Seduced Into Slavery

You were instantly intrigued when you found out I was Dommenant. I mean you’ve always been interested in me for my looks, but once you began asking about me and digging a little deeper, you found beyond more than just my looks. Unfortunately for you, I see you just for what you are… another slave. The moment you saw me as Domme outlet for your sub desires, is when I decided you are no longer a man, but more like a toy or my pet. I love the idea of seeing you on your knees like a fucking dawg, slobbering for a kiss or just to hump my leg. It’s too bad you’ve chosen to be my slave instead of my man. I’m really good at pleasing the men I want to fuck. Instead, I’ll just use you for all sorts of task and chores from being my boot worshipping foot stool, to serving as my ash tray, or even being whored out to my REAL MEN.