Winner Takes A Seat

I was hanging out with Miss Kelle Martina in their tight, sexy designer jeans and decide to play rock, paper, scissors. Just to make things more interesting, they agree that the winner gets the face sit the loser. Guess who wins??

Cum Extractor

So you’ve been waiting all day for this, huh? That’s a good slave. Way to be obedient and wait to jerk that tiny shriveled-up cock until you’ve served me. You know that you are only allowed to cum when it’s time for your milking. I own your cock and will control your every stroke. It’s as if you are a masturbating puppet jerking your hard woody with my every pull of your strings. Just listen to my every command and we will have you showing your devotion for me all over the walls and floor in no time.

Post-Coitus Humiliation

You just finished listening in on a steamy hot fuck-session with me and my boyfriend outside our bedroom. As he takes a shower, I invite you in to rub it in your face. How degrading is it for you that the closest you'll ever get to having a sex life is to live vicariously through mine? You don't get to look or even touch, just listen and then sit there in shame as I humiliate you for your inadequacies. I'm not totally heartless though, I saved you a little souvenir; our used condom. That's right, it's still warm too. Filled with his spunk and coasted in my creamy pussy juice. You want it don't you? Your mouth practically salivates as I wave it in front of your face. As if that isn't sick enough, I'm not going to just give it to you, I'm going to make you PAY for it. How fucked up is that? You are the lowest of the low.

Dungeon Latex Milking

I can tell from the aroused moaning from my dungeon that my slave is pretty full from being locked in a cage with his cock chastised. I figure it’s about that time for me to milk my slave again. I put on my sexy corseted latex cat suit just in case he makes a big mess or shoots on me. I need to make sure I milk my slaves, a chore I’m not fond of, but if I don’t do it then my slaves will just wail in the damp darkness until they drive themselves insane and climax in their cage. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk.

He Gets Pleasure, You Get Pain

Big cocks get pleasure, teeny-weeny worthless cocks get pain. I only show my appreciation for the biggest and best looking cocks, and I’m sorry to say that yours is severely lacking in girth. What am I supposed to do with that tiny shriveled up worm? The fact that you even thought I would consider touching that measly pouch of flesh is ridiculous. The only touching that small thing is getting is self-inflicted punishment. That piece of is so small that I won’t even waste my time on you. So, while I am making myself feel better stroking a REAL dick, you are going to be torturing your own. I’m going make you feel how a man of your inadequacies makes me feel, all while demonstrating how I would pleasure a REAL MAN!

Tiny Matt

Matt has found himself shrunkin and in my living room. He approaches quietly, taking in the sight of my beautiful body and bare feet. Mandy comes home and we chat for a bit. Then she notices Matt. Thinking it’s a bug, we decide to squish it, but as we get closer, we realize it’s a tiny man! And not just any man, but that jerk Matt from the bar who’s always perving on us. We decide a quick squish would be much too nice for this asshole. Instead, we take the time to crush every part of his body slowly, describing it all in sadistic, gory detail. Then we take turns holding him down, crushing his arms, legs, chest, & dick with our feet. When its finally time to put him out of his misery, we count him down from 10 and then Mandy crushes his stupid head as I hold him down

Above You

This is how it works, I am above you and you are below me. That’s it. This is your life! You are beneath me in everything: power, money, business, class, even during sex. My needs always trump your desires. It’s people like me that give your miserable life meaning, someone to look-up to and strive to impress. You are a pathetic excuse for a man because me are supposed to be in charge and take control, but all men answer to a woman. Lucky for you, I’m your woman, and you will do whatever I say or else be purged back into a meaningless existence. At least if you’re with me, your life will have purpose and I always have a job for my slaves…

Secretary's Revenge

You may think you have all the power as the boss, but your ego is about to get the best of you. Your secretary visits your office and slowly begins seducing you with flashes of her panties and cleavage. If all the bIood from your brain wasn't rushing toward you cock, you might have thought she was up to something. But alas, you are just another weak male. In no time she has you mesmerized, and before you realize it, you've signed everything away to her. If that weren't enough, she even convinces you to strip down naked, put on a pair of panties, and snaps a picture to show everyone else at the office. I guess thats what you get for being such a prick.

Brother in Spikes

Stupid boys going through puberty can be so angsty and rude. My little brother has been a real dick lately, so our mom decided to lock him up in a chastity cage for punishment. Nothing is worse than a jerk-off obsessed loser having his tiny cock locked away. I tease my little bro how mom got the idea from one of his friend’s hot MILF and how he has to wear the smallest size to keep his micropenis the way it is. The best part is, the chastity device is lined with spikes. Talk about a real prick!

Taste Me

So you just couldn’t get enough, huh? I know how badly you crave me, every single second of your sad miserable life. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, and I guess stroking your tiny dicks to my vids is the best part of your day. You have been itching to get your smelly hand down your pants and start stroking, hungry for seeing more and more of me. Your cravings have become desire, the desire to taste every part of my sexy and smooth body. Dreaming for a chance to sniff and lick my worn sweaty panties even just for a moment.