Fuck This Marriage

Usually a man driving a red Ferrari is some ugly douche bag with a small dick, but this guy that followed me home was just oozing sex appeal. He MADE me take his number and I was dripping wet as I drove off. I couldnt tell if the smoke was from his blazing tires or him! It got me thinking about my husband's fantasies of his wife getting fucked by another guy. The Adonis in that cherry-red sports would be perfect to pop our cherry. But, I cant seem to eager or my husband will think I dont want to be married anymore, I have to make him feel like this is what HE wants. Ill just be this players plaything, and will only be thinking about how much it pleases you to have his thick juicy cock spreading me open But really, Im saying fuck this marriage and driving off into the sunset in a sexy Ferrari with a real man.

Bubble Gum Babe

Nothing like a bratty bitch blowing bubbles. Theres something sexy about a girl chewing bubblegum and popping her bubbles in your face that makes you pop and left with gummy underwear. Is it her chewing like she is nibbling your ball sack? The stretching and pulling of her gum like jerking some losers skinny dick? Or maybe that each blown bubble looks like a a fat juicy cock that cant even hit in her mouth? All I know for sure is that you wish I was smacking you instead of my gum!

Domination or Chastity?

You only have two choices. One, you can send me all your personal information; name, phone number, address, bank accounts, credit card numbers, social security number, everything. Or two, I will put your wormy cock in my chastity cage. You want option two? Fine, if that’s what you would prefer… but when I’m through with you, I’m going to have you chastised and all your money and personal information. You’ll be begging me to take all that have just to be released so you can stroke that swollen lump you call a dick.

Dominating James - pt. 2

The key to unlocking a man is with domination. You can make a man do whatever you want fearful and ashamed of the secrets they hide from their personal and work relationships. Well, in order to keep me quiet, Ill need a little more information to gain complete access into your finances. This is what happens when youre a kinky perverted freak: people take advantage of you. Then again, youre probably getting off on me holding so much power over you.

Chair Sniffer

A pathetic male by the name of "James" emailed me recently confessing that he has a sick obsession with sniffing chairs that have just been sat on by pretty girls. One chair in particular that's used often by his secretary gets quite a bit of attention from him. Clearly this disgusting perv is out of control and needs someone to put him in line. I decided to make this video for him as a way of luring him into my trap. Watch as I exploit his desperate urge to be dominated and controlled by seducing incriminating information out of him. I allow him to stroke, but he's not allowed to cum unless he obeys my commands. I order him to send me his secretary's email address and a video of himself sniffing at her chair. I know he can't resist my seductive charms; especially when I so effortlessly read him like a book, speaking to the depth of his soul and erotic imagination. I know it's only a matter of time before he sends me what I demand. Poor fool.

Dominated By Intern

I know why you hired me as your intern. I mean, I don’t do anything around here and I’m certainly not working. There can only be one reason why I was the best candidate; you wanted to have a little eye candy around the office. You know, I am more than just looks. I can be very persuasive when I want something. All I have to do is, show you a little attention, flash some skin, bend over a little, and I can tell you would do anything to get me alone to give me my “review.” Soon enough, you’re on your knees in your own office sucking on my heels while I’m sitting at your desk. You’re completely lost in orgasmic bliss that you don’t even notice the flashes of light while your deep-throating my stiletto. IT is only after you’ve cum that you realize the shift in power as you stare terrified at the picture of you at the mercy of your intern…

Cruel Cuckolding

I’ve ruined another pathetic loser’s relationship. For the first time, it was his fiancée that was doing the cuckolding with some other asshole. The poor guy just loves to be walked over by women. So, as a newly single man, he’s been begging to become my new slave. I think I’ll start off with shoving my feet in his face and make him sniff and worship my perfect soles and toes. Since he prefers to be at a woman’s feet, I can already tell he will be a good sub slave boy. His addiction to being humiliated by me has no limits. He wants it all! The teasing, the mocking, being degraded, dominated into doing whatever I wish, and even rubbing in the fact that he’d rather serve a domme then become a loving husband. Watch as I exploit his willingness to serve me and fulfill his dreams of becoming my dominated foot sniffing foot fag. 


The best part about dominating a pathetic pervert like you is when the only options don’t benefit the victim. I have seduced you to invite me to your hotel room. While I start by teasing your little cock until it’s raging hard, I take this moment of vulnerability to take full advantage of you, and shove a thin glass rod down your dickhole. Now you only have two choices, you can let me record you sucking my boyfriends massive dick dressed as a sissy or I will smash that fragile rod and leave hundreds of tiny pricks inside your tiny prick.

Dominating James

Men act tough and secretive, like they have nothing to hide. But I know all men are the same, and I can get any bit of information I can out of them. See, all you men may be in positions of power or control, and yet you all relinquish yourselves to me faster than the snap of my fingers, especially if you know I have some dirt on you. For the most part, I know all you losers are greedy sick perverts. Even when I threaten to tell all your friends and family about your twisted kinks, you are seduced enough to help me out and tell me where you work, live, and what people you are keeping secrets from.. It is so easy to extract all the info I need like full name, address, bank accounts, credit card number, social security, and all your passwords once youve told me all your secrets and who no to tell.

High school nostolgia

Little known fact: Lyne and I went to high school together. As you could imagine, we were the most popular and meanest girls on campus. Here we reminisce about old times - when we were too young and naive to realize we could be torturing losers for profit. One melvin in particular stands out to us the most. The weirdo that wanted so badly to hang out with us and be our friend. Followed us around everywhere, basically stalking us, and all the cruel things we did to punish him for being a freak of nature. For example: making him drink toilet water and dominating him for it. It's amazing that even worked, what did this guy have to lose in the first place? Certainly not the respect of everyone else.