Mike's Wake

Everyone always wonders what attending their own funeral would be like, seeing all your friends and family who came to mourn your passing, praising you for your accomplishments, and sharing stories of what a “great man” you were… Well, I’ve prepared a special video homage for all your dear, dear loved ones that will open their eyes to the perverted twisted creep you once were. You can all cry and pretend that you knew him well, but the truth is you only saw what was on the surface, I was the one who had total control of his heart, mind, and overall life. He sacrificed himself for me, and even put me in his will giving full entitlement to his inheritance. I’ll have to whisk myself away to some tropical paradise so I can cope with my grief of losing such a devoted findom slave. I just wish I could be there to spit on your grave, and to see the look on your parent’s face after watching my eulogy. I’m sure they will still be so proud they raised their step-son to be my filthy PayPig jerk zombie.