Flufferboy is an eccentric German loser who begged me with lots of money to make a clip humiliating him. Here was his request:

"Today I want to introduce one of my idiot little loser. He is my German pindick adorer. Look at these abnormal ugly shitface .. iiiiihhhhh ridicilous, because it shakes me, ääähhhh (YOU hold the photo of me in the camera) Hahaha what a ashole. No Bernd, his name is Klaus .. how appropriate, totally crazy name. The idiot has bought almost all of my videos. It's obvious that he is a lonely little wanker. If one looks he can easely figure out in that shitface. It should be tattooed on the forehead: Wanker` He sits `every night alone in his small apartment and stares drooling my videos. He got even more addicted , when I have my wet look leggings or to hold my divine ass in the camera .. His fantasy is that he would even have the grace to kiss my butt ... hahahah iiiihh gittt ... Are you crazy completely Fluffyboy????. Even if your tongue were made of gold, would not you were allowed to come within a meter zoom on my butt. But maybe it (You laugh and take my picture and keep it in your butt) ahahah naaa Fluffyboy how is that feeling `? Exactly, I will now just call My german fluffyboy Bernd .. fits ... Like I said, comes when fluffyboy Bernd really all miserable together. He has also confessed to me that his pindick has never kept hold it to the end of a clip .. hahaha are well, too horny to my videos, what? The fluffyboy is in fact a quick splash. How pathetic and ridiculous is this. This has then made him very depressed. Only once in his youth he had an ugly bitch and he could fuck once and was also gone, because he immediately came after three rub ... OMG ... hahahha the fast coming fluffyboy Bernd ... would have to be locked up in the zoo and show for money. Yes I will open up a private zoo. My first is a Wankerworm ahahah Then there is a show every day (fluffyboy is in fact not able to come twice, that loser) he sits in his cage, naked and then his chastity belt removed for several seconds. On the screen appears a clip of me and fluffybo begins to jerk his little load and then unfortunately it is also almost over, pelt down when the couple of drops out after 10 seconds ... IHHH disgusting . Oh yes I had forgotten. The fluffyboy also dosnt get no real hard dick, just an labbrige pasta. Well, and then he found his profession. Because he is good for nothing more, he works for me and buys clips. It is not, however, remain. I decided to destroy my fluffyboy really. I have no desire to occupy myself with this forever ugly loser. So I'm going to ruin him, and then trow to the trash. It will work best by with TeamViewer and domination. I will destroy your little sad life just for my fun, take your savings, push you so often to the bank to borrow money, which you can pull the trigger then good, you get nothing more private and have to file for bankruptcy ... And you'll always adore me and pray to Goddess Ceara even more I ruin your life. and I love to make you a bankrupt fluffybo is no longer usefull, you'll just cry and whine and beg .. but I sit on ignore you and will have you forgotten in no time. Who was that?? fluffyboy who? mmhhh it doesnt matter hahahaha"