Reinforcing Beta Life

Has your routine changed at all during this quarantine? I bet it hasn’t. You’ve probably buzzed all this time at your computer, devoted to your addiction to jerking to your collection of my clips. I’m impressed by your commitment to me, your only lifeline to the outside world. I’m the only thing that matters as society crumbles around you. The only hope to your eternal sadness and misery is serving your true divine ruler. You love Ceara, Ceara is your GOD! I’m the supreme being that keeps you sane, and gives your life purpose. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your story. One that is full of chastity and denying that useless cock of any satisfaction. This is your life now, spending your days as my denied cuck slut, who the only affection “she” gets is from the Alphas fucking your virgin man-pussy. Anything to demonstrate your devotion to your Goddess and worshipping my omnipotence on the betas of humanity.