Step-Mommy Workout

A week has flown by since our lavish vacation together. While it may have been a trip of a lifetime, my husband thinks you’ve put on too much weight gorging yourself at the buffets. He’s asked me to “help” get my new stepson back in shape. I know how lazy you are and I honestly don’t believe you’ve got the endurance to even try and keep up with my workout. Maybe if I unlock your teeny chastity cage it will motivate you to keep training with me. Even when we were at the resort pool, you’d never remove your shirt knowing you already were a flabby fat doughboy. I can tell during my warmup stretching that you aren’t going to last long, seeing that cock spring hard under your sweatpants. You just can’t take your eyes off me, especially when we were on vacation. Jealously wishing you were as sexy and rich as your old man, as you listen to us fucking in the next room. Now imagine if you were as hot as he was, I mean the apple doesn’t fall THAT far from the tree. Let’s prove him wrong that you aren’t a pathetic fat loser like he thinks, and get that chunky ass and jelly belly into peak condition. Then let’s finish off that grueling exercise with a delicious salty protein shake to really help build those weak little muscles.