My Boot Slave

The perfect pair of boots for worshipping. Only a chosen few get the pleasure to taste the delicious PVC leather wrapped around my legs and suck on the shiny spike of my stiletto. I love reducing a man to be my boot licker. You were too easy, so obedient and eager to please. I can see the submission and willingness to serve in your eyes. The moment your warm wet tongue touches my slippery and shiny boots, you completely turn into a happy puppy licking away like it was a big juicy bone. If you do a good job licking my boots clean, I might let you taste my sweaty bare feet. I know my perfectly pedicured toes will need a good sucking to get off that smelly boot stench.

Put It In Your Ass

When I start dating a guy, I usually won’t have sex for a few weeks because of a little secret. The reason why I am so withholding is because I don’t think you are kinky enough for me. You thought I was just a prude, but really I like to wait and make sure you can match my enthusiasm for kink. Honestly, men are so disappointing to fuck which is why I like to make things more fun. Are you MAN enough for a girl like me? I promise the things I want you to do will make you very horny. You see, I love a guy who likes it in the ass. Don’t worry I’ll start slow with just one finger, then two, then three until you’re stretched enough for my big black dildo. Soon you’ll be cumming all over the floor from fucking yourself so hard. It doesn’t take much convincing to get you lick it all up like a hungry dawg. Too bad for you, my biggest kink is humiliating stupid beta fags like you.

Stealing Your Cum

It’s very simple… your cock belongs to ME! You love the idea of being used and milked by one perfect mistress. I demand your entire sexual devotion, every orgasm will be dedicated to me as you spend the rest of your days as my submissive stroke slave. Wrapped in the softest supple leather that defines my perfect Goddess figure is enough to make you shoot. That cock is completely under my control, and I will be the one who decides when you cum. Then, once I’ve allowed you to climax, I’ll make you grab your overly sensitive cock for round two. You can’t resist me, your desire to feed this addiction is too strong to overcome. So you will graciously live your life jerking until I’ve drained you dry.

Early Sissy Training

You’ve always felt a little different from the other boys. There’s a reason for that, you were never supposed to be a man. Deep down in your heart you wished you were a girl, but were too scared to tell anyone. I’m going to help you be the ideal woman you’ve dreamed of being. I’ll teach you everything I know to be a perfect lady. I’ll show you right types of frilly panties to wear, how to do your makeup, put on lipstick, and even how to pleasure a man. All of this just feels so right, all the way down to your clitty you know THIS is who you were meant to be. There, now give me a twirl and let me see what a beautiful little girl I’ve created. You’re just like one of my gal pals! Now my sissy is ready to learn what it truly means to be a woman. Is that tight boy pussy ready for more training? I’ll have to take you to the store and find correct size of dildo for your ass.

Gentle Hypno

You’ve fallen again into my grasp, too weak to overcome your obsession for my divine beauty. Doesn’t matter how much therapy you do, you’ll always come back to me. Nothing can keep you away from me. My mesmerizing powers consumes your will power. Your soul is tethered to my throne, a loyal slave that is desperate to serve at all costs. There’s no place for you in this world. I’m your only salvation. Pledge your devotion and beg me to take control of your life. You have no use for your old ways of manhood. In fact, your eternal sacrifice requires that I deny you of any pleasure, which includes spending the rest of your life as my pussy starved fairy.

Girls' Night Out

It’s Friday… You know what that means? Time for another girls' night! I have my slutty latex dress and my sexiest high heel boots so my friends and I will be able to attract a lot of attention. While I’m out flirting with some potential fuckboys, you will be left home alone locked in chastity. This is the natural order of things when you begged to be my boyfriend. I am a young, beautiful, and horny goddess that deserves a proper fucking. It isn’t your fault you were born with such a tiny useless cock, but I simply can’t waste my perfect pussy on such an unworthy little thing. So you will stay here all by yourself with your tiny cock locked hopelessly away until I return. It must drive you crazy knowing your hot girlfriend is out getting fucked while your caged and forgotten. All that matters is my happiness, and you won’t even mind if I bring someone home. You’ll be so desperate to touch yourself, that I could seduce you into servicing the giant cock of my new boyfriend.

High on Blackmail

There is only one thing to do with an addict… take advantage of them! You make it so easy to completely fuck up your life. I’m sure my beauty helps in your distraction from making reasonable decisions, but once you’ve sniffed your favorite pop-pers I can get anything I want from you. I already know so much about you; where you work, your boss, all your financial record, and very private information. What’s to stop me from ruining everything you’ve built? I guess we will have to keep getting you high so you can keep feeding my insatiable appetite for your secrets. I could do worse things, but I prefer to keep you around for fun. You don’t even know yet, but I’m going to open your eyes to whole new world.

Giantess Study Session

I’m just a normal schoolgirl, very popular, and all the boys adore me, but I live in a world full of tiny people. We always have to be careful at school not to step on anyone. My teacher assigned me a project and even paired us up with one of the little people. He came over to my house after school to study and he won’t even let me carry him inside. I had no idea something so small could have such a big ego. So, I let him trek through my house all on his own to find me studying on the floor of my bedroom. I figured it would be easier than in one of my big normal-person chairs, but he seemed offended. With every little bit of confidence he had in his teeeny tiny body, he decided to prove his “manliness” and asked me to Prom. I couldn’t help laughing at the thought of dating such an insignificant little insect. If you wouldn’t even let me help you inside, how do you possibly think WE would ever work?!? I’d literally have to do everything, like open my own door and carry you everywhere in my pocket. Trust me, your miniscule pride couldn’t handle it. There’s no use for a little man like you.

Rich Cuck

This marriage isn’t working out. To be completely honest I mostly married you for your money. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but I just can’t stand fucking you anymore. The moment I saw that tiny little cock and how much effort it takes just to get hard, I knew that I had absolutely no interest in you sexually. Don’t worry, we aren’t getting a divorce, I know better than to just ca$h out early. Plus, I’m the greatest thing that has ever happened to you and certainly don’t want to lose me and face the ridicule from your peers. Well, I figured out a solution. I’ve decided to start fucking other people. I deserve more than this, so I’ve decided that the solution to your problem is making you my cuck now. It’s perfect! That way we stay married, I continue being your loving trophy wife with full access to financial benefits, and I’ll be able to get the pleasure I need.

Babysitter Advice

Some men are so hopeless they just can’t be helped. I’ve known since I was your babysitter that you’d grow up to be some lesser man, and now you’re seeking my advice about figuring out your new “girlfriend.” You’re supposed to be in college and fucking hot girls, but it seems your girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex with you. I believe that you have been super nice to her, helping her do homework, do her chores at her apartment, cooking for her; and she always comes up with an excuse about why she can’t have sex. This is perfectly natural. You are her cuckold! I’m sorry to say this, but she IS having sex, just not with you. I used to be her in college, keeping around a nice guy to do my bidding, then going off and fucking the Alphas at the closest frat. You’re a smart guy when it comes to school stuff, but when it comes to real life you’re pretty clueless. There are two types of men in this world, Alphas and betas. You don’t need a college degree figure out which one you are.