Precum Taster

There’s no denying you are mine! Nothing could’ve prepared you for the immense of wait of succumbing to my power. Just the sight of my luscious lips is enough to make you willing to obey my very command. So desperate for any bit of attention, you’re helpless once I’ve caught you staring at me with your hand down your pants. I know you can’t control yourself around me. That’s why I plan on taking full advantage of your willing beta desire to serve me. You’re so easy to tease and manipulate, I know you’ll do anything to please me, even if I make you do the most dirty and humiliating tasks. It’s no surprise to anyone that the thought of your oncoming degradation actually makes your cock begin to drip. Your pants are stained by your precum oozing through the fabric, your balls aching for release. I make you scoop up your own mess with a finger so you can have a taste of servitude. Don’t deny that hunger for your own nasty spunk. Every day will be full of me teasing and tormenting my little faggot until I’m ready to let you cum.