Shrinking Powers

It must suck for a man to be so short in a world full of tall sexy women. All of us have to look down on you, which is something you’ve had to endure your entire life. I mean, how humiliating is it to be man that’s not even taller than the average woman? You’ve never been able to escape all the ridicule for being the little guy; people making fun of you for your size, all the bullying, never finding a date that’s shorter than you, and always needing help when you’re too little to do something. Even I have to crouch down so I can talk to you. I wonder if it’s possible for you to be any shorter. I’m sure you can’t be anymore insecure about your size than you already are. I use my magical shrinking powers and now you’re as tall as my ass, the perfect height to serve as my ass worshipping slave. I can’t help myself from shrinking you further, all the way down to the size of my little pinky toe. This must be a dream come true to worship ALL THIS woman! But now I’m curious at how short you can get before you completely fade into nonexistence. Too bad my powers only work at shrinking men. Makes you really appreciate being your old, short self again.