Personal Assistant

Kelle has been working as my personal assistant for only a short while, but she’s already demonstrated she can’t do anything right. I decide to reassign her to a new job, as my personal heel-licking slut. Kelle is confused and a little apprehensive at first, but too scared to refuse and decides its best that she just do as she’s told. On her knees, she polishes my sexy 5” black pumps with her tongue. It’s not long before she becomes rather turned on worshipping her superior. I order her to take off my heels and smell the sweaty insides, then remove my pantyhose to kiss and lick my bare feet. I am pleased with my new assistant and decides not to fire her after all. Instead, she’ll be used as a footrest until she’s needed again.

Findom Daddy

Usually when you come home from college your parents are eager to feed you, wash your clothes, and give you a little money when you go back to school. My daddy on the other hand is a little too eager to see his little princess again. He is like my servant when I’m home, answering to my every request and demands. I mean EVERYTHING! It’s great that he spoils me, but I can get him to do whatever I want. Like buying me stuff isn’t enough for him… he desires to serve me. If I asked him to put on the new lingerie I just got, he would do it. If I told him to get on the floor and worship my pretty feet in my brand new heels, he does it. Even if I forced him to bend over and shove the big black dildo he bought me up his tight hole, he’d take it. Daddy is my slave and will do anything to make his little girl happy.

Feminine Like Me

We should all strive to look our best. Being a Goddess requires beauty like Aphrodite and the power to rule like a queen, so I know I’ve set the bar pretty high for being the epitome of female perfection. I’m the dream woman everyone wants to be… even MEN! I swear one look upon my divine self, and guys are not only drooling to shove their faces into my moist panties, but actually crave to wear them. The only problem is, just because you want to dress like me and wear all my nice sexy things, doesn’t mean you’re not going to look like some freakish sissy faggot. At least you’re trying to make yourself prettier, so you work hard girl and become the best bimbo slut you can be!

Sweat Induced Blue Balls

Boys can be so gross, and my pervy little brother is proof of that. On my way out to the gym, I caught my brother digging around my gym bag and smelling my rank clothes from my last workout. I tie up that little stinker to a chair naked while I go to the gym and think about what to do with that sick fuck. I could tell mom & dad, but I don’t want to out him as panty-sniffing freak. I decide that if he loves the smell of my filthy things then I’ll just make him my sweat slave. I come home after 2 hours at the gym. My bro’s cock shoots straight up the moment he sees the sweat glistening on my cleavage. I begin to shove my smelly pits in his face, force him to sniff my shoes, eat my socks, and take a deep whiff of my hot sweaty ass. The little pervert is gushing precum, more than the amount of sweating I did during my workout. Unfortunately, his workout is just starting. Now that I got him all sweaty and aroused, I decide to hit the showers and leave him to work-out a solution to getting untied and working out his swollen and dripping cock muscle.

Strap-On Small Penis Humiliation (silent w/subtitles)

Silent? Yes!!!! But I took the time to add subtitles so buy it up if you losers ever want to see another one like it. There was no audio recorded for this mind fucking, super sexy vid, FEATURING MANDY FLORES, teaching a worthless tiny dick toting idiot we picked up from the club how to fuck by using a strap-on to pound her pussy! You are that loser, getting her pussy juice coated pretend cock shoved in your face to remind you how worthless you little nub is to us, you might as well learn to suck cock and accept your life as a bitch!

