Tits & Pits 16

You just can’t keep me out of your mind. The incessant nagging inside your head, tempting you, encouraging you to stroke to my perfect tits and smooth armpits. Try as you might to forget all about your fetish for my silky smooth pits, your hand somehow seems to always finds its way to your cock. We could try to train you to control your urges to jerk to my sweaty armpits and giant breasts. I’ll teach you to fight your urges by commanding you to only stroke when I allow it. You will stroke your cock while I stroke my pits and fondle my tits. Then, I will make you stop so you don’t shoot your load before we have finished your training. You will learn to save yourself for me, to manage your habit to stroke only when I am shoving my tits and pits in your face. Soon you will be begging for me to let you cum, demonstrating your devotion to giving me total control of your orgasms.

True Pussy Worship

Do you know how a REAL man worships pussy? It’s very different from how a Beta Boy like you would do it. Men should please my pussy, worshipping it so that I may achieve sexual pleasure. You have to demonstrate your ability to work your tongue around my clit, to make it swell, dripping and wet. That’s how you know you’re a real man, how skillfully they lick and work their way to all the secret folds of a girl’s pussy. He can make us moan, quiver, and eventually juicily squirt our precious nectar. Alpha’s are exceptional pussy worshippers because they understand what women want. You… will never be able to learn to worship pussy like an Alpha. It’s hopeless training you, which is why it is better just to deny you of our pussy. You aren’t deserving to do the job yourself, so I will make you pay so another experienced man can do it for you. Since you can’t make a woman cum on your own, your only use is finding us worthy pussy licking Alpha men.

Survival of The Fittest

There are 2 types of people in this world: Those who devour, and those who are devoured. Your purpose in life is to satiate my existence, to be fed upon, taken full advantage of like a powerless slave. Weak men are helpless prey that willingly sacrifice their existence to feed my Domme appetite. The only meaning for your existence is to be consumed for my betterment, making me stronger with your devotion. Your heart clenches at the fear of being completely submissive to me, willingly sacrificing to me whatever I demand. You may desperately try to resist, but at the end of the day you crave everything I do. There’s no escape from my control. Once you’ve committed, you will be eternally bound to worship me forever. Your survival is dependent on how strong your devotion is because your love for me is the only thing that keeps you alive.

Not For You

Your devotion to me is unshakable. I must say I’m impressed, but also not surprised considering your obsession to serving. Even when I push your limits by demanding absolute submission and denying you of the things you love most. I require you to follow my commands and obey my rules, which is complete denial of all pleasure. You are not allowed to look at another woman, let alone a naked one or even think about sex. That's the kind of normal hetero man thinking, but I never want you have an erection ever again because you aren't worthy and don't deserve to cum. I won’t even let you live a normal life, ordering you to dress up as a subby sissy slut all the time. I can’t help teasing you for being such a pathetic human. Actually you're not even human, that’s too normal for a creep like you. That’s why you happily serve as my sissy bitch, trained to be impotent and keeping your pretty clitty soft, so you won’t get distracted from your new life as my sexless Beta whore.

Jealous Husband

I came home very late from my high school reunion, and I had so much fun! I completely lost track of the time reliving the good ol’ days. I could tell he was upset since he knows all about me being “one of the guys” in high school, messing around, and getting into trouble. He is obviously jealous since these boys all grew up into playful… intelligent… fun… men. I mean I guess they were pretty handsy and were touching me all night, but all men can get gropey after a couple drinks. It probably didn’t help that I was a little tipsy too, like he didn’t trust me around my old boy friends. I mean it was hot when Derrick grabbed my ass… or when Johnny put his fingers under my skirt… I bet you might be a little mad right now, but I bet you actually think it’s hot so many guys want to fuck your hot wife. Maybe I should’ve drank more, and stayed out later. The boys and I could’ve gotten a hotel room and had our own after party, it may get too wild and turn into a gang bang. Imagine all my grown boy friends circle jerking around me, taking turns and cumming into my pussy… You wouldn’t blame me if I ended up getting fucked by my old friends, would you?

