Edge & Worship

The only thing that matters is my pleasure, but I can see how desperate you are for an orgasm. Caught in a struggle between pain and pleasure, you enjoy denying your cum and demonstrating your stamina for me. I know how to drive you crazy and no amount of self-control can keep your hands from stroking your little cock once I’ve begun my seductive tease. You don’t even notice I’ve already got you jerking. There’s nothing you can do to resist my power except to give in to your desires. Your mind is engulfed in fantasy, locked in my world, and unable to break your focus. Completely under my control and getting closer and closer to the edge. Sadly, I’ll never take you there for nothing brings me more enjoyment than watching you suffer with that twitching dripping dick aching for its release. Maybe if you beg me, I’ll let you touch yourself again.

Luxury Domme

You can’t take your eyes off me. Being a supreme Goddess comes with the adoration of her dutiful servants. Dressed in all the luxury my loyal subjects have provided, dripping in the finest silks and the most expensive high heels to satisfy my immanent demands. I respect your unbound devotion, your tributes are a sign of your loyalty and need for someone to worship and obey. I can see you’ve accepted the natural hierarchy of this world, placing women like me above all else, and you our servant. I allow you to stroke your cock to show your devotion to me. Afterall, your sacrifices to live a life of poverty so I may live in luxury is a demonstration of your willingness to give me all you are worth, including what little left there is to squeeze out of your cock. You deserve to stroke for your Domme and serve your Goddess. I know you are completely weak and helpless for me, but that’s what I value most. Stop denying your submissive state and let me show you how to live your best life. What can I say, I just know how to whip a guy like you into a submissive frenzy.

Hive Mind

Not every man can afford to be my slave. I’ve learned that it isn’t enough to have one servant to meet my demands, which is why I created my Hive. Measly little worker bees will never be able to be true FinDom servants on their salary, but that doesn’t mean you are excluded from rising my ranks. There are many little tasks I require my bzzzy bees to perform. The Hive is a system that will allow everyone to succeed in worshipping their Queen and demonstrating their devotion without completely ruining your life. I will provide you with simple tasks that are easy to complete and win over my approval and in return you will get small rewards for your consistent support. All your tiny contributions and fulfilling your tasks only proves the worth of the Hive as a self-operating FinDom machine, demonstrating the power of many hardworking individuals giving to me what they can afford. Even though you aren’t a money-hogging PayPig, you can still soar to new heights in my Hive and rewarded with the taste of sweet honey from completing all the tasks I demand. Believe in your Queen’s philosophy of more bees working together is far more useful to than one insignificant insect. Devote yourself to my Hive!

Real Sex Stories 2

How lucky you are to get a first-hand glimpse into my adventurous and active sex life. My servants will never witness their Goddess fucking a worthy Alpha, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tease you about it. I’ve spoiled you once with a real life sexual encounter from my personal diary, but I have another juicy tale that will make me wet all over again. While travelling in Amsterdam with a few of my closest Domme girlfriends, we decided to have an orgy with some of the hottest Euro men. We wandered the crowded bars, packed with gorgeous potential until we each found our perfect fuck buddy. We had no interest getting to know these sexy guys, that I didn’t even bother to wear panties. I just wanted raw, passionate, and uninhibited sex with a hot as fuck foreigner that I’d never see again… or so I thought…

Why is Your Girlfriend Crying?

I’ve arranged for you to get fucked in the ass by my Alpha and his big black cock. It took some coercion, but I know you’re going to enjoy it even though you claim to be a “straight” man. As long as you’re looking at me, then it’s not gay, so don’t worry. Right when that BBC entered your tight boy hole, your girlfriend walks in. Whoops, I forgot to mention that I invited her. Well, told her there was an emergency and she NEEDED to be here. I had no idea how upset she’d get seeing her own boyfriend getting fucked by some black Adonis. She might think its “rayp”, but clearly she doesn’t notice how much you’re enjoying having another man plow your ass. Personally, I’m delighted by your pleasurable moans, but since your girlfriend stormed out of here a mess with tears, I’m guessing she wasn’t amused that her man is now my slut. Don’t worry, she can have you back once my Alpha has finished seeding your virgin ass.

