Mom's Personal Trainer

I warned your step-mother when I was hired to be her personal trainer that if she didn’t get herself together that a hotter more superior woman would come and steal her husband away. I could see that she struggled with my intense training sessions, especially when your step-father kept coming to check in and sneak a peek of me in my tight workout clothes. I’m surprised your step-mother was so shocked when she caught us in bed together. He decided to divorce her broke ass leaving her penniless and nowhere to go, then quickly moving me into the master bedroom. Now that she’s gone, I’m going to need a new client to train. I guess I could start with my new fat slob of a stepson. I can see by that tiny tent in your shorts at the idea of working out with your hot sweaty stepmom excites you, but I assure you our sessions will be even more miserable and humiliating than when I trained your worthless step-mother.