Making Up For Lost Time

You’ve tried to resist me for so long, but that is an impossible task. No man can fight their desire to devote their lives to me. My pull is too great and I knew you’d be here one day, on your knees and begging to be my slave. You think you can go back, but you’ve slipped too deep into my grasp. You can’t help yourself from touching that cock at the sight of me. I challenge you to resist the temptation, the urge to stroke for me, but I already know you’re not a strong enough man. Once I’ve begun to tease and seduce you with my perfect ass, it becomes an impossible task for anyone. Your mind wanders, lost in your fixation of my thong disappearing in my crack. Just another pathetic ape driven only by your sexual lust. All you want is to worship and give me everything I want. You were able to avoid my allure for awhile, but I knew it was only a matter of time before you finally succumbed to my spell. You have a lot of making up to do… Face it, I’ve owned you since the day you were born, mine forever!