Shrimp Dick Revenge

Getting dumped always sucks, but when it comes to you, nothing made me happier. I was so happy when my good girlfriend of mine finally dropped her loser boyfriend after 6 months. To be honest, I just couldn’t stand him, so I'm really enjoying seeing you so miserable. She told me that after the first night you guys fucked, that you were smaller than her pinky. I’m surprised you even lasted so longwith her wasting all those months feeling sexually frustrated. I convinced her that she deserves more than you, someone better. Better man and a better cock. And that’s exactly what I did. I hooked her up with one of my hot ex boyfriends, and they all have a reputation for their giant dicks. Just face it, your shrimp dick was useless for her, and now I get to tell you about how happy she is getting fucked by a real man!

Eaten Alive

I love my fiancé so much I can hardly keep myself from literally devouring him. I figured it would be nice to make a special dinner tonight to show my love. I start with being sexually playful, teasing him into a good mood. Before we eat, I first convince him into my ropes for some fun kinky bondage games. He couldn’t be more excited and always ready to submit. I told him I wanted to do something special for dinner because I just can’t contain myself anymore. I have to confess I actually didn’t make anything to eat for us… my plan was to eat you! The sight of my knife sends chills down your spine. Bound and trapped by the love of your life like a fly in a Black Widow’s web. I use my blade and begin carving bite-sized pieces from your flesh to eat, licking your warm salty bIood from the cold steel. My sinister joy of eating you alive is further satiated by your whimpering cries and pleas for me to stop. Nothing like a man’s well-aged “whine” to wash your meal down. You thought we’d be sharing a lovely dinner together, you just had no idea you were the meal tonight. 

Worship My Stockings and Legs

A good slave knows how to please his Goddess. That’s what I expect out of my slaves. Obedience, on their knees, staring up at me, adoring every inch of my body. You know your place in this world and I’m the only thing that gives your life purpose. Beneath me, worshipping my beautiful long legs and fishnets. Maybe if you’re a good slave and do what you’re told, I’ll reward you and let lick my high heels clean or even suck on my toes. I’ll make sure you remember that you belong to me, teaching you a mantra to repeat over and over again… “I love Ceara, Ceara in God!”

Suck My Pussy Daddy

Nothing is more twisted than my dad rifling through my dirty laundry. I know exactly what he is looking for, but how he sniffs it out is a perverted mystery. I used to think he was going though my laundry sniffing my dirty panties, but I recently discovered he is hungrier for more than just a whiff of my pussy. Turns out, my dad loves my sweaty volleyball gear, especially my black spandex shorts. The shorts he is digging for are the ones I wore without my panties. Nothing smells better to him than his own little girl’s ripe ass and stank pussy. When I leave, he sneaks into my room searching for my dirty shorts in my hamper so he can lick and suck my fresh sweaty pussy stains right from the crotch. I decide to make a deal with my dad that I won’t wear panties to volleyball anymore if he pays. A busy girl like me needs more money in her allowance if she is going to keep doing all those sweaty extracurricular activities for you.

Cam Show Humiliation Slave

You want to be my humiliation slave? Only the luckiest, most devoted, and bigge$t $pender$ get my time. Find out first hand what its like to serve a Goddess like me, worshipping every inch of me, and doing every humiliating task I demand. The things you do for me are only for your pleasure. I know how much you love tormenting yourself. You want me to spit on you, torture you, and completely degrade you. All you want is to be under my control… and if you don’t want your wife to find out about your secret fetishes then you’ll do everything I say. I can do whatever the FUCK I WANT to you because I know you want it. You beg me not to show your face and keep your secret, but I'll only do it if you can prove your devotion... You just can't stay away. I’ll make you feel miserable about your sick and pathetic life. My control over you is just the beginning, you’re my slave now and I plan on making you my personal slut!

Foot Tease with Lynn

Princess Lyne and I have been DOMMEnating you losers for years! It has been awhile since I’ve seen my good girlfriend, but lucky for you fate has brought us back together to tease you with our feet. Our girls trip wouldn’t be complete without a pathetic man to worship us. We lay on the bed flexing and wiggling our toes through our fishnets before stripping them bare. Don’t miss this sexy and seductive foot tease by us bratty Dommes!

First Orgasm With Stepmom

It's not easy getting a new parent, especially at an age full of changes and young angst the last thing you need is a stepmom bossing you around. Believe me, I know what you’re going through and I feel I can actually help you. I bet you might even realize how much you actually like me. I want to bond with you, but I can’t replace your mother, I can however teach you something she would never be able to. I have an idea that’ll bring us closer. I’m going to teach you how to masturbate. Don’t be shy, you’re lucky to have such a nice stepmother that let’s her stepson jerkoff to her. I’ll teach you all about that young cock and how to deal with all those new emotions and feelings you’re going through. I’m very good at using a man’s cock. Why do you think your father married me?

Edging Cuck

A marriage is all about commitment. I’m committed to my husband, but his cock is inadequate for a sexually experienced woman like me. I’ve been seeing a few boyfriends on the side to take care of my needs. Even though I have one of my fuckboys coming over today, I don’t want you to feel neglected. Last time when one of my boyfriends came over to fuck me, you just sat in the corner and watch your very own wife get rammed by a raging alpha bull. I saw you touching yourself, stroking as I was being fucked. I know it turns you on watching me get fucked, seeing me happy, and imagining another man’s big cock in my tight wet pussy. That’s why I want to edge you first before you come over. You’ll be so horny as you stare at your hot wife get fucked senseless.

Sissy Popper Sniffer

I can make all your sissy dreams come true. All you need to get started is a bottle of and willingness to completely submit to me. Don’t you feel more relaxed? Weaker? Horny? You need to be completely under my control to learn to how to be the perfect sissy slut. Good girls aren’t allowed to touch their clits unless I say so. A loyal sissy you must learn to abstain from touching themselves and earn their freedom. Until you’ve proven to be a devoted sissy slave, I’ll have to lock you up in chastity to make sure you won’t get tempted. I’ll even handcuff your hands so I know you won’t be fondling anything. I’m not gonna just teach you all my slutty tricks, you’ll have to show me what you’ve learned. Serve me like a true slut! Let’s start with sniffing some more pop-pers and then I’ll let you sniff and worship my pantyhose and feet. This is your new fate, worshipping my nylons everyday until I think you’re ready to be your own independent sissy slut.


Disclaimer: This clip contains strong racist language that may be offensive to those who do not share the fetish. If this clip angers more than it arouses, it wasn't meant for you. No need to get riled up over other people's kinks. Our brain makes them up without our permission and they do not go away. So long as were not hurting anyone else, we might as well enjoy them.

I can see you staring at me… you’d think those tiny Gook slits for eyes that you wouldn’t be able to see. Lusting after the all those tall pretty white women, but none of us would ever pay attention to a pathetic Chink wonton of a man like you. There isn’t a girl on this planet that would touch your skinny chopstick dick. Well, maybe another boring squinty-eyed HarajuCUNT might, but you don’t like your kind. You self-hating racist! You think you’re better than that, sadly that buck-tooth face is only good for degradation. Nothing pleases you more than serving your white Anglo-angel Goddess and being humiliated by her. Looks like your fortune cookie is predicting a lifetime of loneliness, so you’ll just have to stroke that tiny little rice cock between those ugly springroll legs for the rest of your miserable life.