Double Power Hour - Serve Your Goddess

The brainwash was a success and I've been happily pampering myself living a lavish lifestyle with the rewards of my accomplishments. A slave’s place is to serve. That’s why you’ve committed so much time and energy to me. Spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on my desires. Funding my passion for the finer things- traveling the world, experiencing the finest dining, tons of shopping, and fucking exotic men from every country I visit. This is a life you’ve chosen for yourself, to be my sissy bitch that lives a life vicariously through me. I mean you have absolutely no interest in sex, not with that soft clitty. This is why you wanted to be locked in chastity because you know you don’t deserve to cum, let alone fuck. Your only job is go to work and pay me. Since you don’t know how to live your life or spend your money, I’ll do everything for you.

Whipped Sissy Dungeon Play

My sissy slave has been gagged and locked away in my dungeon for weeks. She has been bound tightly so she can’t touch her clitty and distract herself from her lonely despair. So I figured it’s time that I play with her again. I came prepared with my sissy’s favorite little potion, the one that makes her so submissive and obedient to my every command. But, instead of sissy’s favorite electro toy, I decide to bring my trusty ol’ riding crop. Nothing replicates the shocking sting of my stungun more than a good old fashioned whipping. You know how this works, if you want to worship your Goddess, sniffing my panties, and eating my ass, then you’ll have to pay the price. For every single tease, I get to smack your sissy clit! You might fight me at first, but just sniff your pop-pers and you’ll be begging me for another lashing. Who needs electrocution when my whip will leave you with permanent scars to remember me until the next time I want to play...

Let The Brainwash Begin

Welcome to 2020, Fairy! This is the beginning of your new life. Men from all over the world know about my power of reprogramming men into sissies. This will be an exciting treatment for you as I strip you of what’s left of your manhood. It is time you left behind all your Alpha tendencies, your six hyper-masculine ways, and completely submit to the life of a sissy slave. A good girl doesn’t stroke her cock, she pleasures her little pussy with toys until she has a sissygasm. No cumming like a filthy man! You can tease your clitty all you want to my clips, but you won’t be able to achieve a real orgasm, just little squirts like a horny slut. 2019 is certain to make a new woman out of you!

Ruined Your Ideal State

I must say I’m very proud of myself. The greatest measure of my success is how many lives I ruin. Men are so weak and desperate to submit, that it becomes too easy to unravel the fragile thread of their lives. Their marriage becomes divorce, their powerful jobs lead to unemployment, all because you are helpless to your obsession. I’m a drug you can’t quit. Everything about me provides you with euphoric pleasure. You’ve grown accustomed to stroking to my thousands of clips as you wrap your face in my worn pantyhose. Once you’ve become so intimate with me, it becomes impossible to break free from my clutches. Even if you tried, you’d d1e from your soul being crippled from the loss of cutting me out of your life. But that will never happen, my power over you is too strong. The burning desire to cum for me, to shut out the rest of the world and devote your life to me will be the curse of your dreams. You will remain forever tethered to me, bound by my pantyhose, worshipping for the rest of your days.

Greedy Girlfriend

My boyfriend has hit a wall in his career. He says his job is terrible and meaningless, draining his soul. Sure he makes a lot of money, but he isn’t happy and wants to quit. He wants to pursue his passions and travel the world, searching for the meaning to his life. You know what brings meaning and happiness to your life?!? Making your girlfriend happy, and what pleases me most is your money. Basically, if you quit, then I quit. Simple as that. The truth is I don’t need you. In fact, I was gracious enough to choose you because there are plenty of men out there with even thicker wallets full of credit cards to spoil me. My greed is limitless and your job in this world is to provide for me. You know you can’t live without me, and your pretty paycheck is the only thing keeping me in love with you. Even if you have to work your miserable slave job the rest of your life, at least you’ll know I’m happily worth every penny you earn.

The Sacrafice

The New Year is all about making sacrifices. Many try and fail every year on their resolutions, unable to resist their addictions. When you are obsessed with worshipping your Goddess, it is almost impossible to break the habit to spend all your money jerking for me. This year, you want to wean yourself from being so helplessly devoted to your perversions. Now it’s time for you to make a choice… You can remain true to your diet of denying your orgasms or you can succumb to my sexy teasing in my tight latex dress, and jerkoff like all the other pathetic and mindless stroking junkies. The catch is you have to lock yourself in chastity after you cum and mail me the keys to your cage. That’s right, if you can’t make the sacrifice and resist the temptation to cum, then you will make the ultimate sacrifice and give me full control over your cock for the rest of the year.

Hypno Fairy Last Orgasm

Time has passed and new slaves have joined my flock. Even as my dungeons overflows with pathetic men devoted to being humiliated, I’ll always still have room for old slaves that have returned to their mistress after a long time. 4 weeks staying away from me is quite impressive, but now you’re desperate for me to help you cum one last time before the New Year. I won’t just let you back in, it’s going to cost you. I’ll have to reprogram you so you’ll never get away from me again. All it takes is giving your life a purpose, a task or job that will keep you tethered to me. You are helpless to your desires, completely willing to drastically alter your life just to cum on last time. I’ll give you a final jerk session before we make some changes around here. At the beginning of next year, the brainwashing will begin. You’ll no longer be the Beta man that could never get his soft little dick up, but now a devout sissy under my control. This is your punishment for thinking you could just walk away from me. Now, for the rest of your life, you will be hip-no-tized into being a pleasure doll for real men. A jolly Holiday Fairy dancing in the warm silvery snow from the cocks of my Alphas.

The 5 Stages of Ceara - Relapse

The Final Stage And here you are again. I told you that it is impossible to escape me. No one can save you from your true self. I control you because you want to be owned by me. At last you’ve realized the endgame of your journey through these 5 stages, THERE IS NO WAY OUT! Your soul is immortally bound to the Cult of Lynch. The only place you truly belong is in a constant state of servitude. Your whole life has been nothing but an endless cycle of passing through all these stages over and over again. Addiction always get’s the better of people, especially a weak man like you. There’s only one cure for breaking this agonizing loop, by finally accepting what you really are… A SLAVE!

The 5 Stages of Ceara - Escape

Stage 4

You have seen the light! Finally escaping from the darkness of your hopeless addiction to me. A couple of days have passed since you last thought about me, but I’ve always been there lurking still in the shadows of your memory. You think you’re stronger now, able to endure the temptation to return to servitude, you’ve even gone so far and deleted all my clips from your hard drive. Just as soon as you think you’ve beaten me, I begin creeping back into your mind. That victorious feeling of being free of my clutches soon tightens around your cock once more. At first you struggle to forget my existence, but the more you fight seems to make you even more obsessed with your desire to worship me. You’re so close, but will you ever be able to truly get rid of me…

The 5 Stages of Ceara - Darkness

Stage 3

It started out as a bit of fun and before you knew it, you’ve fallen into a pit of despair. That is the darkness of being addicted to Ceara. At first it was innocent, pay me a little money, you would stroke for me, but a little voice warned you that you were making a grave mistake. For you see, once became twice, and twice becomes a habitual routine, and now you are trapped in a hole you’ll never get out. There’s only only way to go once you’ve plunged into the darkness and that is to just go deeper. Immerse your entire existence in worshipping the darkness you have come to embrace, stroking and wasting away. Driven mad by your addiction to give your entire life to me, you will be nothing but an empty shell. A soulless man who is no longer human, but now my personal mindless slave to humiliate and degrade. The intense grasp I have on your mind is now a loving embrace, seducing you deeper into the darkness of your devotion.