Mesmerized Foot Therapy

Many men come to for help with their addiction to women’s feet. I’m the best fetish therapist in the world and I promise I can cure any addict of his sexual obsessions. The method requires putting you in a trance so you are completely at my will. I hipnotize my patients and can command them to do whatever I desire. I have spent my entire career curing men of their foot fetish, but in order for my treatment to work they have to be obsessed with something else… ME! Instead of lusting after every pair of sexy girly feet, you will only want to worship my pantyhose. You will feel an urge to beg to worship your therapist at any moment. All it takes is my dangling high heel to fall to the floor and you will be on your knees ready to worship like a loyal foot slave.

Mesmerized Age Regression

There’s something different I’ve always wanted to try. All you have to do is trust me, and surrender your mind to me. Take a few deep breaths and submit yourself to me. With the snap of my fingers I’ve put into a deep trance. My true intentions for hip-notizing you can be revealed. The truth is, I’ve always wanted a little baby to play with and nurture. Obviously, I don’t want to get fucked and ruin my perfect body, so I thought I could turn you into my precious baby boy. I convince you that you have regressed in age. You might look like a grown man, but your mind is barely a t0ddler. You need a big strong mommy now to take care of you now. I’ll keep you fed with plenty of breast milk, change your stinky diapers when you tinkle or poopsies, I’m even wearing a latex dress just in case you make any little messies. You don’t want to make mommy mad at her baby. Otherwise, I’ll have to punish you for being a bad boy.

Mesmerized Fairy Last Orgasm

Time has passed and new slaves have joined my flock. Even as my dungeons overflows with pathetic men devoted to being humiliated, I’ll always still have room for old slaves that have returned to their mistress after a long time. 4 weeks staying away from me is quite impressive, but now you’re desperate for me to help you cum one last time before the New Year. I won’t just let you back in, it’s going to cost you. I’ll have to reprogram you so you’ll never get away from me again. All it takes is giving your life a purpose, a task or job that will keep you tethered to me. You are helpless to your desires, completely willing to drastically alter your life just to cum on last time. I’ll give you a final jerk session before we make some changes around here. At the beginning of next year, the brainwashing will begin. You’ll no longer be the Beta man that could never get his soft little dick up, but now a devout sissy under my control. This is your punishment for thinking you could just walk away from me. Now, for the rest of your life, you will be hip-no-tized into being a pleasure doll for real men. A jolly Holiday Fairy dancing in the warm silvery snow from the cocks of my Alphas.

Home Wrecker's Revenge

The worst thing you could ever do is piss off your mistress. Once you let one in, YOU belong to her! Don’t you think all those secrets you told her about you could be used against you? Like the one about you being married… I’m sure you almost had a heart attack when you came home to find me sitting in your living room. What if your wife had come home first? Then you’d really be fucked. Don’t worry, I know she is out of town, so it’s the perfect opportunity to remind you about your obligation to me. You just can’t resist me once I’m here in my fishnets and thong teasing you in your own house. All you want to do is start stroking and handing me all your money as forgiveness for ignoring me. Your wife will never know about what happens here, but that means you will have to return to your old ways of being my submissive findom tease.

Invited To Pay

I don’t need your money. Just because I’m a Financial Dominatrix doesn’t mean I have to "demand" for your money. I exude a certain power, a control over you. A feeling that compels you to serve your Goddess. Since I have so many devout money slaves, I really don’t need to work at seducing or tricking my way into your wallet. These loser Financiers aren’t forced to pay me, but willingly give themselves and all they have to me because I INVITE them to. I let them know the right thing to do is just give and show how much you love me. They know how good it feels to hand over their hard earned wages and how happy it makes me. Plus, all that cash looks so much better in my hands, don’t you think?

CAUGHT! Ruining My Gay Boss

As a secretary to a horrible boss, Im always working late in his office organizing files and documents. One day my boss left his computer on and I saw he was looking at gay porn. Normally, I wouldnt care, Id even be happy to work for a fun gay guy. My boss has a wife though and on top of that has been a real asshole to me. So, it made things very interesting when he walked in on me sitting at his computer with a bunch of guys sucking each others cocks glaring him in his scared face. I think Ill be giving the orders from now on, unless you want the CEO and your family to know that your just a twisted fag. It wasn't enough that I convinced him into tripling my salary, but I also made him suck a big black dildo too just for revenge, but I know he loved it.

Tell Me Your Worst Secret

There’s something you want to get off your chest. It is suffocating you, your heart creating so much anxiety and depression in your life. If only you had someone you trusted with your deep dark secret that’s destroying you from the inside. You need to tell someone or else it’s going to tear your life apart. Don’t feel ashamed about your deepest, most private desires. I can keep your secrets safe. Telling me would strengthen our bond, bringing us closer, making you special among my servants. Knowing your secrets would demonstrate your devotion and faith in your Goddess. You can even keep your identity anonymous if you feel scared of being found out. I promise I won’t use this sacred information against you. Don’t worry, I promise I won't tell a single soul.., all I want is to hear your dirtiest thoughts, secret feelings, and any skeletons you are hiding in your closet. So tell me… Go on, you can trust me… 


What happens to a man when you discover their biggest secret?

Hurt For Ceara

Just another day for one of my slaves locked away in my cold, dark dungeon. He waits in anticipation for the loud creaking of the door and the sound of my high heels descending into his festering home of cement and his own waste. Little does he know that today I plan on making him hurt for me. His pain and suffering makes me so happy, and he feels proud and honored to please his Domme. I've got so much in store: whips, chains, spikes, tasers, and my own sharp stiletto heels. No matter how much it hurts, you are my slave and will learn to love every torturous treatment I administer on that worthless body. Now, if you perform well and beg sincerely enough, I just might give you a reward for your hard work.

Court Appointed Ass Psychiatrist

My client has been going through a very ugly separation and they need me to ensure their soon-to-be-ex-husband will painfully regret dragging out the divorce trial. So on the day of their hearing, I pretended to be the court appointed psychiatrist and told him to come to my office for his “mental integrity” evaluation. When he arrives, I notice he isn’t wearing a mask, which he’ll need for testifying in court. I happen to have an extra mask that I give him. Immediately he notices an odor and begins to feel light-headed, but I assure him it’s the exact mask many people in the government wear at work and to just relax and breathe deep. Soon enough he is completely dazed and under my spell. Now I can begin to brainwash him to completely humiliate himself in front of the entire court. I begin to reprogram him to be obsessed with my ass, so much that it drives you to hump the nearest object, making him cum within 10 seconds. I’ve included special triggers so that basically everything he sees and hears will conjure visions of my perfect ass. He won’t remember a thing once I’ve snapped him out of my trance, so I can only imagine he’ll be just as confused as the judge when he’s humping the stand during his testimony.