Ruined Your Ideal State

I must say I’m very proud of myself. The greatest measure of my success is how many lives I ruin. Men are so weak and desperate to submit, that it becomes too easy to unravel the fragile thread of their lives. Their marriage becomes divorce, their powerful jobs lead to unemployment, all because you are helpless to your obsession. I’m a drug you can’t quit. Everything about me provides you with euphoric pleasure. You’ve grown accustomed to stroking to my thousands of clips as you wrap your face in my worn pantyhose. Once you’ve become so intimate with me, it becomes impossible to break free from my clutches. Even if you tried, you’d d1e from your soul being crippled from the loss of cutting me out of your life. But that will never happen, my power over you is too strong. The burning desire to cum for me, to shut out the rest of the world and devote your life to me will be the curse of your dreams. You will remain forever tethered to me, bound by my pantyhose, worshipping for the rest of your days.