Soft and Drippy

The pussy is a symbol of power and pleasure. Men will do anything to fuck a perfect Goddess like me, unable to hide their giant erections in their pants. What man wouldn’t get hard when they see my pretty satin panties? A chastised Fairy bitch like you will never be able to do that with such a soft little clit. You won’t be tempted to showoff for any girl because of how limp and lifeless your sad clitty rests between your legs. You don’t deserve pussy, which is why I make you worship my perfection. I love training you to remain impotent. Only the most endowed Alphas get the privilege to fuck me. As I tease you with stories of getting fucked by REAL MEN, your clitty fights to stay soft and useless. I torment you further by encouraging you to play with your Hitachi so you can suffer more for me. Aching… dripping… and locked away like a true sexless Beta.