly freed cocklette. Now that you are out of chastity, I’d love nothing more than to humiliate you for your tiny deformed clitty. I want you to get a measuring tape and check the size of your “cock.” I will measure the length of all my dildos so we can find out the difference between a real man’s cock and… well… sadly yours.

It Feels Good To Pay

A sexless Beta has plenty to live for when they are my servants. I don’t need you for fucking or anything, but you mean more to me than just another Fuck Boy. You’re meant to worship me and serve, but most importantly denied. What started out as regular tributes to pay for your impotence training has now become your world. Feels good to pay, its your purpose. Every penny that you put in my pretty hands just gives you a little tingle of joy in your trapped clitty. It’s not even sexual anymore because you’re a sexless beta boy now. All that money spent to worship my pussy and be denied now pays for your lifelong servitude of impotency. I’ve stripped away any Alpha identity you had left just like I’ve stripped you of all your money.

Soft and Drippy

The pussy is a symbol of power and pleasure. Men will do anything to fuck a perfect Goddess like me, unable to hide their giant erections in their pants. What man wouldn’t get hard when they see my pretty satin panties? A chastised Fairy bitch like you will never be able to do that with such a soft little clit. You won’t be tempted to showoff for any girl because of how limp and lifeless your sad clitty rests between your legs. You don’t deserve pussy, which is why I make you worship my perfection. I love training you to remain impotent. Only the most endowed Alphas get the privilege to fuck me. As I tease you with stories of getting fucked by REAL MEN, your clitty fights to stay soft and useless. I torment you further by encouraging you to play with your Hitachi so you can suffer more for me. Aching… dripping… and locked away like a true sexless Beta.

New Chapter

The only way we are going to work out our problems is to talk about it. I know my boyfriend has been acting guilty lately, maybe even cheating on me which would would be insane. I need him to understand that when you are dating a Goddess, there shouldn’t be any other woman that gets you hard. You can’t fuck other women, look at other women, can’t look at porn, and certainly not masturbate. Think about it, you’re going to pleasure yourself when I’m not around? That’s cheating, even if it’s with yourself. I’m sick of arguing about this, you’re the one who fucked up and now we need a solution for your infidelities. The only way I can know for sure that you’re not stroking your cock behind my back is to lock you up in chastity. Which brings up another important point, your cock isn’t even worth fucking! Now that I’ve locked your enlarged clitty up, I can fuck my lovers without feeling guilty. I know we are trying to work on fixing the cheating in our relationship, but trust is gone and now you have to be my cuckold.

Hardcore Popper Pay Drain

Once you’ve started, you won’t be able to stop. The endless cycle of fiscal eternity begins with that first sniff of those mind-numbing pop-pers you love. Your mind will be consumed from the vapor essence coercing you to submit to my every demand. Just like your freed mind, even your wallet relaxes and unleashes all the stress and power weighing you down. I’m a woman with a lot of expensive tastes and you love to feed my greed. Lost in your tributes and transactions, $500 quickly can become $5,000! Every time I see you coming out of your generous stupor, I force you to sniff more pop-pers and you’ve instantly fallen back into your financial servitude. You’ve been trained to desire being financially ruined until you’re bankrupt. No matter how much you pay me, you still want to do it more and more. I’m going to rinse you so fucking hard then drain all the money I’ve washed from you.

Tits & Pits 21

Your obsession is so pathetic. While most men are jerking their sad cocks to the thousands of hardcore porn clips, you’d rather stroke to my smooth armpits. All that money that could be spent on the best porn productions is squandered on the one woman that owns your entire life. Once you’ve fixed your gaze on my perfect tits, your hand automatically travels into your pants. I’m not shaming you for being so addicted to my perfection. Every single bit of me is cherished and idolized by many, many devoted worshippers. Even my sweaty pits will consume and arouse your mind.

Daddy Daughter Therapy 2

My Step-Daddy is back for another therapy session with me. I knew he’d be back, that sicko has got so many perverted urges that need to be addressed. This time I’ve structured a couple exercises to specifically deal with his twisted obsession with my dirty panties. He needs an outlet for his desperate desire for soiled lingerie. His therapy session today will focus on roleplay scenarios for him to live out his fantasies using our imagination. I tell you a story about my broken shower leaving me filthy and my pussy stained panties ripe for your enjoyment. Our last therapy session was merely to probe just how severe your sickness is, now I’ll help you fulfill your deepest, darkest desires…

Panty Therapist Revisited

I knew you’d be back, one way or another, your obsession with creeping up women’s skirts would some how lead you back to me. This is why it’s important to continue your therapy sessions otherwise you’ll find unhealthy ways of satisfying your need for panties. You were doing so well with your recovery when you focused your panty obsession on your therapist. I’d suggest we correct your relapse by returning to this method, and I can already tell your prying eyes are fixated on that flash of color just below my tight mini skirt. There’s no reason to chase after the panties of some ugly broads when you have your therapist’s perfect pussy to worship. We will keep you on regular sessions to control your urges. You paid good money for this, and I never disappoint my patients.

Ass Whoopin'

It’s time for your punishment. The sound of my belt buckle jingling makes you shudder and begin to sweat. You deserve every lash, and you know exactly why. You can’t run away from my severe whipping, all you can do is take it like a good whimpering bitch. I will strike your ass until it is raw and red like your ugly crying face. The thick leather from the non-stop beating of your tender ass is like being caned with a baseball bat. But, this is your fantasy to be beaten by me and your ass whooped by my painful belting. You like it when I make you cry; those stinging scars on your ass are a symbol of my love. Nothing brings me more joy than hurting you and making you beg for it to stop. When you think your ass has finally been punished enough, sobbing in agony, I bring out another device for your correction. I’ll bend you over my bed and pound your ass so hard that you’ll never forget this lesson. Now, assume the position!