You can only imagine what it would be like to have my beautiful hands on your body. Feeling my long finger caressing, touching, and running along your skin. Nothing is sexier than a well-manicured pair of hands on a gorgeous woman. My wiggling fingers are mesmerizing, luring you into a seductive trance. Massaging my hands with oil makes them more mesmerizing. You’d give anything to feel my slippery hands on your dick. My soft wet hands sliding up and down your shaft. I’m sure it would be the best handjob you’ll ever have. The sight of my oily hands squeezing and grasping at you is enough to tease and edge you without even touching your cock.

Jerk Addict

Go ahead you little stroke junky. I know there’s nothing you’d rather be doing more with your life than jerking that cock for me. You’re an addict and that can’t stop masturbating to my clips. You just keep coming back, buying more clips, and shooting your loads all over your screen. I expect nothing less from a worship slave. You serve me and obey whatever demand I ask, and I let you jerk for me. I know how to push all your buttons. Pretty much everything I do turns you on. My fishnets, this perfect ass, my high heel boots, even my sweaty feet will get you hard and stroking. It’s what you do best, so embrace your life as my stroking slave. I guess there’s only one thing I can do to help with your addiction… letting you serve me!

Degradation Time

You say you would do anything for me. Obey my every demand. No task is too humiliating to complete. You’ll do whatever to prove you’re worthy to serve. Well, I’m going to put that to the test. You are my puppet that will do ANYTHING I ask. If I say stroke your cock, you stroke! If I say lick my pantyhose and feet, you lick! If I say stick you fingers up your ass, you say “how many?” I know what you want, what turns you on, makes you keep coming back for more torment. All the abuse I make you do to your own body is a privilege. Nothing makes you happier than being degraded my your Domme mistress. I don’t just give every pathetic loser my attention. Only those who are most devoted to serve and worship will win my affection to humiliate and destroy your life.

Anal Training - Part 1

Most men won’t admit it, but secretly they’d enjoy a little ass play. They can be very protective of that “no go” zone, afraid that having something shoved up there ass might actually be enjoyable. I know how much you want to try it. I’ll help you ease into your darkest homoerotic fantasies. You wouldn’t be sucking all those cocks for me if you weren’t a faggot. Well, now it’s time to take the next step and get penetrated like a devoted faggy bottom slut. I know it might be uncomfortable at first, which is why we’ll start things slow with 1 finger, then 2, then 3… and soon we’ll begin to really stretch the limits of your butthole. You can't help yourself from getting hard, you've always known deep down that you were a sissy faggot anyways. Now it’s time that we tap into your inner fag self!

Wedgie Boy

Remember back in school when all those alpha boys would bully you and give you huge wedgies all the time. All those jocks humiliating you in front of the entire school chanting “WEDGIE WEDGIE WEDGIE!” Everyone saw those $hit stains smeared all over your briefs. Face it losers like you will never get a hot girl like me. Your life hasn’t changed much since high school. Mean girls reminding you about all the funny embarrassing things that happened to you. Jerking off alone to girls you have a crush on and will never love you back. Even letting bigger guys push you around still. How can you even call yourself a man? I bet you actually have enjoyed being tormented for so many years. This whole time I bet you wished it was me yanking on your tighty-whities all those years. It gets your little dick so excited having a girl grabbing your underwear for once!

Satin Panty Tribute Seduction

I know your weakness… nothing makes you happier than my sexy panties. You love looking up my skirt at my shiny satin panties and thongs. Jerking all day long like a lonely pervert lusting after my pussy. I am always so willing to let you worship me, but you have to do something that makes me happy too… TRIBUTE! I’m not some amateur that just gives free shows. No, if you want my attention, my panties in your face, then you have to pay for it. You know the drill, open up my website while you jerk to the endless crotch shots of my hot pussy stained satin panties and click the tribute button$ with every $troke!

Serving For Eternity

You made a valiant attempt to break my control over you, but still you are addicted to me and forever enslaved. You belong to me and will never be able to escape your lust for everything I do. Pad-locked, mind-fucked and completely owned. No matter what I tell you to do, no matter how humiliating the task, you are more than willing to demonstrate your submissiveness as my worshipping slave. One day I will have no more use for pathetic slaves and your worth in life will come to a crashing halt. All those years giving yourself to me, buying all my clips, and giving me your money month after month will all be for nothing. You wasted your entire life digitally owned by a woman that you will never meet. The collection of my videos you’ve amassed will help you remain my devoted servant for the rest of eternity.

Sissy Popper Sniffer 2

How’s my nylon bitch doing? Did you enjoy your night tied-up in chastity? You must be dying for another sniff of pop-pers. I’ve ignored you all day and you’ve had to sit down here in your pretty sissy outfit with no one to be a little slut for or abuse you. You deserve a treat for being ignored for so long. Go on take another whiff of those pop-pers. Let’s get you relaxed round-2 and ready to do whatever I ask. I know what you want to sniff next. You’ve had my pantyhose all night, and now they’ve lost my smell. I want to hear you beg for my freshly worn ones. Tell me how much you want to sniff my nylon feet and legs. Worshipping the delicious buttery nylon and hoping I’ll unlock your chastity cage so you can jerk your little clitty in that pretty outfit.

Big Mistake

All I have to do is get you horny and you would give me anything I want. Too bad you just couldn’t help yourself telling me all your personal information, your passwords, credit cards, social security number, even where you live and your wife’s name. What a fucking idiot! I can’t believe you actually told me all that stuff. Now you’re fucked because I can ruin your life. There’s nothing I want more than to completely destroy you. You must want it too, otherwise you wouldn’t have told me so many of your secrets. Now I have everything I need to blackmail you for all that your worth. I don’t even need all your money, I just enjoy watching you crumble. I’m going to drain you of every cent and witness your life go up in flames. Just for fun!

Wet Soles

There’s no place you’d rather be then on your hands and knees worshipping my perfect feet. You love stroking and being a devoted foot boy. You just can’t resist touching my sexy feet in fishnets. Your tongue twitching, aching to lick though the holes of my stockings and get between my pretty toes. I can see how hard my feet make you, especially when I give myself a nice oily foot rub. You must be so horny. I bet nothing would make you feel better then rubbing my wet slick feet all over your cock. It would be pure heaven to just fuck the soft soles of my feet.