Living Off of Financial Ruin

My life is fucking fantastic! I haven’t had a REAL job in over a decade. In fact, my entire adult life I’ve never had to work. You can tell from my lavish lifestyle that I’m not on any budget, so how do I make my living? I’m not some “regular” peon that has to worry about money, it literally just ends up in my bank account. I’m someone that is privileged enough to live off of my tributes. I practically make money by the second through my human atms and my wishlists worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. I can hardly keep my lists full since my fans are constantly buying out my cart. As if being showered with gifts wasn’t enough, I also have desperate boys fighting over the opportunity to purchase my dirty panties and socks. Everyhting in my life is paid for, 5-star meals, luxurious vacations, and maxed credit shopping sprees. It is truly an honor to spoil me and I take such pleasure in ruining men. And the best part is, once you are complately broke and useless to me, there’s dozens more slaves hopelessly waiting to experience the same FinDom treatment. I’m one a one-of-a-kind diamond, and all of you are replaceable which is why I’m worth every penny.