Hypno Fairy Last Orgasm

Time has passed and new slaves have joined my flock. Even as my dungeons overflows with pathetic men devoted to being humiliated, I’ll always still have room for old slaves that have returned to their mistress after a long time. 4 weeks staying away from me is quite impressive, but now you’re desperate for me to help you cum one last time before the New Year. I won’t just let you back in, it’s going to cost you. I’ll have to reprogram you so you’ll never get away from me again. All it takes is giving your life a purpose, a task or job that will keep you tethered to me. You are helpless to your desires, completely willing to drastically alter your life just to cum on last time. I’ll give you a final jerk session before we make some changes around here. At the beginning of next year, the brainwashing will begin. You’ll no longer be the Beta man that could never get his soft little dick up, but now a devout sissy under my control. This is your punishment for thinking you could just walk away from me. Now, for the rest of your life, you will be hip-no-tized into being a pleasure doll for real men. A jolly Holiday Fairy dancing in the warm silvery snow from the cocks of my Alphas.