Luxury Domme

You can’t take your eyes off me. Being a supreme Goddess comes with the adoration of her dutiful servants. Dressed in all the luxury my loyal subjects have provided, dripping in the finest silks and the most expensive high heels to satisfy my immanent demands. I respect your unbound devotion, your tributes are a sign of your loyalty and need for someone to worship and obey. I can see you’ve accepted the natural hierarchy of this world, placing women like me above all else, and you our servant. I allow you to stroke your cock to show your devotion to me. Afterall, your sacrifices to live a life of poverty so I may live in luxury is a demonstration of your willingness to give me all you are worth, including what little left there is to squeeze out of your cock. You deserve to stroke for your Domme and serve your Goddess. I know you are completely weak and helpless for me, but that’s what I value most. Stop denying your submissive state and let me show you how to live your best life. What can I say, I just know how to whip a guy like you into a submissive frenzy.