Not For You

Your devotion to me is unshakable. I must say I’m impressed, but also not surprised considering your obsession to serving. Even when I push your limits by demanding absolute submission and denying you of the things you love most. I require you to follow my commands and obey my rules, which is complete denial of all pleasure. You are not allowed to look at another woman, let alone a naked one or even think about sex. That's the kind of normal hetero man thinking, but I never want you have an erection ever again because you aren't worthy and don't deserve to cum. I won’t even let you live a normal life, ordering you to dress up as a subby sissy slut all the time. I can’t help teasing you for being such a pathetic human. Actually you're not even human, that’s too normal for a creep like you. That’s why you happily serve as my sissy bitch, trained to be impotent and keeping your pretty clitty soft, so you won’t get distracted from your new life as my sexless Beta whore.