Bug Eater

Men are nothing but insects to me that I walk all over and squash between my toes. Too weak and tiny to do anything to stop a powerful Domme like myself. All you are is just a spineless fly on my wall, one that I can pinch between my fingers, rip off your wings and listen to your cries, and chew you up as your squishy insides are mashed by my ravenous teeth, before finally swallowing you down with no remorse. Youre just a tiny bug, a defenseless creature for me to torment and devour!
NOTE: The real insects used in this clip were precooked and sold for consumption purposes.

Donald's Extreme Hypno

This video isn’t for just any of my slaves. Sure I’ve done a bunch of hipn0sis clips before where I make you jerk-off or lick my feet, but this clip is more extreme than the silly FemDom things I’ve done before. No, I plan on taking you to new levels of servitude once you're under my control. I’ll not only humiliate you more severely, but torment you and beat you, and even make you my toilet slave. Try and fight my worst commands, but you will be too subdued by the power of my sultry voice and your desire to obey to stop yourself from munching on my shit.

Slow Seductive Findom

I’m so glad I have so many new losers begging to become one of my financial slaves. You dumbasses think you just have to pay me a little and I’ll do whatever you want. WRONG! This is how it works. You are doing this because you WANT to serve me. You will buy my clips, specifically ones that I personally select. Nothing under 10min and you must buy all my 30min and longer clips. Second, as a slave you MUST pay tribute, nothing cheap like $5 or $10, I’m not a fucking Girl Scout! Tributed amount will be at least $25 up to however much I’m worth to you. Also, I have quite the wish list on Amazon that needs to be addressed. And finally, all my slaves BELONG to me! And, to make sure you don’t stray, I’ll lock you in a chastity cage so you’ll only be able to release after you have paid your dues. Welcome to your new life in FinDom!

Sissy Husband

You are such a freak! I find my husbands iPad lying around open on a page of a giant meaty cock getting jerked. OMFG are you a sissy faggot?!?! This changes everything! I don’t want a sissy for a husband; I need a man. This iPad is just loaded with twisted faggot filth Is this your dream? To be hot slut like one of these Internet models? Well, if I’m gonna turn you into a hot bitch like me, I’m gonna need to find me a man that fillthe whole you are leaving behind… And don’t think just cuz you look like a whore that you’re gonna be fucking around. No, the fucking other people is for me since I have to deal with a sissy husband. Sissies don't get a hot wife like this, they get cuckolded and left out to rot. You’ll be locked in a chastity cage for as long as you act like some genderfucked loser.

Hot Wife

What’s a hot housewife supposed to do with her life except sip on Starbucks, dressing sexy, complain about our fat husbands, and spend all their money shopping? Well fuck around with younger and hotter men of course! You think I spend all my time to look this hot for my loser of a husband, oh no, this is to show him what he is missing out on. When I go out tonight with my girlfriends, men won’t be able to take their eyes off me, and thinking about fucking my brains out. Then, they will find out I’m married and will do anything to get inside me, knowing my worthless microdick husband has never given me a decent screw. I wonder what horny guy I’ll catch eye- me tonight…

Bunny Love

Bratty Bunny always have the best time together. Don't you wish you could join us? HA. Gross. Why would we ever even look at someone as pathetic as you with we could be sucking each other's tongues off? Buy it and cry loser.

Cunt Controls Cock

Its undeniable: I have you under my complete control. My sweet pussy controls your cock and my mouth instructs you on when to stroke and stop. You love that sweet aching suffering I give you when I tease you with my panty-covered pussy as youre not allowed to touch yourself. As my slave, you will clean my glorious cunt and ass even after Ive used the bathroom. Does that get you excited, slave? Of course it down. Now put your hands down. No orgasm for you today.

New Marriage Rules

When I got married, I was told I had to love my husband unconditionally. No matter our trials, tribulations or HIS flaws, I’m supposed to be a supportive and devoted wife. So, when my husband confides in me all his deepest sexual secrets, including dressing up like a girl and getting fucked, what would any loving wife do? DIVORCE THE FUCKING FREAK! Unfortunately, it would literally kill my loser husband, so I have made some rules to make our marriage work. Rule #1- You’ll never fuck me again, ever, including giving you a blowjob or a handjob…

Brunettes on Blonde

Alexandra and I have found the perfect little blonde bitch to toy with. We each take turns face sitting her in our skin tight leather pants; smothering her face and blocking her air. We try different positions to see how much she can take. This submissive little slut loves every minute of it as she moans and struggles under our gorgeous asses. Aren't you jealous?

London Escort

When most couples take a romantic vacation to Europe, they usually do the typical clich and tacky touristy things. My husband and I are a bit wilder with our travel itinerary. Things like riding the Eye of London or messing with the guards at Buckingham Palace or too boring for us; Id rather be riding the guards at Fucking-him Palace. I dont want to see Big Ben, I want to feel Big Ben inside me! My sissy of a husband is even going to help me pick out the Euro men Ill be fucking on our vacation since he will get the privilege to lick clean my cummy twat after each banger. Just seeing all the hot guys with huge dicks online waiting for my wet vagina in London is really getting me horny. I dont think I can wait any longer. I wonder what its going to take to get my hubby to move our trip up to tomorrow...