Office Time Domination

You think you rule the world. Rich, successful, and all powerful. You treat your two gorgeous secretaries like sh-t just because you can. Well guess what, bitch? Your actions have consequences: You step into your office to find us, with our heels kicked up on your desk, hanging around like we own the place. And now, we do. We’ve been doing a little snooping, very surprised what we found. It seems you spend quite a bit of company time on some sick websites. Im sure your wife would love to hear about this (we found her number too by the way.) Looks like were calling the shots now huh bitch? Now why don’t you pull down your pants and amuse us by jerking your pin dick like we know you’ve always wanted to right in front of us. Don’t be surprised when our camera shoots out in the middle of your o-face. Haha, you fucking loser. Always thinking with your dick. I guess this will be as good a time as any to talk about the raise we will be getting.

Sissy caught

Custom clip "You're a close friend of mine that asked me to watch your place for you while you were on vacation. Naturally, I have a thing for you (who wouldn't?), but I am too big of a wuss to tell you how I feel about you. In fact, I'm not even a blip on your radar. You basically see me as just another one of the girls. Me being so into you coupled with being alone in your place is just too much for me too bear, and I wander into your bedroom. This is of course the day before you are supposed to get back from your trip so in my mind nothing could go wrong. Being the sad desperate little man that I am I start searching for your lingerie and hit the jackpot. Seeing all the soft silky fabrics I can't stop myself from dawning one of your bras, a garter belt, thigh highs, a pair of panties, a babydoll, and even some of your makeup. At this point I can't hold out any longer so I throw myself onto your bed and start rubbing myself through your panties. Unbeknownst to me, you came back from your trip a day early but thought it'd be all right to let me know once you got home. I'm so entranced I don't even notice that you've come in until I see you standing at the end of your bed mouth agape. At first you are flabbergasted and disgusted. You can't believe I would betray your trust like that (feel free to start berating me here "sissy, faggot, etc."). You're about to throw me out on my ass and have me walk home dressed like that until you notice something. You notice that the more you degrade me and insult me the bigger the tent in my panties gets. You naturally decide to have a little fun. "Hmm, don't leave just yet you sissy bitch. I can see how much this is turning you on so how about you rub that dick...I mean clit for me", you say. Obviously I oblige. You tell me keep rubbing my clit through those satin panties like the little slut that I am. All the while, you are still throwing verbal insults my way. You say, "Go ahead and moan you whore! Let me know how much this getting you off!" You notice a wet patch developing on the outside of the panties. "Lick that up! Sluts don't let cum go to waste!", you say in a stern demanding tone. As I get to the verge of coming, you pull out a camera and say, "Ahhh! Does sissy want to come? Well, go ahead and come for me sissy! That's it! Good girl. Now sissy, good girls have to keep their panties clean so pull those off and stick them in your mouth! We wouldn't want any of that cum going to waste would we?" Then as I put the panties in my mouth you snap several photographs to keep as domination for later. Then you say,"Go ahead and keep the panties bitch. Now get the fuck out." With that you kick me out of your place and I'm forced to make my way home like that."

