Taste Me

So you just couldn’t get enough, huh? I know how badly you crave me, every single second of your sad miserable life. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, and I guess stroking your tiny dicks to my vids is the best part of your day. You have been itching to get your smelly hand down your pants and start stroking, hungry for seeing more and more of me. Your cravings have become desire, the desire to taste every part of my sexy and smooth body. Dreaming for a chance to sniff and lick my worn sweaty panties even just for a moment.

Hideaway JOI

Well, who are you hiding from? Your wife… boss… girlfriend… roommates? I’m guessing they wouldn’t like it that you are jerking off to one of my video clips again behind their backs. But, I understand that sometimes a man just needs to sneak away and be “alone” for a while. How embarrassing would that be to have someone walk in just when you were about to climax? Let me help you keep your orgasmic moans quiet. We don’t want to get caught. This will be our little secret.

Lusty Legs

My long powerful legs are just one of the many attributes that prove my superiority over you. Tall, muscular and flawless. One look and you are immediately reminded of your place, groveling below them like a lowly slave. Give into their power. Weakness never felt so good.

Drink Up

I nearly forgot about that slave I was keeping in my dungeon. He must be thirsty! I mean it’s prolly been days since his last drink before I threw him in his cold dingy cage. I find him weak and crumpled in the corner. I begin to release a hot steamy stream of piss into a wine glass I brought so my slave can quench his thirst. Go ahead, drink up! I know it you’d rather have water, but my sweet nectar is the only thing my slaves drink. Maybe if you drink the whole glass, I’ll let you wash it down with a fat loogie that I spit down your parched throat.

Cum Eating Heel Whore

Listen as I instruct you on how to clean and worship these filthy heels. I know how weak you feel in my presence, and I will use that to my advantage. I order you to take big licks of dirt off the bottoms, showing me your tongue and then swallowing every bit. After a seductive cum count down, you are ordered to squirt on the shoes and then put them aside, pause the clip, then return to it in 30 min when you're horny and stupid again. The second time around I take the humiliation to a whole new level. My tone transitions from seductive to demeaning. You are forced to lick your old dried up cum off the shoes as your jerk your cock in submission, proving once and for all that I am your goddess. You are powerless as I order you to blow your second load and immediately eat every drop. Look at you. Such a pig. Now you have to live with yourself the rest of the day, thinking long and hard about what you just did.

Panty Show

Rene and I put on a panty show! Everything from tiny thongs to sexy fullbacks. We're cruel bitches that love to tease you with our perfect bodies, making your jerk off to every adorable pair! When its time for a cum count down, however, you are NOT allowed to blow it to our panties. You think you deserve that? Puh-leez! A loser like you has to spooge to our feet!

Need For Feet

What every woman loves most is a nice strong foot massage after a day in heels. That’s the only reason why I keep all you foot slaves around. I love how I can control a man by flexing and twitching my toes, like beckoning them closer with a wagging finger. I can tell how badly you want to serve me especially once I start dripping oil on my smooth creamy soles. Makes sliding my hands up and down my feet so warm and slippery. My shiny soles lathered looks like I’ve had dozens of footboys worshipping my feet all day. Too bad I’m stuck with only one loser stroking his tiny cok while I rub my big feet.

Tease You Silly

Looks like I’ve got another loser locked in my chastity belt. Why can’t these sex crazed masturbation addicts keep their hands off their skinny dicks? I mean, do you really need to touch yourself or stroke a little for every woman that walks by? This is why I have to train my slaves to control their urges and keep their hands off! Once I have you locked away, you’ll be forced to watch me as I tease and torment you with my big boobs and perfectly round ass. I’ll shove them in your face and rub them all over your trapped cock, and you’ll only be allowed to watch while your cock painfully swells against the tight confines of your chastity cage. Nothing makes me happier than teaching a man a lesson on sexual control through his suffering.

At Our Feet

Filmed with Mandy Flores Lucky foot boy, how is the view down there? Just as amazing as the smell I imagine. You crave the ripe smell of our socked feet. Already drooling over the taste of our foot sweat. So obsessed with our feet that you would probably eat anything off of them, even the lint and hair that gets trapped in the fibers of our socks.. Foot boy snacks! Fun for us is knowing that you are dying to see our feet, are imagining what our fresh new pedicures look like? Beg foot boy! You know if we allow you to see our naked feet we are going to demand a tongue bath right? You are going to love the sensual domination Mandy and I are serving, you cant help but jack off to us. Go ahead foot boy, jerk your dick. Will you be able to hold it while we slowly peel back our sexy thigh high socks?? First I want you to get to work on my feet. That’s it, do a good job and get in between each toe. We want our feet clean and pampered foot boy. Bet you are dying to cum by now. Too much fun teasing foot boys. Bet you would love to put your dick right here, in between our sexy feet. Jerk off on our feet. Yeah? Go ahead and imagine the ultimate release, this will be only chance you will ever get! Im sure its all just too much and you will have blown your load before this clip was even half over.

Dirty Dungeon Foot Cleaner

What a mess! Look how filthy my dungeon is from the messy remnants of all my past slaves. Gross! I can’t even begin to imagine what disgusting matter has found its way to the bottoms of my feet. I know better to wear shoes whenever I’m down here. Well, lucky for me I still have one slave left alive. I force that sorry loser to lick the crusty grime off my soles. With each lick up my dirty sole, I can see how disgusted my slave is. Maybe next time he’ll warn the other slaves to clean up after themselves before I step in it.