Sniff My Feet, Feel My Greed

There’s nothing you can do to protect yourself from me. You willingly give yourself to me, devote every penny you earn to me. You only earn money just so you can pay me. My lowly slave knows their place in my world, groveling at my feet and paying his tribute to worship and glorify his divine Goddess. All I have to do is act like my regular, normal, cruel self, and you pathetic losers just keep sending my thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m a master of using your weaknesses against you, firmly clutching your fetishes with complete control over your desires. The sound of my high heels popping off my foot is like a trigger setting off the ticking bomb in your cum filled balls.All you have to do is pay me, and you’ll get to relish in the spoils of worshipping my luxurious pantyhose feet.