Toke, Bark, Pay

You might be a “passable” man in society, not one of the ugly pigs, but decent looking enough to date pretty attractive women. Yet, the only thing that really brings fulfillment to your typically normal life is getting stoned and giving me all your money. You could be spending that cash on a nice girlfriend, but you are secretly on the inside nothing but a little bitch. That’s why you smoke so much dope so you can force yourself to completely submit against your Alpha ways. Once I’ve got you mesmerized and sedated, I’ll put you in your place and force you to worship my feet like a willing foot slave would. Nothing is more humiliating than being forced on your knees and made to worship the feet of someone more dominant than you. A loyal foot dawg whimpering and barking for my attention. Maybe I’m getting a contact high, but it’s hilarious how pathetic you get when you toke. I bet with your mellow mood you’d even let me fuck your queer ass! Completely emasculated, made to worship my feet, and be more personal ATM. So, go on and toke up, light a big stinky green bowl for us and send me all that money you aren’t smoking. Happy 420, Fuckface!