Alone On Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring... except for a lonely loser jerking his sad cock all the cold long winter night. While everyone tonight is merrily celebrating the holidays with friends, family, and loved ones, you will be sitting alone in front of your computer trying to decide what clip of mine youre going to jerk off to on this gloomy Christmas night. All those happy people around the world, counting their presents and cards from people they love, and you will be counting your strokes and fucking your hand until it starts to snow. Its a good thing no one loves you this Christmas because that means youre all mine, and can devote all that love and joy toward worshipping me. Buy yourself my special clip for sad lonely losers this Christmas and make yourself feel wanted and loved... So, now that I got you off, what are you gonna give me for Chrstmas???

Tease and Denial Queen

There are so many that worship the very ground I walk on. Im a queen and I expect unworthy men to devote their lives to me. As their supreme ruler, I make sure everyone has a job to serve me. If you perform your task to my liking, I might invite you to my chambers and give you a nice and slow teasing handjob. If you are too gross to touch, Ill at least show you how to jerk that grubby old cock. Now you cant expect a woman like me to let you shoot in my royal quarters, do you? Peasants beware if you want to serve this sadistic queen.

My Boyfriend's Porn

All guys have a fetish. At least thats what my best friend told me. They try and keep it a secret because they are embarrassed or ashamed, but I wanted to know what kind of kinky things my own boyfriend was keeping from me. After snooping on his computer, I discovered he likes feet. I thought it was cute, but he was so humiliated to find me on his computer discovering his biggest secret. I felt bad he caught me snooping, but I thought it was good I found out about his fetish because now we can start having some fun. So, do you want to lick and worship your own girlfriends perfect feet?

Hurt For Ceara

Just another day for one of my slaves locked away in my cold, dark dungeon. He waits in anticipation for the loud creaking of the door and the sound of my high heels descending into his festering home of cement and human excrement. Little does he know that today I plan on making him hurt for me. His pain and suffering makes me so happy, and he feels proud and honored to please his Domme. I've got so much in store: whips, chains, spikes, tasers, and my own sharp stiletto heels. No matter how much it hurts, you are my slave and will learn to love every torturous treatment I administer on that worthless body. Now, if you perform well and beg sincerely enough, I just might give you a reward for your hard work.

Gang Bang Beat Up

My husband has been in the hospital recovering from getting mugged by a gang of guys. Luckily I was unharmed, but had to watch these strong muscular men beat the $hit out of my husband. You know what though, I didnt feel bad watching his ass get pummeled over and over again. I thought it was pretty funny, so I thought it would be even more fun if I invited the whole gang them over to our house for a welcome home party for my hobbled hubby. Hes gonna love getting his ass kicked again and then watching our new friend fuck your hot slutty wife right in our own bed.

Babysitter Baby Cock

Babysitting can get so frustrating when the little brat wont fall asleep. All I want to do is fuck my boyfriend before the kids parents get home and hes in his room making a whole bunch of weir moaning noises. When I stormed in to tell the little $hit to go sleep, I see his teeny tiny cock fully erect in his rapidly jerking fingers. I know what he was thinking about before I barged in, so I make the twerp finish for me. Show me what a big boy you are I say in a cute coercive baby voice humiliating him to orgasm. Cmon, stroke that wittle baby cock and make him dwibble all over your Star Wars bed sheets.

Entertain Me

Thats your job, so amuse me. Make me want to like you Wow you really are just pathetic. I shouldve just kept you locked away with my other sissies and slaves. I wanted to be entertained and you were terrible! You couldnt come up with anything to do for me? You are so worthless you actually need me to tell you what to do because boring losers like you cant keep a pretty girls attention. Bark like a dog! Lick my shoes! Take it up the ass! Now Im having fun, looks like slaves do make good fools.

Silk Pajamas and Slippers

There is one thing I do every night before going to bed and thats teasing a slave with my slippers and feet as I climb into bed. Its a special nightly ritual that helps me fall asleep knowing Ive made a particular servant very happy and will most certainly have amazing dreams about me all night. He is so eternally grateful that he gets to cuddle my soft furry slippers and sniff the sweaty insides, and sometimes hes lucky enough to lick up a midnight snack from the bottoms. He is like an adorable dog begging for another treat. I promise if he is a good boy, Ill let him keep my slippers forever.

Brother Butt Kisser

Men are such dirty cheating whores! I was swiping around on Tinder and I actually discovered my own brothers profile on there. Not only is it weird to see your brother on Tinder, but that asshole just got married not even 6 months ago. Ever since we were little I always discovered some secret of his to hold over him and now I got him again, BIG TIME! Well, one secret I know is that he cant resist my perfect bubbly ass. Ive caught him stealing and sniffing my panties, so I know how much he dreams to worship my ass and pussy. Now that would be a fucked-up secret I know your new wife would love to hear. Shes going to wish your Tinder profile was the only problem.

Look While You Can

I bet you couldnt be happier. Locked away in my cage where you will get to watch me and jerkoff for the rest of your miserable life. What a privilege to be forever kept in my presence, but I cant have some perv staring at me at all day and night. How would that make my other slaves feel knowing they are out their working so hard for my attention and you just get to sit up here in that cage stroking away. You better look and enjoy my hot body while you can because soon I plan on cutting some ties.