Taboo Cuck Counseling

As a professional marriage counselor, I’ve helped many couples manage their relationships. This is the first time I’ve recommended divorce, and then swiftly marrying my client after he’s signed the papers. Now, I have a new fam, and a stepson that I can already perceive “relationship issues” in his future. I decide to offer him free counseling to prepare him for the difficult world of dating and sex. I explain all the nuances of marriage and love, especially utilizing examples from your own old man’s failed marriage. I accidentally revealed to my curious stepson how I gaslighted your mom into the divorce… telling her everything she needed to know, wanted to hear, and then tricked her into catching her husband and I fucking in my office. I know this news will be very traumatic in your future relationships, which is why I’m here to help you through this difficult time and teach you how to cope with being a beta cuckold.