Social Anxiety Disorder

Custom clip: "I play a loser with Social Anxiety disorder. You take on the role of a kind of "mock-therapist", although really this translates to be something more like a mocking humiliatrix rather than any kind of therapy. Verbal humiliation, with lovely face closeup, with your wearing your infamously perfect lipstick and lovely makeup. Hairstyle maybe in pigtails or something similar. Basic idea is extreme humiliation, humiliating me, mocking me, and laughing at me for having social anxiety disorder. You might start off by telling me how ridiculous it is that I have social anxiety disorder….mocking me saying things like "Are you s-s-s-s-scared of people?!"..(doing a mock stutter)….or something like "OMG…here's a group of people… I'm SHAKING I'M SHAKING…help me"…..(laughing and pretending that your wrists are shaking)……or saying things like "Can you even c-c-c-c-c-c-construct a sentence?"….Loads of room for verbal humiliation improvisation, using mocking keywords like SCARED, and FFFRIGHTENED OF PPPPEOPLE etc etc. You might suddenly stop what you're saying and pretend to go red in the face, and then mockingly say "OMG what's this…I"M GOING RED IN THE FACE…OH NO.. OH NO …THERE MUST BE PEOPLE ABOUT…" (laughing). After mocking me for sometime, you tell me how it really it is: How you imagine me sitting alone in a small room with my therapist, me telling her how much of a loser I am, and all my freakish secrets, while she pretends to listen and acts all serious, while trying not to burst out into fits of laughter on how much of a scared pussy I am. You tell me that when she gets home she probably laughs out loud with her friends and maybe you tell me you feel sorry for her. ….Because the truth is: I'm just a PUSSY. A pathetic SCARED LITTLE MAN. SCARED OF LIFE. SCARED OF GIRLS. SCARED OF PEOPLE. SCARED OF EVERYTHING. You tell me that there IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER - it's just a word they made up to make me feel better. ….and EVERYONE knows it. My therapist knows it. You know it. You continue to lay it down thick and fast with extreme humiliation, and at the end maybe you lay down some seriously extreme therapy tips of your own. Perhaps something like: Scared of people? Then STAY HOME, LOCK YOUR LITTLE DOOR NICE AND SHUT AND TIGHT AND STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM SOCIETY. SCARED OF WOMEN? GREAT! DON"T BOTHER US AND WE WON"T BOTHER YOU. etc etc Maybe a few more stuttering keywords like FFFFFREAK and PPPUUSSY at the end, before you smile and fade out with middle finger."

Eat My Gummy Penis

Your dick is like candy! Not that it tastes that good by any means… I’m referring to how “fun-size” your dick is, stupid. When I said I wanted a little snack, I didn’t mean your pint-sized tootsie roll. You see, I love my gummy bears and I carry them with me everywhere, incase I want something juicy in my mouth. I can’t believe your tiny salty cock is smaller than by sweet little gummy bears! You know what? I change my mind, seeing how small your penis really is was a treat in itself.

Gamer Fate

To win the game- Player 1 (that’s you): Win the online video game tournament’s jackpot of $100,000. Player s (that’s me): Pick out the sexiest outfit for my hot date. Watching you dominate your opponent in your game is really making me feel self-conscious about my date. I must not be sexy enough if some nerd like you won’t look at me. Maybe you can help me find something sexier. I can’t decide which piece of lingerie will score me more points. This game is hard! I begin to try on the different types of sheer and sultry garments and catch you staring at me in my bra and panties. It seems that I was wrong. My outfit must be because your avatar is just getting slaughtered in that game. I guess I better leave now. I don’t want be around any losers! Looks to me like you should start playing with another joystick now…

Easing into FinDom

So you want to learn to be a better financial slave? Well, my training fees are pretty pricey, but if you truly want to be a better financial slave, then money SHOULD NOT be an issue. After all, by the time I’m done teaching you to pay me to pleasure yourself, you’ll be taking out a 2nd mortgage just to cum. It’s a shame that education now a days is so pricey. Maybe your son could cosign a student loan for your FinDom tuition.

Dirty Sandals

I was walking around the beach one day when I noticed this nerdy french loser staring at my feet. I'm sure he must have some kind of foot fetish so I decide to test this theory by inviting him back to my place where I forces him to get on his knees and lick my sandals clean! This bitch doesn't skip a beat and gets right down to it, licking the bottoms, insides and then my bare feet. Can I spot a foot loser or what?