Ass Kissing Cuck

I’m going out tonight in my scandalous lace bodysuit. There’s bound to be tons of hot guys checking me out all night, desperately trying to take me home to fuck. As hard as you may try to kiss my ass, you’ll never be good enough for me let alone ANY pussy. You don’t deserve it. Since you are such a beta bitch, your sad little limp cock is better suited as a clitty. Let’s lock your useless cocklette away so there won’t be any distractions while I teach you how to be the best slut for all my Alpha men. All your years worshipping me will help you become the best sissy version of me. Your obsession has given you valuable insight into worshipping my divinity. In fact, that’s all your good for really, is being my pathetic ass kisser. Pucker up!

Sexless Beta - Part 3

At last you’ve mastered how to please a REAL MAN. You’ve become the Fairy slut you were always destined to be. Just the sight even the thought of a women’s pussy makes you gag. You’ve even learned to get pleasure in your little clitty from choking down on a man’s cock. All this time spent suffering to embrace your true sissy self, has awaked your spirit. You have never felt so alive. All your trust was placed in my hands, and I guided you through your entire transformation process of living your best life. Your submission has set you free.

Sexless Beta - Part 2

Now that you’ve become to accept your reality as a Beta slave, you can begin your transformation into true sissyhood. Guided by your newly adopted leash, I convince you to submit to the surgeon's nife and rid yourself of the ded weight holding you back from your main goal of sissifcation. There’s nothing in this world for you because a sexless beta is only to be used by others for their own satisfaction. I’ll teach you to be the best slut so you can find some worth for your broken and fucked life.

Sexless Beta - Part 1

There’s no place for someone like you in this world. A reject of God’s own design, cursed with a grotesque sack of skin dangling from your crotch. Your freaky genitalia is nothing more than a useless waste of space like the rest of you. That soft and flaccid little worm has no place here or with anyone. What would a woman do with such an ugly thing flopping around in your pants? Face it, your impotence brings no purpose and is only good for disturbing and chasing off every woman you com in contact with. You were never a man and somehow believe you still can be of use to a Goddess. Your entire life is one sad humiliating joke to me, and you will find no sympathy from me as I degrade you for over an hour and convince you to embrace your eternity as a sexless Beta slave.

Lean Into Reality

How easy it is just to completely submit your entire body and soul to me. All it takes is a little seduction and I’ve got you locked in chastity to experience all those dark desires you keep secret deep down inside. I tease you with my perfect body as you endure the uncomfortable pressure of your little clitty growing in your chastity cage. My one objective is to help you discover your true identity in this confusing world. Soon you will understand what it means to be a Beta Fairy.

6 Months in Chastity

It’s been another 3 months since your last opportunity to be set free from your restrictive chastity cage. Too bad you were too distracted enjoying your tease and torment. I have you tied to my rack this time, unable to struggle free of your helplessness. Locked and bound, your sensitivity is heightened by your painfully trapped cock. I let you sniff your special potion to help you relax so I can watch you squirm just little bit longer. You know exactly what to say for your release, but you’ve grown accustomed to being my chastised slave plaything. You’ve already spent 6 whole months trapped in your frustrating denial, so I know you can wait a little longer. I encourage you to keep sniffing your potion, but something is different. Your mind begins to get fuzzy and my voice is beginning to fade from your consciousness. You may not be able to tell me the password again, and will be stuck here for a perhaps the entire year…

My Opinion of Your Dick

If you truly want my honest opinion about your cock, then I will hold nothing back. You may have all these questions about how it looks, the size, is it good enough, and I have all the answers to every insecurity you may have about your dick. Sure, I can assume what someone who looks like you is hiding down in that sweaty mancave between your legs. The only way to know how your dick compares to the many Alphas I’ve fucked is to have the confidence and show me what you’re packing. So I guess you will just have to whip it out and then I can tell you exactly what you want to hear about your precious cock.

Thirsty For Cum

Why don’t you and I have a little drink together? I can tell by that desperate look in your eye how thirsty you are, so I want to give you a treat for your devotion. I’m going to first tease you and make you stroke for me. I can already see the precum dripping through your pants. Go on and have a taste of your own juices. How do you taste? Isn’t that just so satisfying? A little bit of salt, some bitters, it’s the perfect COCKtail. You disgust me! I can’t believe you actually like taste of your own cum! WHAT A FAG!!! But, you’d do anything to make me happy, no matter how much I humiliate you for licking your own cum. No matter how mean I am, you continue to ooze your cum, watching your sad cock dribble everywhere, wasting precious drops for your thirsty tongue. You might as well just dump your whole load into your gaping hungry mouth like a hungry little cum slut. Soon you’ll realize you’ve always been nothing but a pathetic faggot.

Tits & Pits 22

We’ve come this far, you didn’t think it was actually over, id you? I know your addiction to my perfect tits and silky smooth armpits will always bring you back. You couldn’t possibly think you could stay away from me. There’s nothing you can do when your greatest weakness is known by the most persuasive Domme in the world. I can take control of your hopeless obsession with me and use it to get anything I desire. You are so pathetic, willing to do anything to service my beautiful breasts, even if it meant eating your own $hit! What started out as a simple kink has now devoured your entire life and turned you into my stroking puppet. The only thing a slave addict like you can do is give in to your desire to worship me and stroke your cock to my sweaty pits.

Cock Hungry Training

I know a fun game that will train you to be the best Fairy you can be. Every time you see a cock on the screen, you will suck on your dildo. I want you to train yourself to have a primal urge to choke down a giant dick like a hungry fag whore. Whenever a juicy wet cock shoots that hot load on screen, I want you to imagine is warm savory cum oozing down your throat. Even silicone will begin to taste like the musty jiz of a real man. I’ll tease you with my sexy panties and prove you’re nothing but a cock sucking Fairy bitch. After you master my twisted little game, you’ll prove to me just how devoted you are to your life as a cock worshipping fuck hole.