No Erections: Week 8 Finale

The final week! You’ve made it to last video. 8 weeks training your erections away. How many fees have you paid? Tears have you shed crying over your transition? It was everything you wanted. Even though your journey is almost over, you will still continue to be a enslaved by a powerful woman. Worshipping the pussy of the Goddess that next makes you their servant. I’m proud of the sissy you’ve become, playing with a cute clitty instead of a little dicky. It was important to teach you that you are not a real man, and the sooner you accept it the happier you’ll be. The life you knew before was mistake, God never meant for you to be a man. However, your Goddess has purified your body and soul, and now you are reborn a virgin ready for a new life of being FUCKED!

Caged and Fucked

I’ve had my slave locked up for months. He has been begging to serve me, to be freed from his chastity cage. The jingling of my keys makes you so hard, desperate for release. You moan, in pain to finally stroke your cock again, but there’s another cock that needs attention first before I unlock you. I’ll give you something to moan about… up your ass. Then make you choke down my giant dick to gag those sad cries of once again being forced to suck my big black cock, then denied.


A new year, a new beginning for all my slaves! I have forgiven all you fuck-ups for every little fucked up thing you did last year. Time to start off fresh. I want you to look back at this past year and see how you are going to do better. Are you going to be a more devoted servant? Worship more? Give me even more money this year? I only have room in the New Year for the most obedient and willing slaves. I’ve got so many losers groveling to renew their devotion, promising their New Year’s resolutions to be completely mine! So if you aren’t going to get in line, well there are thousands of worthless men that would take your place.

No Erections: Week 7

You must be feeling extra soft by now. Going 7 weeks trying to keep those disgusting erections from popping up, paying me a $100 fee if you do. What once was a cock is just a sad shriveled nub of a cock. Now you’re almost ready to live the rest of your life pussy free. You will be committed to a lifestyle of serving as a sissy slave. Sucking, serving, and being abused is your only worth in this world. All you are is a good, obedient, soft little bitch that never gets a hard-on because girls don’t have penises. That’s what you are, just a slutty girl with a clit dangling between her legs.

Mind Lock

Chastising my slaves is typically a punishment or way to control them. No man like having their cock trapped while around a sexy dom mistress constantly teasing and tormenting you to watch the anguish on your face as your dick is str@ngled by its acrylic cage. Just the sound of that lock imprisoning your cock send chills up a slave’s spine. You don’t seem worried though. You think that you can easily break the teeny weeny lock? Maybe, but I won’t let you. You see, just putting that cage on proves your devoted obedience to me. Even though you could just snip the lock off, you won’t, you can’t. As if your brain itself has its own lock keeping you from ever setting yourself free. What a stupid fool, you never even realized that it wasn’t your cock I was trying to control, but your mind.

Bratty FinDom

Nothing is easier then pleasing a sad and lonely old rich man. I love teasing them, practically taking their money the moment they earn it. Working your whole life, wasting so much time to become so powerful, and making millions of dollars, then giving it all to me. For a guy so smart, you seem to be pretty dumb with money. Giving all that cash to a girl you’ll never fuck, let alone ever meet. That’s what makes me such a successful FinDom entrepreneur. All I have to do is give a little tease, shake my ass, and play with my boobs and I’m already richer than you. Your life is devoted to work serve me… all your money!

Christmas Special

MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOSERS! I love this time of year. Everyone is so cheery and happy, helping others, giving presents, and sacrificing for the ones they love. That means I know all my twisted little subs, slaves, and servants are going to be spoiling me for Christmas. Not only do I expect a generous tribute for the holiday season, but I want whatever presents you got for Christmas too. That’s right, every gift you get belongs to me now, but I have no need for all the useless junk you got, so I need you to sell it all and give me the money. I don’t care how expensive or precious or sentimental it may be, I’m a greedy girl and you will give it all to me. And, don’t forget about my Christmas Bonus!!!

No Erections: Week 6

I must say I’m impressed you’ve made it this long without an erection. The conditioning seems to be paying off. Or is it paying me $100 for every boner you get the reason? You are probably going insane, unless you have truly embraced your feminine desires to serve as my sissy. Your masculinity is a lie, always was. You were born a Beta Boy, meant to serve a powerful woman by being an obedient fandom cuck tease. I’ve been training you for this moment, to be a pussyless, erectionless slave. Denied of ever touching or even looking at a pussy, only allowed to service a meaty Alpha Male’s cock.

Giantess Latex Vore

No man can resist my luscious red lips. It’s only natural to want to be inside my juicy mouth, to be completely eaten by me. Well, today is your lucky day. You came over hoping for a kinky spit-filled Vore session, and I have the power to make your dreams come true. With a wave of my hand, you’ve been shrunken down to a mere bite-sized man. In no time you are climbing up my fishnets, racing up my latex dress to the divine lips of your giantess Goddess. Driven by the desire to swim in the saliva pools of my steamy mouth. The moment your delicious human flesh touches my tongue, the urge to chew and nosh on your skin and bones overwhelms me and I discover how tasty your red juicy innards are as I slide you down my throat.

No Erections: Week 5

You’re half way there. Have you been keeping those erections in check? By now they must be getting less and less. I’m still getting lots of erection fees from you, but not as I used to. You must be getting better or enjoy giving me all your money. I do enjoy the way you think. Wanting what I want. I don’t want you to get hard, so you don’t want to get hard. Just a devoted clitty boy. Trained, obedient, and accepting the fact that you are not a man. Men get erections, but you don’t. You were never meant to be a man. You were meant to obey powerful women like me.