Daddy Has A Baby Dick

Mom says she doesn’t fuck my dad anymore because of his tiny dick. I couldn’t resist finding out how small his cock is since it was ruining his marriage. How humiliating it was for him to be confronted by his own daughter about the size of his penis. My mother couldn’t have been more right about his baby dick. I make him show me his little shrimp dick and that shaftless nub sitting on his balls would certainly make me find a bigger man to fuck. I can’t believe I was created by whatever came out of that small wormy cock. Claim all you want that you’re a “grower” but all I see is a sad little man with an even sadder little cock.

Seduced Into Slavery

You were instantly intrigued when you found out I was Dommenant. I mean you’ve always been interested in me for my looks, but once you began asking about me and digging a little deeper, you found beyond more than just my looks. Unfortunately for you, I see you just for what you are… another slave. The moment you saw me as Domme outlet for your sub desires, is when I decided you are no longer a man, but more like a toy or my pet. I love the idea of seeing you on your knees like a fucking dawg, slobbering for a kiss or just to hump my leg. It’s too bad you’ve chosen to be my slave instead of my man. I’m really good at pleasing the men I want to fuck. Instead, I’ll just use you for all sorts of task and chores from being my boot worshipping foot stool, to serving as my ash tray, or even being whored out to my REAL MEN.

Fairy Punishment 3

I knew you couldn’t do it. You’re such a desperate loser that will never learn his lesson. I’m pretty certain I’ve told you numerous times you are NEVER TO LOOK AT A WOMAN AGAIN! And here you are again, demonstrating how incapable you are to follow my directions. This is not acceptable, I’m here to train you be a more useful man for this world. So why do you keep fucking everything up and being a pussy grabbing perverted loser? You should be ashamed! Look between your legs, do you see a penis of a man, or the shriveled up worm of a sissy freak? That’s right, you don’t deserve any woman because you aren’t even a REAL man. All you get is my kindness to let you serve me. I’ve put a lot of work into training you. You can beg all you want and say sorry, but I don’ think you’ll ever learn because that’s just how worthless you are. I can see you struggling to not look at me when I’m yelling at you, but your valiant effort to resist looking at my perfect ass is only going to get you into more trouble…

Father of A Toiler

I have some fortunate news… your son is ded. He dyed a slow and miserable dehth, finally his stomach got backed-up and he choked on my partially digested excrement. He loved the work he did and serving my ass, but he was just another useless broken appliance I had to throw away. Why is that fortunate? Well I never really cared for your son except for when I needed to take a $hit, but now I have an empty hole in my basement I’m looking to fill. I could capture some unsuspecting man from the street and force into toilet slavery, but I suspect since you didn’t do anything to save him, that you secretly enjoyed all those toilet videos of your son. Ignoring your wife’s cries for you to help, you probably locked yourself away and jerking away to those clips, living out your $hit eating dreams vicariously through your son. You raised one really good toilet, so I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Now’s your chance to truly experience your desire to serve as my toilet. Skip your son’s funeral, and come claim your rightful place, kneeling patiently in my dungeon with your mouth wide open awaiting the steamy brown treasures of your Goddess…

Fairy Punishment 2

My little Fairy just can’t seem to learn her lesson. I was pretty clear that you were NOT ALLOWED to ever get an erection or look at a woman again. Don’t even look at me while I scold you. You’re a pathetic, worthless, loser, and no woman is ever going to want a useless man. I can see how ashamed you are by that sad look at your face, the disappointment in your eyes for sneaking a peek at my pussy. You need to learn your place in this world. That’s why I’ve locked you in chastity to remind you of your impotence. Now it’s time for you to pay the fees for your perversions. I better not catch you looking at me, even if I’m flaunting my panties and ass right in your face. If I catch you, your next punishment will be so much worse…