FinDom Into Faggotry

I’m not fucking around, I want to completely own you! You will open up your email and you WILL send me all the vital information about your life; credit cards, bank accounts, passwords, your social security, a list of important people that could benefit from this info and those whose life it will ruin, basically anything I can use to destroy your entire world. If you fail to send me this email immediately, then you can say goodbye to this perfect Goddess. I know you can’t resist my power. You’d gladly sacrifice your soul to me as long as you get to serve. Now that I have all your secrets, I can make you do anything, but still I am not satisfied. I want to sink my claws deeper into you, incriminating you even more… I want you to be my faggot slut! You don’t have a choice, your virgin ass is mine for the selling. Those cum sucking lips are meant for pleasuring the random Alphas that want to fuck my new faggy cuck.

Wear Your Mask

I came into a car dealership applying for an ad for a secretary. The interview was really short and they flat out told me they weren’t going to hire me. I understand I don’t have more experience with cars, so I wanted to give a parting gift of these face masks I make for employers to remember me by. You might think it smells funny, but that’s all about my brand imbedding itself into your memory. You begin to get dizzy and slump lifelessly into your chair. All you can do is stare at my ass while I encourage you to just relax and keep breathing through my special face mask. The big and powerful boss seems to have lost all control. I bet you wish you would’ve just hired me. Now, you’re under my spell, a loyal worker bee working his butt off to impress his queen. I can get whatever I want from you, even a brand new car! You’re my work bitch now and will obey my every command.

New Beta Rules

I have so many beta bitches to train that I really appreciate it when eager initiates come prepared with years devoted to watching my videos and experiencing what it is like to obey and serve me. The time has come for you to finally be inducted into my ranks, but there is still so much you have to learn in order to be one of my slaves. You have been desperate for a Dommenant Goddess to control you, to take direction from, and willing to satisfy whatever she demands. Well, I’ve created your very own plan to help you achieve your ultimate beta dream. First, we’ll perfect your beta bitch image but shaving off all your unsightly man hair, even around that bush around your little dicklette. My bitches are smooth like an expensive slut, and you will always wear panties to ensure you’ll never be able to fuck again. Or risk being shamed by the humiliation of her discovering your perverted fetish for wearing lingerie. And, don’t even think about stroking your little clitty. I want it soft so everyone on Twitter can see what a pretty little girl you are when you post proof to the world of your commitment. Your life is fucked now, so you’re all mine...

On Your Knees, Boy

How many years have you been my slave? How many videos have you collected for your shameful spank bank? You’ve lived so long on your knees serving that you’ve completely forgot when you first became inducted into more ranks of desperate servants. The only place for you in this world is at my feet, beneath me, like the scum on the bottom of my high heel boots. Whenever I feel you aren’t performing to your best ability, you’ll receive a swift whip from my riding crop to remind you of your subordination. Worshipping my sexy leather boots and divine feet is a special treat for your servitude, obedient, and loyal, a slave that deserves to stroke their cock and suck my toes through my fishnets and pantyhose until you’ve completely given me everything you had left...

The Story of Homeless Joe

I read a newspaper article about some homeless man who was arrested at the public library for jerking off at the computers. At first I thought it was hilarious hearing about some porn obsessed pervert getting caught, but then I read the name of the man… My feelings of amusement quickly melted into sheer pleasure as I distinctly remembered this man, this was Joe - I ruined him. I almost forgot all about him until I saw his name next to that dirty mug in the papers. He used to be a normal hard working man with a family, good job, and a beloved reputation. Sadly, he never stood a chance the moment he clicked on that first Ceara Lynch video. I’ve always wanted to completely (actually) ruin a man and drain him of all his worth. Slowly I made him addicted to me, training him to give me everything, leading him deeper into a world that would destroy all that he loved, the home wrecker he never expected. I couldn’t be more impressed with myself that I have proof of my exceptional ability of successfully ruining a man. I know you'll probably never hear this, but I want our story to be eternalized, everyone will know of your humiliating downfall into a homeless jerking loser. 

Locker Room Talk

I overheard my husband talking to his friends about our sex life, bragging about “how good in bed” I am and that “he gets to fuck me whenever he wants.” That’s private! He shouldn’t be telling all your stupid friends about our sex life. I felt so silly when he man-splained to me that it was just “guy talk.” It doesn’t mean anything, they were just showing off and trying to act like they get so much sex. Seemed pretty innocent especially when my husband confessed that sex isn’t that important to him, and he was just trying to be one of the guys. So to make up for my foolish judgments, I came up with a special arrangement where I only do the things he loves most for an entire month. You know, things like talking, cuddling, and spending time together. No sex at all. Too bad I have a grad research do on foot fetishism. I would’ve loved to have used you as a test subject since I thought you love my perfect feet so much. Too bad you just don’t like sex enough to benefit from having access to these beautiful feet…


Black Tight Devotion

You actually thought you could escape me? Face it, there is nothing in this world strong enough to release you from your devotion. I captured you a long time ago and you’ll forever be bound to servitude. You are my slave, I own you and bring your life worth. For without me you’d just waste away in some lowly squalor jerking yourself into depression. Now, you have a purpose in life and that’s to serve a divine mistress. My powers are too strong for you to ever break free. Trapped by my seductive tease, enthralled by my long legs in sheer black pantyhose, and mesmerized by my dangling high heels. My control over you is completely effortless because you willingly submit your soul to me.

Faggy Tasks

I know you don’t deserve it, so you can shut off this clip now since you’re too weak. You won’t give up that easy, you’re determined to claw your way back into my fold, willing to do whatever you can to please me. Your job is to serve, to bring me joy and pleasure no matter how humiliating or degrading the command. Pleasing me makes you happy and you’ll graciously sacrifice your own reputation and sanity to demonstrate your devotion. My boys are to be obedient even if it means being my sissy slut for all my Alphas. I warm you up by making you stick your fingers in your ass then putting them in your mouth and sucking that musky flavor. I can see how hard you are being my gay bitch boy, soon I’ll have you with your feet in the air as your pump your cum in a hot messy arch all over your ugly face. A whore for your own fahggy juices, licking up your jiz like the piggy fairy that your truly are.

Boot Humper Ball Buster

The closest you’ll ever get to fucking me is rubbing your little cock on my long high leather boots. You’ve been neglected for so long that you’ll happily accept any form of attention. It is such an honor to serve that you’ll graciously fuck my soft leathery legs, imagining what it would feel like to be inside my hot pussy. You’ll be such a devoted cuck bitch boot humper that hearing about all my Alpha fuckboys gets you even more excited. Nothing will distract you from you’re cravings, begging to jerk your tiny dicklette with my boots even if it means receiving a post-orgasm ballbusting.

Surfer Boy Bukkake

I’ve invited a pathetic beta loser on an all girls trip to Hawaii. The dumb idiot actually thought we brought him a long to fuck him, but we have other plans for our little cabana boy. You are here to serve us, and bend to our every whim. Trapped in paradise with nothing to do but serve your goddesses. We will have our personal slave to fetch us drinks while we sunbathe on the beach, spoiling us with gifts from local jewelers and merchants, massaging our perfect sandy feet, and cleaning our bungalow in a sissy maid outfit. You’ll even have to perform sexual favors for the hot surfer boys we bring over. Serving their salty cocks and slurping their cum off your face like a happy devoted fahg. Our bitch boy will be used to the fullest humiliating extent. So, I hope you extended your credit limit because you’re gonna need it if you plan on pampering us because we plan on breaking the bank on all sorts of exotic luxuries.