Fairy Therapy Intake

When a kink obsession becomes so severe, I’m the therapist who is here to fix your personal issues and insecurities. There is nothing to be nervous about. This is a safe space. So no reason to be shy or keep secrets from me. I’m only here to help. Before you came into my office, you filled out an Intake Form so I can better understand what is troubling you. I’m very intrigued by how much sexual frustration you are harboring, and want to discover the root of the matter. With impotency, most men typically have problems with their penis. I encourage you to remove your pants for me so I can assess your cock as the reason for all your troubles. Frankly, I’m not surprised you are worrying panties, it just makes things a little more clear. When I have you take your girly thong off, all I see is a stubby little nub perched between your legs. This is why, deep down inside, you feel different from other men because you aren’t a “real man.” That tiny sack of skin is nothing more than a giant clitty. It’s no wonder you’ve tried so many treatments from chastity to humiliating fag training. Your erections are a disease, an abomination of genitalia. Something that small can’t possibly get an erection, which is whyyou are better suited for a life as a Fairy slave. You’ll never be able to USE that thing, so I will find a purpose for you. All you have to do is follow my directions and I’m certain I can fix all your sexual frustrations completely. Trust me, just a little more time with me and I will finally be able to cure those pesky erections.

Hitachi Impotence Test

The only thing my Fairy bitch and I have in common is our love for massaging our clitty with a Hitachi vibrator. Since you’ve been locked in chastity for so long, I doubt there’s any feeling underneath your silky panties. . I’ll play a game with you that will test if you can stay soft and useless like a good Fairy. Do you want to play? Can you handle having me buzz your little dicklette while you gaze helplessly at the heaven of my wet pussy seeping through my sheer pantyhose?You know that will cost you. My fairies don’t deserve to have erections because they are not men. Every time that sweet little clitty gets hard you have to pay your fees. I doubt you can afford anymore erection fees this deep into your obsession.

Panty Slave For Life

Beta Boys aren’t used to getting attention from me. I’m always keeping my eyes on my alphas, but I do pay attention to your dedication to fulfilling your daily Beta duties. It’s been so long since I’ve given you my personal attention, all your normal man urges have disappeared. Being a Beta for so long has made you impotent. All you’ve been doing is fantasizing about me, lusting for my panties, desperate to worship me. The only joy you receive in your pathetic life is wearing my dirty pussy stained panties. No real woman would ever want you as their “man,” you’re a sexless wimp that will never please her. This is your place in life, being my bitch, put on this Earth to serve and crumble in your pathetic submission.

Tired Dirty Feet

What a long day! My feet have been aching so bad, but you’re here now. Aren’t you lucky to take care of my perfect feet? I know how much you adore my feet, and you deserve them, especially after spending the entire day walking around in my expensive sweaty sandals. It’s your job to pamper my feet when I get home from work. This is the best part about your miserable day is worshipping my tired and dirty feet. It’s an honor to lick my feet clean and you’re thankful for the privilege to be my own personal foot slave. You’ve been waiting patiently all day to service my divine soles and licking my suckable cherry toes, hungry for all the scum I’ve been stepping in just for your enjoyment.

Pain, Pleasure, Poppers

You love the pain I bring. That’s why you can’t stay away. Any sane person would’ve learned their lesson after our first session, but you’re enduring. Sissy bitches like you aren’t tough by any means. You’re just desperate for any attention even if it means sacrificing your own body for my enjoyment. All you need is a sniff of your favorite pop-pers and instantly you’re a devoted slave ready for any torment I have planned on your hopeless soul. Just a few zaps to your chastised clitty will bring you to your knees and ready to worship. I shove my high heel boots in your bimbo mouth, making you choke on my stiletto like a big, long cock. Then, I surprise you with another buzz so you won’t get too comfortable. Every jolt gives you life, reminding you of your purpose in this world. Between sniffing your pop-pers and worshipping my pantyhose and feet makes all the electric stings worth it. Suffering for you is the only thing that brings you happiness now.

