It Serves No Purpose

You’re lucky to be so devoted to me. Otherwise, I don’t even know how you would function. The only thing you are good for is being an obedient little Beta servant. You need a woman like me to give your pathetic life meaning. I am like the sun and you just one of the tiny planets that orbits around me. I am your entire life now. There’s no need to ever think of anything again except being the best slave you can be. That’s why it’s important I keep you locked in chastity as a reminder of your uselessness. That clitty is to remain soft because it no longer serves a purpose. You’re not a man, in fact any woman that looks at you can tell you’re nothing more than a stupid Beta bitch. All I want from you is to obey and stay soft.

Electro Sissy Addiction Loop

Did you miss playing our little games? I know how much you love when I play around with my favorite boytoy. You’ve been thinking about our playdate all day. Imagining what slutty seductive outfit I’ll wear, which of my best toys I’ll use on you, how I plan to make you submit to and worship me. With one sniff of your magic juice, I can get you do anything that I desire… Well, deep down, I known you desire it too. As if the noxious aroma of my pop-pers weren’t enough, I make you sniff my ripe and sweaty pantyhose and feet, further smothering you in euphoric fantasy. While you relish in your perfect nirvana of FemDommenation, I wake you from your dream with a “shocking” surprise. I can tell by my sissy’s moan that she actually likes when we play my electro games. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a willing faggot slave that happily takes my abuse.

Cucked By New Mom

A lot has changed in a few weeks. Your parents divorced, I moved in right after, and all of a sudden you have a new mom running the home. I understand it has been difficult adjusting to this new living situation. I’ve noticed how distracted you’ve been, you look just like your father when something is on his mind. In fact, it’s the same look he made when I knew he wanted to fuck me. That’s what’s been bothering you, those sexual fantasies about your hot stepmom. Go on, show me your cock and let’s see how big you are compared to your dad. I must say I’m not surprised how small you are, I mean you do look like a scrawnier wimpier version of him. Just because you’ll never be the alpha man he is, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve my attention. I’ll show you how I seduced your dad at work and ruined your parent’s marriage. She should’ve never tried to surprise him at work. That’s how she found out he was cheating by walking into his office while we were “working late.” When I saw her, I simply pulled up my panties, marched right up to her, and dropped the divorce papers at her feet as I walked by. Now she’s broke and brokenhearted, living in some $hithole while I get to move into her Master Bedroom. Looks like talking about your penniless mother is making you a little bigger. I guess you got your pathetic submissiveness from your mom.

Fairy Twitter Humiliation

My insubordinate Fairy just can’t accept her life as a sissy. I caught you again looking at pictures of pussy, which you are forbidden to do, let alone even think about pussy ever again. It seems that my humiliation and punishment treatments aren’t enough for you to learn your lesson. I thought locking up that tiny wormy clit would be enough to convince you of your inadequacies. So I’ve asked for help from my fellow Dommes to provide some honest opinions of your clitty. Far and wide, the entire world has seen your chastised clit and chimed in, reminding you that a cock that small is worth every bit of ridicule. Maybe after hearing the truth from so many women, you’ll finally become the sissy slut you were born to be.

Tits & Pits 18

On your knees, yet again, willingly ready to worship and obey. You’ve grown accustomed to your routine of submitting to my perfect tits and smooth armpits. What once was a kinky fantasy has grown beyond obsession and is now a force of habit. It’s impossible for you to think of anything else, knowing that my beautiful breasts are waiting for you… you can’t work, can’t concentrate, everyone can see something is painfully distracting you… its the urge to stroke yourself to your own imagination of my tits and pits becomes uncontrollable that you simply must pry yourself away from your life and submit to me once again. You’d do anything to serve me as long as you’re my worship slave, even if it means becoming my new toilet slave. Only I know what makes you happy because you always come back for more.

