Panty Control

What REAL MAN would prefer worshipping me rather than fucking me? A panty obsessed Beta Bitch whose only use in this world is to serve a Domme. That’s the only thing that keeps you going everyday, that inherent desire to sacrifice yourself for me. Your life is devoted to worshipping my perfect pussy. A true Alpha male would rip off my skanky panties and fuck me, but that’s not who you are. You’re not like the “normal” man, but a sad pathetic submissive cuck who can’t even get it up when I shove my pussy in your face. I can see why no woman has ever wanted to fuck you. There’s only one thing that gives you a reason to live. Just one look at the satin veil over my pussy, and your life finally makes sense. You are under the control of my panties and the power of my pussy. Accept your place in this world as a Beta slave. Weak willed and an embarrassment to your species… At least you’re lucky enough to have the immense privilege to submit to my panties until you’re completely ruined.