2 Hour Sexual Frustration

The saga continues. Locked in chastity for two whole months, and now you have to endure two hours of teasing and denial. You will wallow in your sexual frustration, unable to achieve the ultimate release you desperately crave. The fact is you were already impotent before I locked you up. I gave your life a new purpose the moment I chastised your little clitty. As if it wasn’t humiliating enough to be a sexless waste of a man, I’ll reveal to her all the sex and pleasure I’ll be having with all my boyfriends. I entrance you to believe that your only worth in life is submitting to my every demand. You were never a real man, which is why I have to train you to be a willing whore. Your clitty is useless, but your mouth and ass aren’t. I’ll make you a valued member of society after a few more treatments.

Sockjob 4

Looks like my socked feet are the only thing that can get you off now. That’s why you work extra hard to impress me so you’ll earn the opportunity to worship my feet. Since you’ve been an exceptionally good Footboy today, I think you deserve a special treat. You’ve been drooling all week for my sweaty socks, dreaming about sniffing my dirty boots, and sucking my cottony toes. So let me give you what you’ve been waiting so patiently for. Just the sound of my boots being unzipped instantly makes your cock swell in your pants. The odor of my feet fresh out of my boots begins to make you drip precum. I press my warm feet into your cum soaked crotch, teasing your bulge with my toes, then squeezing your dick in my soft socked arches like a tight pussy. You'd give anyhing at this moment to whip your dick out and fuck my socks. Let me show you how I reward my loyal and devoted foot slaves…

Brain Fog

Your obsession for me clouds your mind. The moment you start thinking about me, you begin a free fall into submission. Your brain is nothing but fog until my divine presence clears your mind and shows you the way. The true meaning for your existence is to serve and worship me. I’m the Goddess that rescues you from your constant state of misery and feelings of being lost and alone. Like a spellbinding witch, I breathe life into your worthless soul, creating another devoted sheep for my flock. No longer a man, but now my mindless little pet; helpless to your desires, seeking affection, completely obedient, like a sweet puppy pining for my love.

Think Soft

I’ve locked my fairy boy in chastity because his cock is useless and he is life is better served as a sissy with a clitty. She’s been having vivid dreams about me, other women even, but they’re laughing at you. It’s clear that I’ve invaded your subconscious now, a constant reminder that all women see you as just another bimbo slut. We don’t see a man when we look at you, and you’ve accepted your new reality. That’s why you’re locked up because only men need to get erections. That pain you feel in your pussy, is a reminder that you must keep your clitty soft. You were impotent before, and now you’ll always be. Think soft thoughts to keep your enlarged clit under control. Always remind yourself that you don’t deserve pussy, you don’t deserve sex. From now on, your life will revolve around one thing, keeping your clit soft.

Cum Filled Girlfriend

It’s no secret that I’ve been fucking another guy instead of my boyfriend. He doesn’t mind when I cheat on him as long as I spill all the juicy details while he jerks off to his whore girlfriend. Except, he has begun to feel jealous and left out, and now wants to actually watch me get fucked by another man. Instead of hearing about his cum filled girlfriend, he wants to see the cum dripping right out of my tight little pussy. Studying how his hands squeeze my tits and ass, spreading my thighs before jamming his cock deep inside of me. I convinced my fuckboy to let my sad boyfriend watch us next time, but I keep forgetting to tell you. I just can’t resist his amazing cock, my lust for feeling his giant dick inside me makes me too impatient to wait for you come home and watch us. I guess you’ll just have to get used to hearing about all my sexcapades since I can’t wait until you get home from work.

Sparkly Pink Chastity

Gaze into my eyes and release your mind to me. You will let me steal your life and devote yourself to me. You have no power here. While under my control the only ounce of pride you possess shall be focused on consuming my excrements. Hungry? Want some food? I know you desire to eat your goddess' excrement to satisfy your starvation. You'll be begging me to give you my waste. All you'll know is munching on my steaming hot $hit. If you're lucky, I may even let you use your tongue to clean my ass after your meal. In fact, the only thing you'll be allowed to drink is the divine nectar cascading out of my wet pink pussy.

Daddy Sucks My Panties Clean

Usually I’d appreciate it when someone does my laundry, but when see that it’s only my clean panties neatly folded on my bed, I got suspicious that something strange was going on. At first I assumed it was my mother washing all our lingerie together, but she’s not the type of mom to clean up after me. I tried to figure out which of my parents was secretly washing my panties by leaving my dirty garments lying on the floor, and every time it was only my panties that came back clean. When I looked closer at my freshly laundered panties, they actually didn’t look as clean as I thought. There was this large faded stain in the crotch where my pussy secretions would be. And, they smelled pretty musky still. Actually, they stunk even more than they normally do for some reason. I realized that my panties were actually being sucked clean by my father. So I started leaving dirtier panties lying around, ones that I wore for a couple days and made sure to not wipe after using the bathroom so they’d absorb all my filthy waste. Maybe he’d learn his lesson if he tasted $hit when he sucked on my panties. I came home one day to find another small stack of my “washed” panties and even a pair of pantyhose I had pissed through a few times. I noticed there was a big hole now in the gusset that looked like someone had just fucked my pantyhose. What I thought would correct his perverted behavior only seemed to arouse him further. I guess the dirtier my panties are the hornier he gets. Too bad I know his secret now, and if he won’t give me extra allowance on top of actually washing my clothes, then I’ll have to explain to mom why she has to do my laundry instead.

Divine Worship and Tease

I want you on your knees and worshipping me. You know your place, a lowly servant put on this earth to worship my divine body. You’ll happily surrender yourself to my perfect ass, smelling my divine scent right from my crack. Lusting after my long toned legs in pantyhose, growing harder seeing the tight nylons hugging all my lovely curves. Begging to sniff my pretty feet as I dangle my high heels in front of your face. You’d love nothing more than to worship my feet, stroking yourself while make you lick my heels clean. You can beg all you want, but what I want from you is to “worship and obey.” You will repeat this mantra until it is permanently written into your DNA, a loyal slave that naturally desires to worship his Goddess. Only then will I allow you to serve as my Foot Bitch. Breathing the arousing smell of my sweaty pantyhose feet, dreaming that I’ll rub them on your lonely cock. Nothing would feel better than a footjob from my soft nylon feet.

Addicted To BBC

I understand why you love watching BBC porn. You don’t have to be a fag to truly appreciate a beautiful black cock. Their cocks are just far superior to your own “modest” tool. It’s no wonder why you get so horny from watching girls shove those BBCs down their tiny throats. Listening to their pleasurably painful moans as their pussies are penetrated by something so huge. The contrast of his giant dick to her small girlish features, the sexy wet collision of ebony and ivory skin. Nothing seems to get you off anymore besides watching these white bimbos choking on a Black Alpha cock. I can honestly say that I am a BIG fan of BBC, and I’ll tell you all the black guys I’ve fucked while you jerk to the thought of my pussy being stretched by that dark meaty cock.

Chastity Struggles

So you’ve been complaining about your poor little clitty being locked in chastity. All you can do is whine about how long you’ve been trapped in this uncomfortable situation. It’s only been a few months with many, many more to go. You’ve bitched about it so many times that you’ve even forgotten how long it’s been since I locked up your sad excuse of a cock. That must mean you’re getting used to your new life as a sexless sissy whore. Real men can remember how long it’s been since the last time their cock had an orgasm, let alone got hard. It seems like you’ve embraced the fact that you only have a stubby little clitty between your legs now. Your commitment to your chastity treatment shows how devoted you are to living your new life as my loyal slave. Graciously willing to give up sex forever in order to worship my pussy, which you will never get to fuck!