Your Wife, My Toilet

You begged to be my toilet, but now all you’ve been doing lately is puking up all my valuable waste. Looks like you got sick from your ass eating gluttonous ways. The deal was you could eat my excrement, not spit it all up! If you can’t keep it down, I’ll find someone who can. I guess since my toilet is overflowing, I’ll need to get a new one that can handle all my loads. You know what model I had in mind? I’ll give you a hint, you share a last name with them, share a house, even share a bed. That’s right, it seems the most logical to have your wife be your backup. I mean it’s about time she learns about your commitment to eating my ass nuggets and drinking my golden nectar. I know she wasn’t originally part of the agreement, but clearly you’re too full to handle my precious discharges and need some spousal support. I know your whore wife can handle whatever I shove down her throat. She won’t even need a mouth spreader once she discovers the pleasure of savoring my tasty waste.