The 5 Stages of Ceara - Panic

Stage 2

As enjoyable as the first stage was, you know that deep down this is NOT right. How can you be so hopelessly devoted to me? This bizarre addiction slowly engulfs you're entire being, a curse that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Your heart begins to race after finally becoming aware of how trapped you are in your newfound devotion. A fear that you have lost all power in your world because you’ve signed your life away to the devil. It must be scary to know your fate is in the hands of a devious Humiliatrix, but that fear is what keeps you bound to me. Your soul is imprinted with mine, an unbreakable bond that makes you my property. You are desperate to live your life without me, but you’re even more desperate to serve. This feeling of panic is only driving your excitement to sink further into the darkness of your desires...

The 5 Stages of Ceara - Euphoria

Stage 1

There is nothing more exciting that completely giving up all control to a powerful Domme. Submitting is what you do best. Giving yourself to me brings your life purpose. Your happiness can only happen when you devote your entire body and soul to the thing you love most. Me! No one can get under your skin, permanently embroidered within the fabric of your reality. Completely owned by me, your cock mine to control. You can’t escape what makes you happiest. All you can do is give in to your much needed euphoria of being a loyal servant even when you know you’re unworthy to serve your Goddess.

Electro Sissy Playtime

I love playing with all my favorite sexy toys with my slave boys. You know I like to play rough, so I take special safety measures by locking up your cock in chastity so it won’t get hurt. You’re my toy and I don’t want you playing with anything else but me. Just to be sure you won’t get distracted, I handcuff your hands and put a ballgag in your mouth. Now you can only play when I say so. It’s so fun to make you losers my little playthings to wreck and destroy. Sure you might hate playing my games, but I know how to seduce you to do whatever I want. With a few sniffs of pop-pers, you never even notice how quickly you slip into a pretty dress like my own life-size doll I can dress and put makeup on. You can’t hide your true sissy self since you are so devoted to serve me in any way I demand. It’s too bad I play really hard with my toys. I can’t help smacking them around, zapping their little battery with my stungun, and stomping on them like a crushed GI Joe. Being my plaything is all you ever wanted, even if it means being completely broken to pieces.

Addicted To Cream

Do I have juicy treat for you! Nothing makes you drool more than one of my deliciously salty cream filled panties. I’ll tell you all about my dirty panties soaked in my sweet nectar. Stirring your imagination about what gets me so wet enough to squirt in my sexy panties. This a panty boy’s dream to see my fresh cream churned from my hot pussy. I can’t help taking advantage of your panty addiction. What if I wasn’t wearing panties and just dripped right into your mouth? Tell me how much you want to drink my cream straight from the source. You’ve been waiting patiently everyday of your life, buying my used panties just for a taste of what it would be like to be my panty worshipping slave. I’m about to take your addiction to my panties to a new level. Stroking to my panties won’t be the same after I show you what you’ve been missing out on. Trust me, I’ll make a new man out of you. Soon you’ll be begging to buy all my cum soaked panties, sniffing my musky cream, then purchasing even more custom panty videos.

Kick Her Teeth In

Seems like your fucking mom didn’t learn her lesson last time she messed with me. I warned her to stay out of my life or else I was going to make her my bitch. I thought I made that clear last time, when I completely humiliated her in front of you and her entire family. But, here she is again bitching, whining, and practically begging for an ass whoopin. I was serious that I would make her my bitch. I don’t care if she is a girl, a slave is a slave, and I can find a use for her. The first thing I’m going to do is finally stop that bitch’s yapping by kicking her teeth in. It isn’t enough to gag her with my giant foot, muffling her cries with my pantyhose and toes. She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut when in my presence for good. It might be hard for a loud mouth cunt to finally shut up, she’ll learn to control herself when I’m fucking her ass with my big black cock. Your mom will soon be my personal plaything, a doll I can use and abuse and she won’t even be able to make a single peep while choking on my feet.

Are You Beta Enough?

Be the best bitch you can be. That’s how you become one of my most valued slaves. If you are willing to do anything that I say, no matter how degrading or painful, then you must be completely open to whatever task I demand. I have plenty of experience training fresh bitches like you. Men like you are all the same, desperate for a mean domme to control you and make you do things you never expected you’d do in your life. Now, what most men need in this world is a good cocksucker, and I am the best provider of Betaboy whores for the job. You see, you’re not a real man, otherwise you wouldn’t need me, so instead you will pleasure a REAL MAN. Maybe if you choke enough dick you’ll learn what it takes to be a true alpha. Until then, I'll have to work on your holes so you won’t fight and cry so much, starting with my very own training cock.

Good Boy Trance

“Good boy.” Those are the words you crave most from my taunting lips. You would do absolutely anything to demonstrate how devoted and obedient you are to me. All you want is to be acknowledged for your loyalty, and to be your good boy. There’s only one thing that makes me happy and that’s your money. You will work your terrible, mundane job for the rest of your life, just so you can pay for my attention. Your desperation for my approval gives your life meaning, and nothing truly makes YOU happier than suffering for me. Maybe one day when you’re old, after working a job you hate for so many years, spoiling me with every last penny you earned, and being my pathetic stroke slave, I may finally say those endearing words “that’s my good boy…”

Brother Cheats On My Ass and Feet

I heard an interesting rumor about my brother. It would explain why he has been ignoring me so much lately. We used to be so close, considering our very special relationship we have I thought he could tell me anything. Turns out he has a girlfriend! He tried keeping her a secret from me because of all those years I’d let him jerk off to my feet and ass. I figured out his kink at a young age and have indulged his fetish for so many years. Do you really think you can quit me? He is confused that sex with his new girlfriend isn’t as good as stroking to his own sister. I bet you can’t even cum without thinking about my feet and ass while you fuck her. You’re so distracted by your beautiful big sister you almost forgot about your date. What are you gonna do bro, are you going to save yourself for her or jerk and cum for my silky smooth feet? Girlfriends come and go, but family is forever…

Leather Gloves JOI

A man can’t resist a woman in black. My hands are already soft enough to get even the trickiest cocks to cum. Wearing these soft and supple black leather gloves will feel like fucking a the smoothest velvety pussy. Feel that warm leather rubbing against your cock, seducing it to get harder. The soft tips of my fingers playing with your precum dribble. Your cock fits like a glove in my hand, stroking you until you beg me to let you cum. I have complete control of your dick. I’m not surprised since you can’t help but submit to a dome in leather.

Panty Obsessed Wimp

I’ve caught you again going through my drawers and sniffing my panties. I don’t blame you since you’re such a loser and will never get to play with a girl’s pussy. So settling for being a panty sniffing thief is expected for a pathetic wimp like you. Your obsession with my panties proves you will never be normal. Instead of having the balls to talk to women, you’d rather be a creep and stare at my crotch. Face it, you’ll never break this addiction. The lust you have for my panties is too intense. Nothing would fulfill your life more than stroking your lonely cock while sucking the salty cream from my panties. You’ve convinced yourself that you deserve nothing more than to be my panty worshipping slave.