Put It In Your Ass

When I start dating a guy, I usually won’t have sex for a few weeks because of a little secret. The reason why I am so withholding is because I don’t think you are kinky enough for me. You thought I was just a prude, but really I like to wait and make sure you can match my enthusiasm for kink. Honestly, men are so disappointing to fuck which is why I like to make things more fun. Are you MAN enough for a girl like me? I promise the things I want you to do will make you very horny. You see, I love a guy who likes it in the ass. Don’t worry I’ll start slow with just one finger, then two, then three until you’re stretched enough for my big black dildo. Soon you’ll be cumming all over the floor from fucking yourself so hard. It doesn’t take much convincing to get you lick it all up like a hungry dawg. Too bad for you, my biggest kink is humiliating stupid beta fags like you.