Rich Cuck

This marriage isn’t working out. To be completely honest I mostly married you for your money. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but I just can’t stand fucking you anymore. The moment I saw that tiny little cock and how much effort it takes just to get hard, I knew that I had absolutely no interest in you sexually. Don’t worry, we aren’t getting a divorce, I know better than to just ca$h out early. Plus, I’m the greatest thing that has ever happened to you and certainly don’t want to lose me and face the ridicule from your peers. Well, I figured out a solution. I’ve decided to start fucking other people. I deserve more than this, so I’ve decided that the solution to your problem is making you my cuck now. It’s perfect! That way we stay married, I continue being your loving trophy wife with full access to financial benefits, and I’ll be able to get the pleasure I need.