The Sacrafice

The New Year is all about making sacrifices. Many try and fail every year on their resolutions, unable to resist their addictions. When you are obsessed with worshipping your Goddess, it is almost impossible to break the habit to spend all your money jerking for me. This year, you want to wean yourself from being so helplessly devoted to your perversions. Now it’s time for you to make a choice… You can remain true to your diet of denying your orgasms or you can succumb to my sexy teasing in my tight latex dress, and jerkoff like all the other pathetic and mindless stroking junkies. The catch is you have to lock yourself in chastity after you cum and mail me the keys to your cage. That’s right, if you can’t make the sacrifice and resist the temptation to cum, then you will make the ultimate sacrifice and give me full control over your cock for the rest of the year.