Seductive Control 2

The only thing that matters in this world is me. I am the last bit of happiness you know, and it has left you literally dyeing serve and please me. It is so effortless to get you going. With the twist of my hair or the lick of my lips, my very subtle gesture seduces you into my control. There’s no escape once I have you wrapped around my finger. I know you are completely bound to serve me, do be the one to bring me happiness… but nothing brings me more joy than knowing how much power I have over you. So willing to be mine that you’ll sacrifice anything to prove yourself. It’s so easy to just gaze into your eyes, peering deep into your soul. I can see your inner most thoughts and desires, and you can’t conceal from me your devotedness to totally surrender and submit to me. Face it, you were merely put on this Earth just so you can spend your entire life worshipping the only Goddess that matters.