Happy Birthday, Johnny

Custom clip: " I would like it if you could wear a black bra and black panties with a white see-through shirt (Like the shirt in "cum for me, brother"). I turn 50 on March 09, and you send me a humiliating birthday video. You tease me about what a waste of a life I've led, how I've gradually become more pathetic over the years, and how it's time for me at age 50 to accept I'm going to be a loser the rest of my life, addicted to girls like you. I would like it if you could use my name (Johnny) several times. You sum up my life so far: I have an artificial leg (birth defect, below the knee so I can bend my knee but I walk with a limp). I work at walmart (I have to sit down all day). I don't even have medical insurance; I have a wealthy father that helps me out with money, but he doesn't know I spend it all on girls like you and eat ramen noodles. Every decade I've become more pathetic than the last. Last year, I started wearing panties all day and shaving my pubic hair. I haven't had sex in ten years, which was with a prostitute. (You are bratty when you tease me.) I would like it if you mostly did a close up of your face while you summed up my life, then moved to teasing me with your body, removing your shirt so you're wearing your bra and panties. You tease me about what I can never have, teasing me with a close up of your tits and then your panties. You tell me how much you enjoy fucking real men and laugh and tell me how icky and weird it would be to have sex me and my crippled leg, and how you like to wrap your legs around a real man's legs. You tease me that you might take my leg away from me and make me hop around from now on. I would like it if you could actually hop a couple times while you teased me about that and then burst out laughing. After that, you do another close-up of your face. You tease me that I'm turning 50 and have never even had a blow job. You take a dildo and lick it seductively. Then you tell me that you want me to accept that I'm going to become even more pathetic. You tell me that I'm never allowed to watch regular porn again and can only watch humiliation clips. You tell me that I'm only going to be allowed to cum once a month, but I have to keep myself constantly hard by watching your clips every day and just teasing my cock, or jerking off but always stop before cumming. You tell me to give up other luxuries so I can stay subscribed to your website and purchase your clips. (If you like, you can include humiliating commands of your own, as long as they don't involve domination or public humiliation). You close by telling me seductively that you want me to seal my agreement with you by kissing your ass- You offer to show your ass (partially, like in your clip "interactive domination) but if I don't agree to your terms, I have to stop the clip without seeing your ass. I kiss the computer monitor and you burst out laughing and say something humiliating of your choice. " 

Cum Eating domination

Some of you dolts never even had a chance... From the first moment you laid eyes on me, you couldn't help but surrender it all. Such is the case with my new French fan. This weak little slut couldn't help but send me several disgusting images images of himself with cock in his mouth and cum all over his face. Now his life belongs to me. Watch as I domination him into becoming my personal dick sucking whore. As long as his mouth is working, these images will be our little secret.

Double domination

Custom clip "You find out i am an owned slave. But i have been messaging You and buying up Your clips like crazy. Worse than being outed to a girlfriend or wife or friends - You have the power to expose me to my Domme. Here's the deal - You get the passwords to my email, amazon and niteflirt. Every cent i tribute to her will forever now have to be matched by tributes to You. This is going to be so much fun - being double owned! hahahahahahaha!"

Jacob's exposure

Let this be a warning to all you other chicken loser's thinking about playing the domination game with me - DON'T FUCK UP. Seriously, your excuses get weaker by the day. Jacob foolishly failed to cough up one of his routine and mandatory payments because he was "out of town." Uh... what? Your house is not the only place in the world to access the internet you moron. Your physical location really has nothing to do with paying me. As a consequence, I'm calling your wife and telling her everything. And just so I can really rub it in your face, I'm recording it all and selling it here for so cheap even the most low rent subs can buy it and laugh at you along with me. Sucks to be you!

Shoe Licker domination

Meet my latest domination victim. This pathetic waste of cock loves to sniff and lick his co-workers shoes whenever she leaves them under her desk. He's so desperate to feel my power and control he even sent me an uncensored clip of himself doing it along with his co-workers full name and contact info. Now he's on a weekly payment schedule to keep me from exposing him for the shoe sniffing freak that he is. Let's see how long he can keep it up.

What Will You Do For It?

I told my little brother that the girl he has a huge crush on called when he was gone. She wanted me to give him her phone number, but I dont think my brother deserves her number because he isnt ready for a girlfriend yet. Hes such a pathetic loser, his dreams are about to come true and his big sister has all the power to make him do whatever I want. What would you do for it? Would you get on your knees and beg? Would you call me princess and worship me? Why dont you start by licking my feet and sucking on my grimy heels and toes? Prove to me you know how to take care of a woman. If you want your dream girls number then you are gonna have to earn it!


Never Be Normal

Everyone knows what a perverted loser you are. All you do is watch fetish porn and desire to be humiliated and dominated by powerful woman that only curse at you when they speak. You will NEVER be normal, which is perfect for me because you will make the perfect bitch for me. You will submit and perform any task or favor I command because I know deep down that this is your dream, to be owned by a Domme. Sorry loser, youre meant to be a freak that I can laugh at and abuse for the rest of your miserable life until the day you D1E!


Muscle Chick

I've been working on my upper body strength lately. Is there anything hotter than a woman with firm biceps? Watch me flex them right in your face, mocking you for being so weak and pathetic. Then, to demonstrate my TRUE strength, I tear a phone book right in half! Dont believe me? Buy this clip and see for yourself.