Sneaker Squish

I’ve stumbled upon the last surviving little man in my house. I thought I had gotten rid of his kind, but like a cockroach there’s always one that somehow finds a way to survive. Cornered with nowhere to go his fate is almost sealed, but I prefer to tease and pay with my victims before I crush them with my giant sneakers. Look how big my feet are compared to your teeny trembling body. It would be so effortless to simply squash you like a bug. I would’ve been disappointed if I did that by accident because then we couldn’t have a little fun before your smashed on the bottom of my dirty sole. If can lick my entire sneakers clean, I might consider letting you live as my little sneaker cleaning pet. That tongue will be so black after a couple of licks. Hopefully, I can resist from crushing you. There would be nothing left of you but a gory smudge the bottom of my dirty sneakers.