$10K Birthday Binge

Today is a very, VERY special day for you… It’s MY BIRTHDAY and I can’t wait to tell you what you’re going to give me. You might assume this is just going to be another ordinary shopping binge, but this isn’t a wimpy spending session for some common FinDom skank. I’ve got on your favorite fishnets, a pair of my sexiest high heels, and even brought some pop-pers to coerce and tempt you into giving me whatever I ask. I will guide you through a series of tributes to demonstrate your love for me. By the end, you will have gifted me $10,000! I believe I’m worth every penny of that five-figure present. I told you this wasn’t going to be a cheap birthday. You might think that is way too expensive, but doesn’t that BIG number get you so excited? I’ll tell you all my plans for my birthday money; the luxurious trips around the world, feasting on the finest cuisines, shopping for expensive homes, and watching my money grow from the security of my Beta Boy Fund. Watch as I rayp your wallet fast and hard, driving down your credit into obscurity. If your $hit job can’t afford rewarding me for giving your pathetic life meaning, well then I guess you’ll just never be good enough. This day belongs to me, I own it, just like I own your bank account.

Pretend Girlfriend

Ever wondered what it would be like to have me as your girlfriend? You would love courting around your perfect arm candy and making all the guys jealous of your pretty trophy. Anyone who has laid eyes on me has dreamed of having me as their girlfriend. I tell you exactly what its going to be like in real life to date me.

Pussy Is God

My pussy is the only thing you worship in the entire world. A pathetic Beta Boy like you doesn’t deserve to fuck since you’ll never know how to please a woman. Your job is to sit on the other side of the wall, listening to the erotic moans you will never share, wishing you were worthy of pussy. The power a man has over my pussy is one that is beyond your understanding. All you want is pussy, but it will never happen. You spend every moment dreaming about my pussy, believing one day you may actually be deserving to fuck one. My pussy is like your religion, a divine deity you pray to for guidance, to be a man. Devoting your life to serving my pussy is the closest you’ll ever get to sexual transcendence.

Step-Mom Bully Cock Worship

Look, I know school has been really hard for you, especially with that bully who beats you up everyday. I’ve met your tormentor, and I decided I no longer can intervene with his playful methods of asserting his dominance. You see there are two types of men in this world; Alphas and Betas. There’s nothing wrong with you, it's just he is clearly a better man than you’ll ever be. So now you have to learn your place in the world as the Beta boy you’ve always been. Losers like you can spend your life getting your ass kicked by these Alpha men or you can figure out a way to get on their “good side.” The best way to avoid getting beat up is to worship him. Trust me, it’s better to be his bitch than a punching bag. So I’ve invited your tough bully over to demonstrate how to service your Alphas. I’ll teach you to be a good Beta by showing you the proper way of sucking his cock. If you fight him, he’ll just beat you up again, so show him the respect he deserves. When he arrives, you’ll get on your knees and crawl up to him, begging for his cock, offering your mouth for his pleasure. I’ll even go first so you can watch how a devoted Alpha worshipper pleasures her man. Don’t be shy, he’ll appreciate knowing you’ve been trained by me. If you can't prove you're a loyal Beta cock lover, he'll have to give me a spanking for not teaching you how to suck him off properly. This is the only way you’ll survive in a world dominated by Alpha men, so make sure your technique is flawless, even if that means I have to grab the back of your head shove your face back and forth on his giant cock.

How Do You Measure Up

Congratulations! You’ve completed your 5 months of chastity. You must feel so relieved to finally release your clitty. I mean its been so long since you’ve seen you little nub, you must have forgotten what it looks like. I’ve decided to bring out my favorite big dildos, to compare to freshly freed cocklette. Now that you are out of chastity, I’d love nothing more than to humiliate you for your tiny deformed clitty. I want you to get a measuring tape and check the size of your “cock.” I will measure the length of all my dildos so we can find out the difference between a real man’s cock and… well… sadly yours.