The Meeting

I'm so tired of catching my perv step-brother messing with my panties that I decided to complain to Step-Dad Jose Danger about your behavior. We confront you about your unhealthy fascination with my worn lingerie, and I reveal to Step-Daddy Danger even more disgusting things you do with my panties. It goes beyond playing and sniffing my panties, but he leaves gross spit stains on them from sucking on my crotch and thong pieces. Every pair in my laundry is soaking wet and reeks of his slobber. At first, he couldn't believe his own step-son would have a crush on me, but when I make you pull down your pants so he can see the tiny boner you have listening to us talk about my dirty panties.... Well, I don't know what made him more upset; finding out about his perverted offspring munching on my thongs or seeing your sad puny microcock at full erection.