The Story of Homeless Joe

I read a newspaper article about some homeless man who was arrested at the public library for jerking off at the computers. At first I thought it was hilarious hearing about some porn obsessed pervert getting caught, but then I read the name of the man… My feelings of amusement quickly melted into sheer pleasure as I distinctly remembered this man, this was Joe - I ruined him. I almost forgot all about him until I saw his name next to that dirty mug in the papers. He used to be a normal hard working man with a family, good job, and a beloved reputation. Sadly, he never stood a chance the moment he clicked on that first Ceara Lynch video. I’ve always wanted to completely (actually) ruin a man and drain him of all his worth. Slowly I made him addicted to me, training him to give me everything, leading him deeper into a world that would destroy all that he loved, the home wrecker he never expected. I couldn’t be more impressed with myself that I have proof of my exceptional ability of successfully ruining a man. I know you'll probably never hear this, but I want our story to be eternalized, everyone will know of your humiliating downfall into a homeless jerking loser.