Performance Review

I don’t like to hire men, only women because they actually WORK and get their jobs done. Men are overrun with testosterone leading to many opportunities to get distracted at work, especially around their female coworkers. I can see it on their faces (and on their Internet search history on company time) that all they can think about is fucking my employees and not those reports I need yesterday. However, I decided to make an exception for you since the women I was originally interviewing for this position were way overqualified. You see, I needed someone that will keep my office organized, run errand, get coffee for everyone, and do all the grunt work. This is a “Service Role” and men typically have problems working for a female boss. Which is why I’m so impressed that you’ve been working for 6 months at my company. I had a feeling you were different from most men I’ve worked with before. You just really embraced your service role so naturally, almost as if you were born to be a Beta Subordinate to those in power. Why don’t you step into my office, and let’s discuss your future here at my company.