Pain, Pleasure, Poppers

You love the pain I bring. That’s why you can’t stay away. Any sane person would’ve learned their lesson after our first session, but you’re enduring. Sissy bitches like you aren’t tough by any means. You’re just desperate for any attention even if it means sacrificing your own body for my enjoyment. All you need is a sniff of your favorite pop-pers and instantly you’re a devoted slave ready for any torment I have planned on your hopeless soul. Just a few zaps to your chastised clitty will bring you to your knees and ready to worship. I shove my high heel boots in your bimbo mouth, making you choke on my stiletto like a big, long cock. Then, I surprise you with another buzz so you won’t get too comfortable. Every jolt gives you life, reminding you of your purpose in this world. Between sniffing your pop-pers and worshipping my pantyhose and feet makes all the electric stings worth it. Suffering for you is the only thing that brings you happiness now.