The Sacrifice - part 2

Back for more games? I see you didn’t learn your lesson from the last time we played. You’ve come crawling back, begging for your release. Maybe you should’ve chose to deny your orgasm instead of cumming, but you were so eager to sacrifice your cock to my cage. Now it seems like that chastity device has been very uncomfortable lately and you want the key back so you can cum again. Well, you have a new choice to make. I’m not going to just unlock your chastity cage for nothing, so you have to decide. If I set your cock free so you can stroke, you will get locked in chastity for even longer. If you choose not to cum, then you will be forbidden from laying eyes on me ever again, banned for eternity. This decision will decide the fate of your cock: Cum and remain my chastised slave or deny yourself and be officially denied by me forever!