Boots and Lips

My boss is so transparent. He's constantly calling me into his office even though he has nothing new to tell me. I decide to confront him on this because I have a pretty good idea what is going on. He's always commenting on my boots and lip gloss, to the point that its obviously some kind of fetish. I put my theory to the test and begin to tease him with my lips, licking them seductively and watching him squirm. It's obvious I have way more power over him then he does on me, especially when I stick my boot in his face and order him to lick. He's like a horny ani.mal. A d.og. So I force him on his knees and instruct him to hump my boots, degrading and dehumanizing him. Funny how quickly the tables turn when you're gorgeous and dominant.

Swallow Your Load

Men just can’t help themselves from thinking the dirtiest things when they see a girl like me. I know I can be a tease, but who knew I had so much power over you. All those twisted ideas you keep secret in your head belong to me now. Stroke for me, tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me. Now do something dirty for me, lick up all that cum! Go on show your Domme what a dirty cum slut you truly are…

Human Toilet

"It would only be verbal, all close ups of your beautiful face with a evil and sadistic look, perhaps black or real dark lipstick and make up. Basic idea: you have taken me and made me your total obedient slave for life. i live now only to serve and worship you as my mistress and owner. like a trained i will do whatever my owner commands of her slave. as you despise me you decide to degrade me in the worse possible way. you talk in great detail how now i will become your human toiilet for life....yeah, my eating slave, i like the way that sounds, don't you my command you will assume the position below your mouth and beg to eat my will eat it, savor it, and swallow my .....then you will thank me and beg for more.....i don't care if you get sick and ...every day i will in your will do this until you get sick and .......then i will take one last all over your face and wrap it in serand plaster on to your face....this is how i will bury you........ with my forever on your face and in your mouth.....are you ready to become my toiilet now slave???? That's what i thought, now assume the position and open your mouth wide....shot of you ass and fade out... of coarse this is just a loose script, you usually take my idea and make it better than i could imagine."

Heel Puppy

Is there anything hotter than a sexy woman dominating a nerdy loser with her heels? I think not. Go ahead, go green with envy that I would even let this fool in my presence, let alone let him up close and personal with my pantyhose covered feet and legs. He worships me like the princess I am and relishes in every minute of it; kissing my ass, sucking my toes, and licking the dirt from my shoes.  

Cuckolding Your Friend

Unfortunately for you, I have bad news about your girlfriend. I know I'm out of line telling you this, but she isn't the sweet and caring girl you think she is. That slut of yours actually could care less about you and, apparently, that tiny cock hanging off your sad ugly body. Don't get me wrong, she does like you, it's just that dick you have isn't doing anything for her. A hot girl like that needs a man with a big cock to make her moan. Something inside her that'll drive her mad, dripping wet to have that massive cock fuck her again. And, that's just not you. She's still like to keep you around since you are so nice. Maybe you're even nice enough to clean out her sticky pussy after a night of being rammed by alpha bulls.

Your Marriage Is A Joke

The biggest mistake you can make in your life is marrying the wrong woman. You thought you were doing it for all the right reasons, but now you’re trapped and miserable. Your only escape from your wife is to sneak away and jerk off for me. Downloading my clips, stroking with someone that really knows your secrets instead of the “love of your life”. Even when you fuck your wife, you think of me. All day I own your mind, your thoughts, your sexual desires. Lets face it you’d rather cum for me instead of sleeping another night next to your wife.

FinDom Recovery

As an addiction therapist, I've dealt with thousands of sick men that need my help to recover from their perversions. I specialize in all kinds of addictions like alcoholism, gambling, and drugs, but I've never encountered a man who is addicted to Financial Domination. The trick is that all men are the same, obsessed with something, driven by passion to fulfill their desires. Most addicts I would encourage their recovery, but you I want to use your addiction for my pleasure. You might as well make me your FinDom Goddess since you're already paying me an ass load for therapy.

Nylon Chastity Torment

Today I have a new test for you. You seem to have grown accustomed to your normal chastity routine, so I’m going to make things a little more intense. After a week in your brand new spiked chastity cage, it’s time to check in on that trapped cock of yours. First, we’ll start with handcuffing your hands together. You need to give me ALL control over your body if you want me to set your dick free. Next, I want to show you my new sexy pantyhose. Look at all those nylons webs hugging my long legs. I bet your cock is feeling cramped in that tight spikey hell just like my nylon feet in my high heels. I need to set my feet free so I can tease you even more by dangling the key your freedom right off my toes.

Born This Way

There’s nothing you can do to make a girl want you. It’s not your fault; you were just born that way, completely undesirable by the opposite sex. God put you on this Earth to be a servant to women like me. No girl will ever show you their pussy, let alone fuck you. I don’t want you to feel completely useless, so you should consider spending the rest of your days as my cuckold sissy. You need a Domme bitch in your life to control you and make you her slave. Since you don’t have a chance with a woman, there’s no need for you to get erections anymore either. I never want to see anything that even looks like a hard cock between those legs, especially when I give you permission to rub your clitty.

Sissy Panty Stroker

Trying to get a peek up my skirt? I know how much you love staring at my panties. All sissies get jealous of my impressive collection of satin and silk thongs. You want to be as pretty as me and have lovely things to cover up your pussy. I am a woman, I’m supposed to look like a Goddess and worshipped for my beauty. You’re just a sad, weird, lonely little man with aspirations to be beautiful like me. Too bad all you will ever be is a pervy sissy slut stroking to my panties.