Serve Your Bullies

Sure, you might be good at portraying the ideal man, pretending like you love to have sex with your perfect girlfriend, but I know that you’re still that same faggot loser you’ve been since high school. Nothing has changed, even with your matured handsome looks and muscular physique, I see right through your façade. Everyone picked on you because you were such a wuss, too easy to humiliate. All those jocks and assholes that used to bully you, now haunt your fantasies. Seems like you’ll never escape your past because that is the reflection of your true self. Deep down, all you want is to wrap your fag lips around all those meaty dicks that used to bully you when you were in school. You may have acted like you were interested in their hot cheerleader girlfriends, but really you just wanted to get manhandled by those young Alpha males. I see you for the secret faggot that you are, living a lie and constantly fantasizing about all the men you want to fuck your ass while I laugh at your humiliating situation. I promise to make sure everyone knows you’re just a dirty little cock sucking whore. You deserve to be exposed for lying to yourself for so long.

Daddy Daughter Therapy

I’ve been very busy with my new career as a therapist, but I always have time to squeeze in a lunch date with my Dad. He comes into my new office thinking he’s taking his little girl out, but I have ulterior motives for him meeting me at work. I begin by sharing some interesting stories about the weird patients I’ve been helping… like this one client who likes to sneak into his daughter’s room at night and sucks her panties clean. Sound familiar? You see, I know what you’ve been doing my entire life; creeping into my room and stealing my dirty panties. You think I didn’t know you were sniffing and sucking and doing who knows what with my filthy panties. I even was baiting you into taking them when I’d leave them out with the crotch exposed on purpose. Well, now that I have my Masters in Psychology I feel like we should be open and talk about it. Helping sick men with their twisted obsessions is my specialty. After all, that’s why all my new clients pay me the big bucks to help them with their perversions.

Cuck For Teacher

I’ve asked you to stay after class because I wanted to talk to you about distractions in my classroom. I understand that you are forced to look at me while I’m teaching, but I can see by that dopey gaze that you are lusting after me. Well, as your teacher it’s important that I teach you all those usual subjects, but I feel it is my duty to offer you some truth and prepare you for the real world. In the “real world” you’ll never get a girl like me, not in college, and not even when you have that executive level salary. Women like me don’t go for schmucks like you, that’s why I like to flirt with those asshole jocks who always bully you. Personally, I’m against the school’s anti-bullying policy. How will coddling a useless dick help you to survive outside of school? You need to learn a valuable lesson of your place in this world. There are winners and there are losers. Guess which one you are?

Toke, Bark, Pay

You might be a “passable” man in society, not one of the ugly pigs, but decent looking enough to date pretty attractive women. Yet, the only thing that really brings fulfillment to your typically normal life is getting stoned and giving me all your money. You could be spending that cash on a nice girlfriend, but you are secretly on the inside nothing but a little bitch. That’s why you smoke so much dope so you can force yourself to completely submit against your Alpha ways. Once I’ve got you mesmerized and sedated, I’ll put you in your place and force you to worship my feet like a willing foot slave would. Nothing is more humiliating than being forced on your knees and made to worship the feet of someone more dominant than you. A loyal foot dawg whimpering and barking for my attention. Maybe I’m getting a contact high, but it’s hilarious how pathetic you get when you toke. I bet with your mellow mood you’d even let me fuck your queer ass! Completely emasculated, made to worship my feet, and be more personal ATM. So, go on and toke up, light a big stinky green bowl for us and send me all that money you aren’t smoking. Happy 420, Fuckface!

Tits & Pits 17

Why am I not surprised your back again? It’s an addiction you will never quit. So easily inclined to submit, ready to stroke for your Goddess. I think you’re taking advantage of my generosity to let you worship my perfect tits and smooth armpits. You may think you’ll be able to just happily jerk until you cum. Getting teased only brings you even closer to your orgasm. By now your stamina should be quite enduring, wouldn’t you think? Another mindless stroking obsessed servant willing to do anything to worship my tits and pits. An empty shell of a man, full of nothing but desperation and testosterone bursting from your tip. I can see how close you are to cumming, its apparent you need more training since you can’t control yourself. That’s why you give control to me, so I can show how to jerk that cock, teach you how to bring yourself to the edge then forcing yourself to STOP! Beg all you want, but you need to learn some self control if you have any hope of lasting as my jerk slave. No matter how much I torment you, you’ll always come crawling back for my sweaty pits and breasts begging to stroke for me once more...