Time to Die

Custom clip: "I was hoping you could wear black bikinis or bras. I was hoping you could both speak to the camera as if the camera was my POV and I was on my knees looking up at you two. You both have kn.ives and are saying that even though I've always done everything you've wanted, you've decided that you're going to kiII me for no other reason than you want to watch me d.ie. You taunt me with the kn.ives and say if I beg then maybe you'll spare my life, but after I beg you just laugh and say you are going to kiII me anyway. You talk amongst yourselves about how much fun it will be to kiII me and how you're going to make it so slow and painful. Then one of you sta.bs me, then the other, and you take turns. It ends with you both standing over me and watching as I finally di.e, then you laugh and taunt my d.ead body."