Beta Sucks Alpha

Tonight’s your lucky night! You’ve been locked away in chastity for so long that it’s about time I dust you off to be used once again. I’ve even released your cock from its imprisonment so you can fully enjoy this experience. You see, I’ve invited over a couple of my Alpha boyfriends to come over and use my beta bitch slave. Since it’s been awhile since you’ve last served, I need to get you loosened up so you won’t get totally destroyed by my hulking Alphas. I show you your practice dildo, which hardly compares to the massive cocks that will be wrecking your fuck holes. You should be grateful I’m even taking the time to warm you up. Now, I’ll need to drain your balls so you will be nice and soft for my Alphas. I don’t want any distractions, so I will let you stroke that tiny cock until you’ve squeezed every last drop of cum from your shriveled balls.  

Crew Socks

Your world revolves around my socks and feet. Plain and simple. These cottony beauties hold so much control over you. How pathetic that a man can completely submit to the sight of a woman's perfect feet wrapped in tight white cotton socks. The sight brings you back to the good ol' days of jerking into your gym socks, only these socks are full of delicious bare feet, not sad little boy cum. I bet you dream about having my soft socked arches jerking your tiny cock. You won't be able to contain yourself once you feel my warm toes fresh out of my socks playing with your dick...

Boot Licker

It’s been awhile since I had the pleasure of punishing my boot bitch. Days, weeks, months, years, may go by, and you have remained loyal the entire time, never stroking and saving your entire load for me. Like the perfect toy I can put away, and only take out when I’m bored and needing some satisfaction. You understand your place in this world is beneath me, the perfect position for worshipping me, to sniff and lick my ass hole through my sexy fishnet pantyhose. You are worthy of such an honor to lick my asshole, which is why I only call upon you when I need my high heel boots cleaned. I make you suck my stiletto heel, and licking all the way up my shiny smooth leather boots. Once they’re clean, I’ll unzip my boots so you can worship my feet next. Maybe one day you’ll rise through the ranks of my legion of slaves and will find your way in a more rewarding role. Until then, you will remain at the bottom of my feet, sucking on my pretty toes and dreaming of the day I’ll play with you again...

Seductive Control 2

The only thing that matters in this world is me. I am the last bit of happiness you know, and it has left you literally dyeing serve and please me. It is so effortless to get you going. With the twist of my hair or the lick of my lips, my very subtle gesture seduces you into my control. There’s no escape once I have you wrapped around my finger. I know you are completely bound to serve me, do be the one to bring me happiness… but nothing brings me more joy than knowing how much power I have over you. So willing to be mine that you’ll sacrifice anything to prove yourself. It’s so easy to just gaze into your eyes, peering deep into your soul. I can see your inner most thoughts and desires, and you can’t conceal from me your devotedness to totally surrender and submit to me. Face it, you were merely put on this Earth just so you can spend your entire life worshipping the only Goddess that matters.

Married Man Homewrecking

You couldn’t stay away even if you wanted to. Coming back again and again. Now, I know too much about you. Where you live, where you work, your wife, everything about your boring miserable life. I can unravel everything important to you because you give me so much control over you. What you thought was just some kinky fun at first is now your life as my submissive servant. I completely own you and I’ll even make you pay for the rest of your life to worship me. Every time you want to service me you will have to hand over a hefty fee to jerk for you secret mistress. If you can’t afford me anymore, well then I guess I don’t need to keep your secrets from anyone either…

Owned By The Best

There’s nothing you can do to resist. I’m an expert at getting men to do what I want. You’ve fought the temptation long enough, but you’ve finally decided to submit to me. Everything in your life is at risk, your job, your marriage, even your livelihood. I'm the best at ruining lives of perverted men. It will all be worth it serving me as another hopeless slave. You have to compete a few tasks before I accept your willingness to serve. Prove to me how badly you want to belong to me. You’ll write an email to me confessing all your deepest, darkest secrets and desires so I’ll know how to properly use and abuse you. Powerless and unable to resist, you will join my flock of mindless jerk and worship slaves, spending your days stroking for me… The only way I’m going to let you cum though is by sending the email to everyone in your contacts.

Owning The Sissy Whore

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted my own life-size doll to play with. I would put lipstick on her, put her in the prettiest dresses, make her a twin of my beauty. Now that I’m a big girl, I have you to be my doll. I know you don’t like to do some of the things I ask, but I know you’ll love getting sissified by me. You don’t even know how hot you will be as a woman. I’ll bring out that filthy whore side of you that’s kept hidden from the world. You have no other choice but to play dress-up because I’ll ruin you if you refuse to be my sissy. I’ll tell your wife about all the sick perverted things we’ve done and she’ll divorce you and take everything. I know you don’t want that. So be a good girl, put on your slutty dress and lipstick and be my dick sucking sissy bitch.

High on Ownership

There is only one thing to do with an addict… take advantage of them! You make it so easy to completely fuck up your life. I’m sure my beauty helps in your distraction from making reasonable decisions, but once you’ve sniffed your favorite pop-pers I can get anything I want from you. I already know so much about you; where you work, your boss, all your financial record, and very private information. What’s to stop me from ruining everything you’ve built? I guess we will have to keep getting you high so you can keep feeding my insatiable appetite for your secrets. I could do worse things, but I prefer to keep you around for fun. You don’t even know yet, but I’m going to open your eyes to whole new world.

FinDom Into Faggotry

I’m not fucking around, I want to completely own you! You will open up your email and you WILL send me all the vital information about your life; credit cards, bank accounts, passwords, your social security, a list of important people that could benefit from this info and those whose life it will ruin, basically anything I can use to destroy your entire world. If you fail to send me this email immediately, then you can say goodbye to this perfect Goddess. I know you can’t resist my power. You’d gladly sacrifice your soul to me as long as you get to serve. Now that I have all your secrets, I can make you do anything, but still I am not satisfied. I want to sink my claws deeper into you, incriminating you even more… I want you to be my faggot slut! You don’t have a choice, your virgin ass is mine for the selling. Those cum sucking lips are meant for pleasuring the random Alphas that want to fuck my new faggy cuck.

Wear Your Mask

I came into a car dealership applying for an ad for a secretary. The interview was really short and they flat out told me they weren’t going to hire me. I understand I don’t have more experience with cars, so I wanted to give a parting gift of these face masks I make for employers to remember me by. You might think it smells funny, but that’s all about my brand imbedding itself into your memory. You begin to get dizzy and slump lifelessly into your chair. All you can do is stare at my ass while I encourage you to just relax and keep breathing through my special face mask. The big and powerful boss seems to have lost all control. I bet you wish you would’ve just hired me. Now, you’re under my spell, a loyal worker bee working his butt off to impress his queen. I can get whatever I want from you, even a brand new car! You’re my work bitch now and will obey my every command.