New Chapter

The only way we are going to work out our problems is to talk about it. I know my boyfriend has been acting guilty lately, maybe even cheating on me which would would be insane. I need him to understand that when you are dating a Goddess, there shouldn’t be any other woman that gets you hard. You can’t fuck other women, look at other women, can’t look at porn, and certainly not masturbate. Think about it, you’re going to pleasure yourself when I’m not around? That’s cheating, even if it’s with yourself. I’m sick of arguing about this, you’re the one who fucked up and now we need a solution for your infidelities. The only way I can know for sure that you’re not stroking your cock behind my back is to lock you up in chastity. Which brings up another important point, your cock isn’t even worth fucking! Now that I’ve locked your enlarged clitty up, I can fuck my lovers without feeling guilty. I know we are trying to work on fixing the cheating in our relationship, but trust is gone and now you have to be my cuckold.