Stepmom Vacation JOI

Your step-father and I just got married and decided to let my new stepson tagalong with us on our Hawaiian Honeymoon. So here we are on this beautiful vacation, but I can’ enjoy it because I’m so embarrassed that you’ve been walking around with a boner the entire trip. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve only worn slutty bikinis or how you keep sneaking into our room at night to watch us fuck. I don’t blame you for having a natural response to your sexual desires, I feel it is my responsibility to teach you some self control. I’ve generously decided the only way I can keep my stepson’s raging boner subdued is to get him off myself. Every morning for the rest of the trip, your step-dad will go out golfing, and I’ll milk you dry so we can finally go to a beach and people won’t stare at that unsightly tent in your shorts. It shouldn’t take long since I know you’ve jerked off to me a few times since I started dating your step-father. I’d be surprised if a horny little virgin like you never imagined me naked on a beach. What a dream come true, to spend the rest of your vacation stroking for your hot stepmom.