Subordinate Worship

You thought you were going to get lucky tonight and fuck your boss, but I would NEVER fuck my underlings. I know we may have had a good time at the company party, having some drinks, and flirting with you by flashing seductive looks. The only reason I invited you back to my hotel room is to test your loyalty, to see if you are even worthy enough to work at my company. I need a real go-getter who is willing to do anything to impress me. You’re my submissive subordinate, the bottom of the totem pole. So you need to learn your place in this world, which is at my feet worshipping my expensive designer heels. Go on, prove to me you deserve your position working here. Get on your knees and worship the woman who holds your fragile career in her hands. The only way you’ll make it in this world is by servicing the people who have the power to change your life!