Jealous Husband

I came home very late from my high school reunion, and I had so much fun! I completely lost track of the time reliving the good ol’ days. I could tell he was upset since he knows all about me being “one of the guys” in high school, messing around, and getting into trouble. He is obviously jealous since these boys all grew up into playful… intelligent… fun… men. I mean I guess they were pretty handsy and were touching me all night, but all men can get gropey after a couple drinks. It probably didn’t help that I was a little tipsy too, like he didn’t trust me around my old boy friends. I mean it was hot when Derrick grabbed my ass… or when Johnny put his fingers under my skirt… I bet you might be a little mad right now, but I bet you actually think it’s hot so many guys want to fuck your hot wife. Maybe I should’ve drank more, and stayed out later. The boys and I could’ve gotten a hotel room and had our own after party, it may get too wild and turn into a gang bang. Imagine all my grown boy friends circle jerking around me, taking turns and cumming into my pussy… You wouldn’t blame me if I ended up getting fucked by my old friends, would you?