Suck Your Sister's Panties

Brothers are the worst! Mine is always doing creepy things that totally weirds me out. I was shocked to find out my brother was doing something really disgusting behind my back. That twisted little pervert was digging through my hamper and helping himself to my dirty panties. I caught him literally eating a really nice satin pair even, chewing on my thong like taffy. Sucking my pussy juices and licking up my $hit stains, especially my the really sweaty dirty ones. Gross! My own brother eating his own sister's pussy, how wrong is that?!? I can't tell our parents, that would be mortifying for both of us, so I make a deal with the fucking perv. He can suck on my pussy all he wants, but ONLY through my panties if he pays me. Unless you want mom and dad to know about your dark secret lust for your sis.

Seductive Control

A perfect seductress is a trap for men. We can make you do whatever we want because you're weak to charms and mystique. All I have to do is run my hands through my long soft hair and you're completely mesmerized. Lost in my dreamy control. I know you want to worship me. Now that you've been seduced, you're nothing more than just an obedient subservient puppy play thing of mine. You can't fight your feelings to serve me. You're happiest when you're completely emotionally bound to serve me. All I want is for you to be happy... which is making me happy...

Beta Male Love Spell Brainwash

Let me remind you of the place your place in this world. There are Alpha Males that get what they want and fuck whatever they want. Then there’s you; the Beta Male an uglier, weaker, less desirable version of the man we want. You’re not completely worthless, just not fuckable. You can still serve your Dommes and Goddesses, but be prepared to have your soft limp dick completely denied of my pussy, panties, and especially fucking. You don’t deserve my love, no matter how devoted you are. That’s the place of a Beta, to be used and thrown away. Let me help you accept your fate as the lowly Beta Male in our society. Give your mind to me, so I can show you the true nature of your willingness and desires to serve…

Enslaved Wife

[Continuing from the clip, “Poison Lips” below.] I have a surprise for you my slave. Your wife has come over to take what is “hers.” Isn’t that cute? She thinks you want her back. Watch how quickly I paralyze her with powder from my compact. Now she has no choice but to sit there and listen as you denounce her once again and prove your devotion to me by begging to consume my s h1 t. I ruthlessly taunt her by demonstrating my power over you, and soon, her. Now it’s time to make use of that insurance policy you signed away. You will di.e at my hands as I pierce your eyeball with my diamond encrusted claw infused with a lethal injection. As you slowly lose consciousness, you watch helplessly as I collar my new slave girl.

Circumcision Torture

My brother is always such a big DICK. Always teasing me and making fun of me, especially one time when I had to go in for surgery and he humiliated me by telling everyone about my procedure. Well, I just over heard mom talking to his doctor about having to get circumcised soon. It seems my brothers foreskin is so tight his dick head can’t get out, so the doctor says she will have to cut his penis open. Nothing is more humiliating than getting your penis savagely mutilated, especially by a woman doctor. Talk about female empowerment! The best part is, the doctor recommends local anesthesia rather than a general form, which means the doc is going to be jabbing his cock with shots. My dick prick brother definitely deserves more than few pricks on his dick! I’ve been telling all my girlfriends about his re”cock”struction surgery. I can’t wait for him to get home from so I can remind him how painful his recovery will be, both physically and emotionally.

Cuckolding Age Regression

Your girlfriend convinced you to come home early from work. She is so excited to see you, telling you about how horny she was all day and the numerous times she’s masturbated. She is very eager to get started and even offers you a pill that will enhance the sexual pleasure. As she begins to tease you with her perfect body, you can feel the pills effects taking over. Then, your girlfriend admits that she actually has a secret to tell you. While you were at work, she was snooping on your computer and discovered your Age Regression fetish porn. At first she thought it was hilarious, but after finding some magical pills that’ll actually make you younger, all she wants to do now is watch her boyfriend become younger and smaller until his prepubescent body has completely transformed into a tiny baby. Your dreams of regressing in age have come true! I guess since you are a completely worthless man-baby now, I don’t have to keep my own secret of fucking other men behind your back anymore. Now all I have to do is hire a sitter instead of waiting until you leave for work to have my other boyfriends over for a fucking good time.

Dog Shit Eater

What a privilege to have a woman like me in your life. The girl of your dreams standing before you, happy to spend the entire day with one lucky boy. It comes at a price though… to win my attention you have to do something for me that demonstrates how grateful you are to have your existence be acknowledged by me. So, what task will I have you do as payment? What will you sacrifice for me? I want you to eat doggy $hit for me! I want you to scavenge your neighborhood, crawling on all fours like a bitch sniffing around for doggy dumps to devour for me. Eating those cute brown nuggets like a box of chocolates.

No Sex Yoga Tease

I’ve been living like a Princess ever since I married my rich husband. Unfortunately, it all comes from his parents and they are having a problem with me spending so much money. I think it’s absurd his billionaire parents are interfering with our marriage. They actually want to take away my credit cards and cut me off. Well, if I have to give up all that money for our marriage, then so do you. If you think money is distracting me from communicating and being a devoted wife, then you should give up sex. We fuck like everyday and just think about how much more time we’d have for just talking and connecting. Well since we both agree to give up something big for our marriage, I have a lot of free time to catch up on my yoga. I think it’s best if you stay and watch so we can bond more. Since you are giving up sex, me stretching in my tight yoga pants and flexing my pretty bare feet at you shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Suffocating In Servitude

Kneel like the dumb devoted slut you are! You want to join the legion of men enslaved into servitude? All over the world, men come to me for a purpose, existence to their pathetic and meaningless lives. I’m always coming up with creatively cruel ways these lonely souls can serve me. They worship, they pay, they cum, they even swallow, they do anything I want no matter how degrading or humiliating the task. Even if it brings you the brink of ending your own worthless life. Nothing would be more thrilling than watching you smother yourself for me. I want to see you suffocate in your depression, squeezing out what little life you have left inside. I know there isn’t a person on earth that cares about you more than me, so you are destined to d!e in servitude with me. No one will miss you once you’re gone, and I have plenty of slaves to replace you once I’ve finished. So, lets use you up so I can move on to my next servant.

Ceara Is God

Just like the true devoted follower you are, I can always count on you to attend to your worship duties. Always ready to serve your Goddess, no matter the task. Men like you deserve to show how loyal and willing they are to serve. Worthy enough to actually touch, lick, and kiss my body. You may only worship my high heels first. Then, if I’m satisfied with your level of devotion I will allow you to take my heels off and worship my pantyhose clad feet and legs, hopefully working your way up to your divine Goddess’ forbidden fruit…