Lipstick Lesbians

What man could resist a pair of plump, lusciously red wet lips oozing with sex and the desire to kiss? Mandy and I are going to tease and drive you crazy with our juicy lips and slipperyl tongues. You won’t be able to decide if you should try to make-out with us, or jerk your loser limp cock. Like we’d ever kiss a disgusting fuck like you. Nope, the only way you’re getting a smooch is from the other side of a window.

Happy Birthday Donald

One of my UK slaves wants to fly across an ocean just to spend his birthday in my dungeon. Since he is turning the big 5-0, I invite him to stay with me for a couple weeks so I can help him celebrate his birthday! I even let him bring his mistress along for the trip and invite another one of my Dommes to join the party. He thinks he is gonna have a fun and erotic couple weeks of for his birthday, but when you submit to 3 Dommes, the only gift you will be getting is a punch everyday for how old you are and withstand whatever painful tortures we decided to put him through. Maybe next time he’d be wise just to buy a new sports car instead.


I feel so ashamed telling my husband about my appointment with my gynecologist. This check-up was different than the times before. I was alone in the Doctors office, all the nurses had gone home, and usually theres supposed to be a nurse in the examining room recording everything. Then, I felt his fingers inside me, but different it was much warmer to the touch and softer. I realized he wasnt wearing gloves which was making me uncomfortable, but surprisingly aroused too. I felt a orgasmic tingle with every twitch of his strong naked fingers, feeling my juices flooding making my vagina dripping wet. The fact that I was allowing my Gynecologist to work my clit made me feel really ashamed that he has given me more pleasure in that half-hour than my own husband had in years. But, when I tell him about my ordeal, he isnt mad, but seems rather aroused himself

Pit Stroker

I bet you’d pay anything just to touch my soft supple skin. To run your hands over hands, up my arms, and slide through my armpits, inching closer and closer to my squeezable breast. Sadly, the only stroking of soft skin you’ll get is your wrinkly and flaccid dick against your sweaty palm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch me stroke myself. That’s all you’re good for anyways, is to watch me tease you until you shoot your wad. Too bad you’ll never be worthy enough, let alone afford the chance, to actually touch my divine flesh.

Inappropriate Uniform

The most gorgeous student in your class has been playing with your mind. She comes to class one day in a very provocative version of the school uniform and you are forced to talk to her after class. Little do you know this young beauty knows just how to manipulate weak old men such as yourself. She teases you with her white cotton panties, full round ass and perfect tits. Before you know it your mind is spinning. You forget quickly about your wife and your career and all that matters is getting an eye-full of your gorgeous student. Looks like she has you right where she wants you.

Take It For Me

So I have a secret to tell you… I have this twisted idea with wanting to see a guy get fucked in his tight ass for the first time. Just the thought about a guy getting fucked in front of me gets me so hot. I’ll call up my gay friend who has the perfect cock for filling your virgin hole. C’mon, I’ll show you how to take it like a man. You won't even see the guy. Just get on all fours and face me. I'll walk you through it every step.

Your Brain On Porn

What makes a great Humiliatrix is knowing how my slaves’ minds work and what fuels their addiction to be under my control. I do a lot of research and studying the science that drives the kinky mechanics of a man’s brain, especially by reading a lot of articles from It is hilarious how men secretly desire to be humiliated and tormented by woman. I could make you play with yourself for hours and I would never have to give you anything. The fact is, you mindless fucks are so seduced by my pretty face, sultry voice, and perfect body, that you don’t even care what I do to you as long as I give you my attention. This is just evidential proof that men belong at my FEET!

Cuckold Matchmaker

My husband has been really into the idea of being cuckolded lately. I can’t just fuck some other loser, so this guy has to be a gorgeous tall tanned muscled modelesque type of man. My husband really knows what I like because he quickly found the perfect guy to be my new sex toy. It starts with me checking out his hot pics on Instagram, then, soon enough, we are already scheduling our first FUCK! What a tool, he has no idea that he’s fucking someone else’s wife. He thinks I’m just some horny slut, but I’m really just a horny wife using this guy as just another dildo to tease my husband.

Bug Eater

Men are nothing but insects to me that I walk all over and squash between my toes. Too weak and tiny to do anything to stop a powerful Domme like myself. All you are is just a spineless fly on my wall, one that I can pinch between my fingers, rip off your wings and listen to your cries, and chew you up as your squishy insides are mashed by my ravenous teeth, before finally swallowing you down with no remorse. Youre just a tiny bug, a defenseless creature for me to torment and devour!
NOTE: The real insects used in this clip were precooked and sold for consumption purposes.

Slow Seductive Findom

I’m so glad I have so many new losers begging to become one of my financial slaves. You dumbasses think you just have to pay me a little and I’ll do whatever you want. WRONG! This is how it works. You are doing this because you WANT to serve me. You will buy my clips, specifically ones that I personally select. Nothing under 10min and you must buy all my 30min and longer clips. Second, as a slave you MUST pay tribute, nothing cheap like $5 or $10, I’m not a fucking Girl Scout! Tributed amount will be at least $25 up to however much I’m worth to you. Also, I have quite the wish list on Amazon that needs to be addressed. And finally, all my slaves BELONG to me! And, to make sure you don’t stray, I’ll lock you in a chastity cage so you’ll only be able to release after you have paid your dues. Welcome to your new life in FinDom!