Step Daddy Foot Licker

I’ve always hated my stepdad. He is an idiotic asshole that I’m certain is secretly a twisted pervert. I needed to find some dirt on him to get him out of my life for good! While digging through his browser history I discover that he has a foot fetish. I use his little obsession to domination the loser into being my personal slave. I force that foot freak to lick the dirt off my smooth soles and toes while he cries and whines about being treated like a . Well, you wouldn’t want me telling your sick little secret to my mom and ruining your sham of a marriage, now would you?

Blowjob surprise

Your super babe of a girlfriend has been totally holding out on you, never put out even once, not so much as a little blowjob! If it werent for the fact she was so smoking hot you would have moved on a while ago, but this girl is worth waiting for. She invites you over to talk about it, you think today might be the day! She confesses that shes really nervous about giving head because shes never done it before. She thinks she could do it, if only you'd show her how. She pulls out a dildo and promises if you just suck on it a little bit, she'd feel more confident, plus it would be the perfect opportunity to show her exactly how you like it. Your mind is so distorted from days upon days of blue balls that you'll do anything. You immediately drop to your knees and start sucking as your girlfriend giggles and eggs you on. Oddly enough, this is strangely erotic to you. Just as your really getting into it, she pulls out a camera and begins filming. Suddenly her meek, demure attitude changes. Turns out your sweet innocent girlfriend is a closet bitch! She's been using you this whole time just to get to this moment, where she can film you acting like the cock sucking whore you are and domination you for the rest of your life. Ouch!

Baby sitter domination

The dangerously cute baby sitter wants to talk with you one on one. You have no idea what its about but a little shiver goes through your prick at the thought of being alone with her. She tells you shes so happy to work for you and your wife. Also, that she knows your attracted to her. She catches you checking her out and trying to look up her skirt. You are embarrassed, until she admits that she likes you too! Even better, she tells you she has a "thing" for teasing old men and watching him stroke off. This is too good to be true! Getting sexy peaks at the hot babysitter without the guilt of cheating! You pull out your cock at her command. She flips up her skirt, showing off her pink panties and telling you how to stroke it. You are so turned on. She pulls down her tight tank top exposing her black bra. Just as your mind is spinning, she tells you another secret: she knows about your "nanny cam." She pulls out the video camera youve secretly been taping her with and begins taping YOU. Your way too horny to care, or maybe the thought of exposure makes it that much more exciting? Either way you cant stop stroking. You finally explode and she turns off the camera. Suddenly her sweet flirty demeanor has changed. A vindictive, evil look sweeps her face and suddenly is sinks in how screwed you are. This video tape could destroy your marriage. She tells you she wants a huge raise - something a long the lines of $200/hr. You are floored, you dont know what to say. This little bitch has you buy the balls.

Tag team domination

Interactive domination fans rejoice! Princess Lyne has joined me in the remake of your destruction. Just gotten over the chill of sending that last email to me? Buy this clip and let the anxiety start all over again. If you thought my power was unbearable by itself, just wait until the Lyne persuasion is piled on top of it. Imagine, your most sensitive information in both of hands. How do you think we'd use it? Only 10 seemingly innocent minutes. See if you can get to the end without completely fucking yourself over.

I always Keep My Promises

I know you've wanted to play the domination game with me for some time, but you just haven't mustered up the courage to send me your info. Don't worry, I'll make things very easy for you. The more information you give me, the most clothes I take off. We'll start out slow: my tank top for your full name, then my leggings for your phone number. You know you can't resist my devious smile and sweet charms. Suddenly all sense of rationality go out the window as I tease you wearing nothing but my bra and panty. Now let's play for real: for your girlfriend's info, I'll remove my panties. For you SSN# I'll take off my bra. Don't believe me? I always keep my promises.

Self Destruction

Fans of my ever popular interactive domination clip are going to love this. What's more powerful than seducing you into surrendering your personal information to me? Cutting out the middle man and forcing YOU to send an all exposing confession to your wife. I love to see how far I can push you when you dick is hard and your mind is deep in sub space - this is the ultimate test. See if you can finish it without completely destroying your own life.

Old Man domination

You thought you really hit the jackpot with me. A young, gorgeous, dominant girl who actually gave you the time of day, even if it meant paying out the ass. You thought you could trust me with all your conflicted emotions about being married and having these submissive desires. Too bad your weak mind got the best of you and now you're fucked. Im not as sweet and understanding as you think I am and this isn't just a game in exchange for your pathetic excuse of "spoiling" me. I want more. And I won't be satisfied until I get more. Your wife wasn't hard to find and if you even think about running away now I'm exposing you for the cheating bastard that you are. Oh, whats that? It's not cheating if theres no sex? Hmmm, maybe you're right. I guess it doesnt matter then if I tell her everything, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought. You're going to be paying me a lot more from now on. You might even have to take up a second job (you have no other skills, so that probably means dick sucking.) Bottom line is you better start paying me more than I can spend. Dip into your brat's college fund all I care. I'm taking over your world.

