CAUGHT! Ruining My Gay Boss

As a secretary to a horrible boss, Im always working late in his office organizing files and documents. One day my boss left his computer on and I saw he was looking at gay porn. Normally, I wouldnt care, Id even be happy to work for a fun gay guy. My boss has a wife though and on top of that has been a real asshole to me. So, it made things very interesting when he walked in on me sitting at his computer with a bunch of guys sucking each others cocks glaring him in his scared face. I think Ill be giving the orders from now on, unless you want the CEO and your family to know that your just a twisted fag. It wasn't enough that I convinced him into tripling my salary, but I also made him suck a big black dildo too just for revenge, but I know he loved it.

Tell Me Your Worst Secret

There’s something you want to get off your chest. It is suffocating you, your heart creating so much anxiety and depression in your life. If only you had someone you trusted with your deep dark secret that’s destroying you from the inside. You need to tell someone or else it’s going to tear your life apart. Don’t feel ashamed about your deepest, most private desires. I can keep your secrets safe. Telling me would strengthen our bond, bringing us closer, making you special among my servants. Knowing your secrets would demonstrate your devotion and faith in your Goddess. You can even keep your identity anonymous if you feel scared of being found out. I promise I won’t use this sacred information against you. Don’t worry, I promise I won't tell a single soul.., all I want is to hear your dirtiest thoughts, secret feelings, and any skeletons you are hiding in your closet. So tell me… Go on, you can trust me… 


What happens to a man when you discover their biggest secret?

Hurt For Ceara

Just another day for one of my slaves locked away in my cold, dark dungeon. He waits in anticipation for the loud creaking of the door and the sound of my high heels descending into his festering home of cement and his own waste. Little does he know that today I plan on making him hurt for me. His pain and suffering makes me so happy, and he feels proud and honored to please his Domme. I've got so much in store: whips, chains, spikes, tasers, and my own sharp stiletto heels. No matter how much it hurts, you are my slave and will learn to love every torturous treatment I administer on that worthless body. Now, if you perform well and beg sincerely enough, I just might give you a reward for your hard work.

Court Appointed Ass Psychiatrist

My client has been going through a very ugly separation and they need me to ensure their soon-to-be-ex-husband will painfully regret dragging out the divorce trial. So on the day of their hearing, I pretended to be the court appointed psychiatrist and told him to come to my office for his “mental integrity” evaluation. When he arrives, I notice he isn’t wearing a mask, which he’ll need for testifying in court. I happen to have an extra mask that I give him. Immediately he notices an odor and begins to feel light-headed, but I assure him it’s the exact mask many people in the government wear at work and to just relax and breathe deep. Soon enough he is completely dazed and under my spell. Now I can begin to brainwash him to completely humiliate himself in front of the entire court. I begin to reprogram him to be obsessed with my ass, so much that it drives you to hump the nearest object, making him cum within 10 seconds. I’ve included special triggers so that basically everything he sees and hears will conjure visions of my perfect ass. He won’t remember a thing once I’ve snapped him out of my trance, so I can only imagine he’ll be just as confused as the judge when he’s humping the stand during his testimony.

Beta Sucks Alpha

Tonight’s your lucky night! You’ve been locked away in chastity for so long that it’s about time I dust you off to be used once again. I’ve even released your cock from its imprisonment so you can fully enjoy this experience. You see, I’ve invited over a couple of my Alpha boyfriends to come over and use my beta bitch slave. Since it’s been awhile since you’ve last served, I need to get you loosened up so you won’t get totally destroyed by my hulking Alphas. I show you your practice dildo, which hardly compares to the massive cocks that will be wrecking your fuck holes. You should be grateful I’m even taking the time to warm you up. Now, I’ll need to drain your balls so you will be nice and soft for my Alphas. I don’t want any distractions, so I will let you stroke that tiny cock until you’ve squeezed every last drop of cum from your shriveled balls.  

Crew Socks

Your world revolves around my socks and feet. Plain and simple. These cottony beauties hold so much control over you. How pathetic that a man can completely submit to the sight of a woman's perfect feet wrapped in tight white cotton socks. The sight brings you back to the good ol' days of jerking into your gym socks, only these socks are full of delicious bare feet, not sad little boy cum. I bet you dream about having my soft socked arches jerking your tiny cock. You won't be able to contain yourself once you feel my warm toes fresh out of my socks playing with your dick...

Boot Licker

It’s been awhile since I had the pleasure of punishing my boot bitch. Days, weeks, months, years, may go by, and you have remained loyal the entire time, never stroking and saving your entire load for me. Like the perfect toy I can put away, and only take out when I’m bored and needing some satisfaction. You understand your place in this world is beneath me, the perfect position for worshipping me, to sniff and lick my ass hole through my sexy fishnet pantyhose. You are worthy of such an honor to lick my asshole, which is why I only call upon you when I need my high heel boots cleaned. I make you suck my stiletto heel, and licking all the way up my shiny smooth leather boots. Once they’re clean, I’ll unzip my boots so you can worship my feet next. Maybe one day you’ll rise through the ranks of my legion of slaves and will find your way in a more rewarding role. Until then, you will remain at the bottom of my feet, sucking on my pretty toes and dreaming of the day I’ll play with you again...

Seductive Control 2

The only thing that matters in this world is me. I am the last bit of happiness you know, and it has left you literally dyeing serve and please me. It is so effortless to get you going. With the twist of my hair or the lick of my lips, my very subtle gesture seduces you into my control. There’s no escape once I have you wrapped around my finger. I know you are completely bound to serve me, do be the one to bring me happiness… but nothing brings me more joy than knowing how much power I have over you. So willing to be mine that you’ll sacrifice anything to prove yourself. It’s so easy to just gaze into your eyes, peering deep into your soul. I can see your inner most thoughts and desires, and you can’t conceal from me your devotedness to totally surrender and submit to me. Face it, you were merely put on this Earth just so you can spend your entire life worshipping the only Goddess that matters.

Married Man Homewrecking

You couldn’t stay away even if you wanted to. Coming back again and again. Now, I know too much about you. Where you live, where you work, your wife, everything about your boring miserable life. I can unravel everything important to you because you give me so much control over you. What you thought was just some kinky fun at first is now your life as my submissive servant. I completely own you and I’ll even make you pay for the rest of your life to worship me. Every time you want to service me you will have to hand over a hefty fee to jerk for you secret mistress. If you can’t afford me anymore, well then I guess I don’t need to keep your secrets from anyone either…