All Men Belong in Chastity

Men are only good at making a mess of things. Just look at this world run by unworthy dicks fucking it up; all the businesses, money, politics, and entire government are a mere plaything of yours with no recourse for anyone else. You’re so desperate for power, that you’ll literally destroy everyone around you to satisfy your pathetic need for power. I’m here to take control of all men and the disaster they’ve left us women to clean up. It’s time for a new regime… MY REGIME! I have one plan to correct all the destruction men like you have caused and that’s locking all of you up in chastity. And I mean ALL MEN, as in anyone from virgins to man whores, from boys to granddaddies, beta fags to Alphas. Every last one of you needs to be put in control and learn to listen and obey. I know for a fact that once you cage someone’s manhood, they are completely submissive to their key holders demands. Women are doing the world a favor by putting all men in their rightful place, cocks imprisoned and their devoted bodies willing to prove their worth in my new world.

Edge Lord

When you stroke for me, you are giving me full control over your cock. Even though its your hand doing all the work, you are under my command and are required to follow my directions until I let you cum… which might never come. I can’t help if I like to make you suffer. I love playing with cocks until I’m finished. So you’ll just have to endure my tease and denial games and just play along. Stroke that cock until its red like my shiny latex dress. Every stroke and prolonged orgasm only makes you more sensitive to my touch, your balls aching for the relase I already know you crave. Until I allow that moment of explosion, you will continue to jerk and stroke to my supreme presence.

Black Flats

No Foot Boy can resist a woman in flats, and I can spot them a mile away. Even if your locked stare on my pretty black ballet flats didn’t give you away, it wouldn’t have mattered since I can see right through you. Don’t be shy, you don’t have to keep your fetish secret from me. I’m fine with encouraging your little kink. Fixated on my smooth legs, your imagination runs wild dreaming about the rest of my foot not covered by my flats. Every step allows you a little peek of my sweaty arches waiting to be worshipped. You gaze desperately at my flexing tendons as I slip my heel out of my shoes, dangling my pretty feet in front of your face. I’d allow you worship my tasty feet and suck my perfectly manicured toes, but your face seems to be buried in my smelly flats.

Mesmerizing Hair

Get lost in the shimmery veil of my gorgeous hair. Watch as my perfectly manicured fingers stroke and caress my divine silky hair. Imagining yourself feeling my luscious locks in your hands sends a sensational feeling down to your cock. Helplessly mesmerized by the hair of a Goddess, all you can do is stare and worship as I tease you with my tantalizing hair. You have committed to being my devout slave, willing to worship every inch of my including the very tips of each strand of hair. Every passing second only traps you deeper in my web of hair, entangled and bound to me forever.

Gold Digging Step-Mom

When a woman marries, she is making an investment towards her future. I’ve been married to this fat money-hoarding tycoon for several miserable years. He was a terrible excuse for an Alpha man, and an even worse role model to his one and only beta step-son. I couldn’t be happier that he is finally gone, but even from the grave he is still making my life unbearable by leaving his entire inheritance to you! He doesn’t even love you, but obviously his pride for his own legacy is more important. This will not last long… I always get what I want, so I’m not going to let my pathetic stepson claim what is rightfully mine. Ever since I came into your step-father’s life, you couldn’t stop fantasizing about your sexy new step-mom. All I have to do is use your perversion for me to coerce you to sign everything over to me. I know if I asked that you’d do anything for me because your such a good submissive boy who only wants some affection. Too bad I only put up with this “family” only because of your filthy rich good-for-nothing step-daddy. You can call me a Golddigger all you want, I can’t help it if I’m so savvy.