Erotic ASMR Trance

Just listen to the sound of my voice and become lost in your sensual fantasy. Embrace that tingly sensation coercing you into an aroused stupor. My hipnotic voice will lull you into submission granting me complete control of your body. Take a deep breath and let yourself go to the overwhelming feeling of relaxation washing over you. Doesn’t it feel good to shut away the rest of the world and get lost in my alluring presence? You crave this everyday, obsessing over me, and fantasizing about serving your divine goddess. Submission is nothing to fear, this sweet serenity taking over you mind is the seductive euphoria that you desire. Everything you own has been surrendered to a greater power. Your mind, soul, and possessions are my property now. See how liberating it is when you give all of your existence to me.

Fairy Panty Destroy

I don’t know how many times I’ve told my Fairy that she’s forbidden from seeing a naked woman ever. Well, the stupid bitch decided she wanted to go to France to indulge in some art, and what do you think all the museums had on display? NUDE WOMEN! I will not tolerate you disobeying my orders. You don’t deserve pussy! You’re never supposed to look at pussy, see pictures, and that includes paintings and sculptures. You need to be punished for your mistake, so it’s a good thing I didn’t send those panties you bought from me. $1,800 worth of my dirty panties that you so desperately need since the only pussy you’re allowed to worship is mine. Now I have some leverage to make sure you learn your lesson.

Brother's New Girlfriend

Sibling rivalry isn’t a new thing. Brothers will fight each other for dominance to prove who the Alpha is, but one thing that is certain to demonstrate your manliness is to get a girl like me. I’m the prize every man dreams of winning. A gorgeous girlfriend, perfect in every way, and who knows how to please her man. I can see the jealousy burning in your eyes when I catch you staring at me. Sure his last girlfriend was nice to you, and everyone got along. Ever since I’ve started dating your big bro, I’ve turned you into a desperate boy starving for my affection. Your envy only feeds your sexual desires for me. All you want is to take me from him, bend me over, and fuck my hot wet snatch in triumph. He is lucky his giant cock knows how to own my pussy. You’ll never be able to that, let alone please any woman. I can tell by that tiny tent you’ve bitched in your pants, clearly the “little” brother.

Electro Sissy Playtime Fun

Well, look whose back again to play with me. I knew it wouldn’t be long for you to return to my dungeon for more punishment games. You are my property, nothing but a toy for my curiosity. I don’t have time for stupid men, that’s why we decided it would be best if I locked your cock in chastity so you won’t have any disgusting manly urges. The only thing you’re here for is to worship your Goddess and sacrifice your body and will power to me for my twisted games. Once you’ve taken a big whiff of my magical pop-pers, and your mind is completely transformed into your true sissy self. A brainless sissy slave devoted to my service. You one purpose is pleasing me in whatever I demand. Grateful for the rare opportunity of worshipping my boots, sniffing my sweaty nylons, and being my sissy doll I can torment, you’ll happily endure all the devious things I have planned for my helpless sissy slave. Your addiction to my “idea” of fun will overwhelm your sanity, leaving you a victim to your desires for more punishment as reward for your devotion. No matter how hard you try, you’ll always come crawling back, begging me to shock you over and over again, excited for the next painfully pleasurable devices I’ll use while you are under my control.

Pussy Is For Alphas

You know what an Alpha Male deserves… ME! I’m the prize every real man wants, but not you. You’re nowhere close to being an Alpha. You’ve learned to accept that your nothing but a mistake from God. While all the greatest specimens fuck my pussy raw, your tiny cocklette is twitching for acceptance. Face it, you’re worthless except for serving the powerful, privileged, and beautiful people in this world. A slave to the pleasures of others, our servant for ridicule and torment. I don’t understand why you even try to worship my pussy when deep down, I see you for the desperate bimbo yearning for guidance. Your greatest desire is to NOT fuck me, but to be just like me, and the all the lucky girls that real Alphas want to fuck. That’s why I’ve locked your pathetic little clitty in chastity because it is just a distraction form your slut training.

Tits & Pits 19

Men are so simple and desperate to cum. All I have to do is invite you to stroke for me and you’ll willingly demonstrate your desire to worship my body. The site of my perfect tits being fondled by my lovely hands gets your dick twitching. I control your cock, you’ve given up any power you had by making the big mistake of showing me how weak you are to my seductive presence. You’d do anything for me I bet you’d even submit to being my toilet slave. It might sound gross at first, but you’ve been jerking to my sweaty smooth armpits for years. You already spend so much time licking up the sweat from my soft armpits. You’ve been worshipping me for so long, you’re absolutely addicted to every part of my body.

Total Wimp

I couldn’t help notice how you’re trying to lift weights again. It’s just so hilarious how puny you are that you’ll never be as strong as a real man. There’s a reason why you can’t seem to gain any muscle, I mean just look at those girly weights. Even I use bigger, heavier ones than you. I could curl those sissybells with my pinky. Watch as I flex and make you jealous for having whimpy noodle arms. I can tell my emasculating humiliation is making your temper boil. You don’t have to try and be agro with your pathetic display of masculine energy. You simply lack that dominant nature of a true Alpha. Face it, there are winners and losers in life, and you are definitely a loser!

The Sacrifice - part 2

Back for more games? I see you didn’t learn your lesson from the last time we played. You’ve come crawling back, begging for your release. Maybe you should’ve chose to deny your orgasm instead of cumming, but you were so eager to sacrifice your cock to my cage. Now it seems like that chastity device has been very uncomfortable lately and you want the key back so you can cum again. Well, you have a new choice to make. I’m not going to just unlock your chastity cage for nothing, so you have to decide. If I set your cock free so you can stroke, you will get locked in chastity for even longer. If you choose not to cum, then you will be forbidden from laying eyes on me ever again, banned for eternity. This decision will decide the fate of your cock: Cum and remain my chastised slave or deny yourself and be officially denied by me forever!

Heavy Beta Training

Things have changed a lot since you devoted yourself to me. You’re no man, not even a beta… you’re my fairy whore! Completely transformed into the perfect slave for tormenting. Always soft and useless, I give your life meaning since God made a mistake when He created you. Your mind may still play tricks on you, convincing you of your “manhood.” Your clitty is fucking useless, which is why I keep it locked away. That cum deprived pain a man would feel in his balls doesn’t compare to the painful aching of your ovaries. That’s what happens when you train a clitty to be soft and drippy. You may think your lust for worshipping my pussy proves your manliness, but that’s only because you wish you had a pussy like mine. Growing up as a little Fairy, you were always jealous of the other girls. Face it, deep down you’ve always known that ugly flap of skin dangling between your legs was destined to be locked up forever. Now, whenever you look down at your chastised clitty, you will know you’re nothing more than a whore for my Alphas.


"This is your brain... this is your brain on porn." When you’re an addict, NoFap offers guidance and help with your transition to sobriety. However, I’m not sure they will be able to assist with your unique interests. In fact, I know your life has been falling apart ever since you first stroked for me. Your porn addiction, specifically your obsession with jerking off to my videos, always seems to be better than fucking your pathetic girlfriend. I’m always on your mind, the burning desire consuming your every attention. Why would you even consider quitting something you love so much? You’ll never be able to keep your hand off that dick. This is what you were born to do, sitting at your computer with your pants at your ankles and jerking your lonely cock. This is the life you really want. Fuck that idea of marrying that bitch and having a family, and lets see if I can break that silly NoFap promise and make you cum. I'm the only cure for any porn addiction therapy!