Taking My Beta Deeper

My beta has fully adapted to his new regime as my slave, patiently waiting for new instructions to serve. Locked away in my cold dark dungeon, emasculated and hairless, clad only in panties, my bitch withers away imagining what comes next in your miserable life. I feel it’s time to introduce new tasks so they can become accustomed to obeying again. I demand for frequent check-ins, especially photographs of your sissy impotency. I have also implemented punishment fees if you fail to obey your new beta tasks. You might think this is a sign of me favoring you over all other slaves, but I only see you as a toy to be used. Whatever resistance you employ, I will subdue you with my magic intox essence. Once I’m done with you I will ensure that your clitty will never get hard again. You will always be my bimbo doll to use for my own enjoyment.