1 Week of Edging - pt. 4

Day 4 You poor mess of a man. Your cock must be screaming at you to explode. But you know better than to release without my permission. Consider this the ultimate exercise in restraint and obedience. Im here to tease your cock silly, lure you into weak, malleable submission, and coax you into surrendering your money to me. Slave training through edging.

1 Week of Edging - The Finale

Day 5 The Explosive Finale... I know you losers have nothing better to do with your lives than jerk your microdicks to my clips. Thats why I made this special batch of videos to keep you on regular jerk-off and pay tribute schedule. You have finally reached the end of the week. Time to unload all that stress and tension youve been carrying all week. Well, the work isnt over yet. This will be a true test of your obedience and endurance as I tease and slowly edge closer and closer until you are pulsating at the brim to cum. So, pay up your last tribute and show me what youve been saving for

Collateral Wife

Hey baby, lets talk. I know youve been working on this project for 3 years now and youve put your heart and soul into it. But now youve hit a wall and he desperately need money to move forward. A lot of money. No bank will give you a loan at this point and your only real hope is to beg that handsome, rich investor friend of yours to lend it to you. But hes no idiot, he didnt get rich from investing in shaky business ventures. Hell want something in return, some kind of collateral. How about me? Its okay. Hear me out, sweetie. We dont have any land or assets. The best we can offer him is my sweet pussy. Well tell him well promise him his money back with interest, or he can fuck me whenever he wants. Youll either get the money you need and if it flops, at least youll get to live out those cuckold fantasies youve been telling me about. He has a family himself so you know hell be discreet. And besides I think hes just so hot. I get wet just looking at him. What do you say, baby? Make me your collateral wife? Everyone wins!

Boot Slave for Life

I want you to think about all the good times in your life and moments of perfect happiness. That part of you is OVER! The rest of your pathetic life will be devoted to being my boot slave. As you can see, these boots are going to need daily attention to keep them shiny and sexy. You’ll need to be hydrated to lick clean these boots. But, I can tell by that desperate gaze, that your mouth is already watering for the chance to just worship me. Even though the rest of your life will be served as my lowly bottom-feeding boot cleaning bitch.

Pulled Over

I got pulled over by a police officer and given a ticket for talking on my phone. I figured I could get myself out of the ticket by playing cute and flirtatious while showing off my cleavage, except my tricks completely backfired! He wasnt even nervous or seduced, and just treated me like I was some NORMAL loser. But, the cop ignoring my sexual behavior was actually turning me on and getting me so wet. I tell my husband all about my traffic stop and how the cop made me so horny. I told him that this is the man that should be fucking me, a real man with power, a man that makes me feel as weak as I make you feel. He is perfect for fulfilling your fantasy of your hot wife getting fucked by a rough and rugged cop. Ive never felt this way before, it has to be that cop, hes the one! This hunky man in uniform not drooling over my beautiful body has got me drooling in other places.

Humiliated Foot Licker

What do you think youre doing? Cant see Im busy texting my boyfriends? If youre gonna be here and stare at me, you might as well make yourself useful and clean the bottoms of my feet. Look how dirty they are. I need a hot wet tongue to lick my soles until they are soft and pink again. All you get are my feet, Im too busy lining up my hot dates for this week to pay attention to you. Just do a good job and maybe I wont kick you in the face.

Fuck This Marriage

Usually a man driving a red Ferrari is some ugly douche bag with a small dick, but this guy that followed me home was just oozing sex appeal. He MADE me take his number and I was dripping wet as I drove off. I couldnt tell if the smoke was from his blazing tires or him! It got me thinking about my husband's fantasies of his wife getting fucked by another guy. The Adonis in that cherry-red sports would be perfect to pop our cherry. But, I cant seem to eager or my husband will think I dont want to be married anymore, I have to make him feel like this is what HE wants. Ill just be this players plaything, and will only be thinking about how much it pleases you to have his thick juicy cock spreading me open But really, Im saying fuck this marriage and driving off into the sunset in a sexy Ferrari with a real man.

Bubble Gum Babe

Nothing like a bratty bitch blowing bubbles. Theres something sexy about a girl chewing bubblegum and popping her bubbles in your face that makes you pop and left with gummy underwear. Is it her chewing like she is nibbling your ball sack? The stretching and pulling of her gum like jerking some losers skinny dick? Or maybe that each blown bubble looks like a a fat juicy cock that cant even hit in her mouth? All I know for sure is that you wish I was smacking you instead of my gum!

Domination or Chastity?

You only have two choices. One, you can send me all your personal information; name, phone number, address, bank accounts, credit card numbers, social security number, everything. Or two, I will put your wormy cock in my chastity cage. You want option two? Fine, if that’s what you would prefer… but when I’m through with you, I’m going to have you chastised and all your money and personal information. You’ll be begging me to take all that have just to be released so you can stroke that swollen lump you call a dick.

Dominating James - pt. 2

The key to unlocking a man is with domination. You can make a man do whatever you want fearful and ashamed of the secrets they hide from their personal and work relationships. Well, in order to keep me quiet, Ill need a little more information to gain complete access into your finances. This is what happens when youre a kinky perverted freak: people take advantage of you. Then again, youre probably getting off on me holding so much power over you.