Think Soft

I’ve locked my fairy boy in chastity because his cock is useless and he is life is better served as a sissy with a clitty. She’s been having vivid dreams about me, other women even, but they’re laughing at you. It’s clear that I’ve invaded your subconscious now, a constant reminder that all women see you as just another bimbo slut. We don’t see a man when we look at you, and you’ve accepted your new reality. That’s why you’re locked up because only men need to get erections. That pain you feel in your pussy, is a reminder that you must keep your clitty soft. You were impotent before, and now you’ll always be. Think soft thoughts to keep your enlarged clit under control. Always remind yourself that you don’t deserve pussy, you don’t deserve sex. From now on, your life will revolve around one thing, keeping your clit soft.