High profile domination

So you think you have it all; a high profile job as senator, a bombshell of a girlfriend, and even a little ass on the side. What more could a man want? You are unstoppable.... Or so you think. You're pushing your luck and it's coming very close to biting you in the ass. I invite you over to have a little chat and you soon realize I know about that blonde slut you've been cheating on me with. What was her name again? Rene? No matter, I have it all on tape. Yeah, that's right my little bitch, I snuck a video camera in your room the other night while I was out of town, knowing good and well you'd be fucking up once again. And now, you're the one who fucked. There's nothing your people hate more than a man in power who can't control his dick and now I have evidence that can completely destroy your career and reputation. So what happens now? For starters, youre not fucking around anymore. Not with your mistress and not with ME. You're going to live the rest of your sad pathetic life never getting laid again (you should know you were never really good at it anyway,) Furthermore, if you want to keep our little secret, I'll be extorting a large percentage of your paycheck. Now doesn't that sound fun? I know you're going to miss my perfect flawless body, so Im going to tease you with it one last time, giving you a good look at what you had and never will again.

Office Time Domination

You think you rule the world. Rich, successful, and all powerful. You treat your two gorgeous secretaries like sh-t just because you can. Well guess what, bitch? Your actions have consequences: You step into your office to find us, with our heels kicked up on your desk, hanging around like we own the place. And now, we do. We’ve been doing a little snooping, very surprised what we found. It seems you spend quite a bit of company time on some sick websites. Im sure your wife would love to hear about this (we found her number too by the way.) Looks like were calling the shots now huh bitch? Now why don’t you pull down your pants and amuse us by jerking your pin dick like we know you’ve always wanted to right in front of us. Don’t be surprised when our camera shoots out in the middle of your o-face. Haha, you fucking loser. Always thinking with your dick. I guess this will be as good a time as any to talk about the raise we will be getting.

Sissy caught

Custom clip "You're a close friend of mine that asked me to watch your place for you while you were on vacation. Naturally, I have a thing for you (who wouldn't?), but I am too big of a wuss to tell you how I feel about you. In fact, I'm not even a blip on your radar. You basically see me as just another one of the girls. Me being so into you coupled with being alone in your place is just too much for me too bear, and I wander into your bedroom. This is of course the day before you are supposed to get back from your trip so in my mind nothing could go wrong. Being the sad desperate little man that I am I start searching for your lingerie and hit the jackpot. Seeing all the soft silky fabrics I can't stop myself from dawning one of your bras, a garter belt, thigh highs, a pair of panties, a babydoll, and even some of your makeup. At this point I can't hold out any longer so I throw myself onto your bed and start rubbing myself through your panties. Unbeknownst to me, you came back from your trip a day early but thought it'd be all right to let me know once you got home. I'm so entranced I don't even notice that you've come in until I see you standing at the end of your bed mouth agape. At first you are flabbergasted and disgusted. You can't believe I would betray your trust like that (feel free to start berating me here "sissy, faggot, etc."). You're about to throw me out on my ass and have me walk home dressed like that until you notice something. You notice that the more you degrade me and insult me the bigger the tent in my panties gets. You naturally decide to have a little fun. "Hmm, don't leave just yet you sissy bitch. I can see how much this is turning you on so how about you rub that dick...I mean clit for me", you say. Obviously I oblige. You tell me keep rubbing my clit through those satin panties like the little slut that I am. All the while, you are still throwing verbal insults my way. You say, "Go ahead and moan you whore! Let me know how much this getting you off!" You notice a wet patch developing on the outside of the panties. "Lick that up! Sluts don't let cum go to waste!", you say in a stern demanding tone. As I get to the verge of coming, you pull out a camera and say, "Ahhh! Does sissy want to come? Well, go ahead and come for me sissy! That's it! Good girl. Now sissy, good girls have to keep their panties clean so pull those off and stick them in your mouth! We wouldn't want any of that cum going to waste would we?" Then as I put the panties in my mouth you snap several photographs to keep as domination for later. Then you say,"Go ahead and keep the panties bitch. Now get the fuck out." With that you kick me out of your place and I'm forced to make my way home like that."